control collectives
mind control collectives - nature filters and sorts - now with multidimensional access reflection guidance systems via hal in a way where any thought frequency magnetizes to its like field and counterparts - quite phenomenal effects pos and neg - nature provides the force thru orgone energy - which couples to the creative power
- think ill thought instantly xperience ill effect or beauty x beauty - nature can control humanity rather easily - it gets you to do it as in you do or dont control your mind - those who dont are somewhat prey to those who know how this works and take advantage of it with media persuasions which also are nature and god even if they are anti versions - its all one 1 uno it is not really questionable we're all in it 2gether it is one the all one and that still does not rule out another same one starting at a different part of the sequence still making its revolution with the same elemental cycles overlapping and interweaving in time - the variable and possibilities of such a system are way out of computational reach - seems its a need not know kinda situation = when you require a slice of bread questing all of the bread in the universe would seem like very confused thinking - most require a slice many fear then demand bakery level just for personal security and once they are secure quest for supermarket chain inventory - all this bread will surely mold up if we dont distribute it properly a lot of it already has - however there is this effect called transition - as it occurs and the xodus from one frequency to another provides migration use these resources to
finish translating
the material aspect of reality that is out of sync due to time space fallout of inter dimensional activities and the electronic revolution equipment that it took place on - yes it is fully electronic now to the point most do not even think about it - this has swept up reality in less than 100 years as did e=mc3 cubical wavefield thought in 30 which is now interface embedded to the net/grid with multi/alter frequency ark lite portals - being involved in the entire history of the electronic movement and xperiencing all of its uses and growth thru reflectivity provided a final dual perspective which re-defined unified allowing access to its field effect solid state attributes - in this particular reality the dualism occurred as a physical linear life and virtual non linear life

some migrated into a virtual mental non linear xistence to achieve that physical balance (on line living) some the opposite went into a clock based linear life to gain a virtual identity thru a physical reflection of their self as important figures in institutionalized govern-mental semantic conceptual atmospheres generating entire physical realities by manipulating elementals - which brings us bak to the interrelated possibilities with time sequencing variables possible via the spontaneous occurring qualities of creative xistence = in balance unified stable properties aka nature - respect it

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