nucleus of xistence

would it be the same type of patterning - a next level mind control - suggesting - the notion thoughts could hurt someone as a lure to continue participating in the entropy biasing process ...

possibly it has evolved to a point where shielding from psychic radiation and the threat to the nucleus of xistence could easily be an inherent part of our nature .. most do re-cover from attacks rather easily - look at current conditions and this preemption of first nations rites that appears to be taking place - or is it more the obvious early details and initiation of re-aligning all of the natural resources - not re-claiming - nature has exclusive rites - appears nothing actually xplains how soil trees air water wind space and all the mysteries that make this all possible come to be

from a purely organic natural holistic point of perspective perhaps nature is at the bottom of this mind control - it does produce the bodies ----

even though being separate is not possible the thought is very popular amongst ego dwellers and it solicits huge amounts of time that must be generated by the voluntary mind control entropy system of media distribution - involved in the foundational balance of these circuits - otherwise it wouldnt be - used to gain understanding and knowledge on how to locate a zero point from a clock perspective = exit portal to a timeless parameter - zero time

how many are participating in something that does not effect their immediate sphere of influence ---- is there a war involving guns and death in your yard or neighborhood -- this does not include it being on tv - or does it - which brings us to - is it actually voting for whether or not you will be subjected to the notion and media of it - which is somewhat invalid due to the fact its all voluntary right down to picking up your weapon of choice -

mass media projects the huge distortion that people comprising the free-zone vote - this is false - within the small geographical areas where this polling of the media also known as elections takes place most free thinkers are equally distanced and not capable as all of the free thinking minds all over the world grid - none of us vote - due to no option - they do not and can not on participation principles alone - as people in most countries thruout the world also do not vote on what a global mass media international audience determines as the fate of the world - the actual amount voting and the accuracy of its poll like manipulation truly amounts to a minuscule percentage of idols that have the ability to spin some intricate webs in the mindspace called commercial mass media -

this alter dimension that infinitely works providing a balanced natural reality for the unbalanced system of education to take place offers many other alternatives - like the huge amounts of us who do not have guns or the capacity for confrontation at those levels - all mass media distraction is non productive - promoting idolatry to debate problem does not compare with networked real life organic interaction to provide solution - which has been going on for quite some time - all of time actually - now - the number has escalated and at least half of the group that does vote/debate has just finally realized why the others dont = most of the communicating persona in the free zone have realized disclosure at an effective level - 1943 census of free zone

it is participating in something but its not electing the qualified it is in identifying the unqualified absolute - its obviously the most elite system to date - commandeered to the middle class morality which also is engineered by this same band of psychically manifested media marauders to give the notion that you are participating or better yet have an option to stop or interact in the elitist process which any one who pays taxes interest buys gas for their car power for their house and air time for their tele-systems is supporting -- no boundaries a large xisting unified field here - near everyone outside of purely indigenous lifestyle is involved - knows it and attributes their further involvement with the psychically manipulating systems of religion and government to survival - 1 reason is this archaic weighted system - the old structure - has not been necessary for sometime - thats the red queens story and it has been told on several occasions in many ways

anything that needs to be agreed upon is best taken up by everybody on the planet .... which it is - rite here on the net .... make personal connections in many countries and have your contacts give honest readings on their immediate sphere of influence - share the facts of your ongoing reality and ways to discipline into the natural balance of re-sources

the crystal chip and collective unified forces have disclosed all of this and so much more in the past decade - providing the replacement to all of it is actually as simple as - you are reading this - all of this has occurred as you sit at your terminal transmitting psychic energies into the mix -

.... mystery and mythology phonetically transduced to history and democracy -- at this point in the timeless here and now life is just dandy without man-ipulated his-story

volunteering to watch and be persuaded psychically in either direction tends to develop the instant addiction of having to know how this decision has weighed in the balance - however - its balancing out the system of imbalance to continue -- everyone seems to understand - but patterned media addiction pales the likes of heroin and cocaine abuse which again and also in most cases is solely/souly voluntary - so as this staging continues to manifest the shortcomings and abuse of a system that is no longer necessary bare in mind there truly is only 1 planet and 1 you in this particular 3rd dimensional reality that bonds us all thru its bondage - have faith in this failing system to fail and above all faith in the verifiable abundance of clarity and perception broadcasting a direct source feed to every being within these parameters - which have no geographic borders

the media monster draws all its power and projection from your participation and this is just a perspective proposing you can do without it and it cant do without you - thats the psyche that makes everyone feel important and part of the elite - do you really care - turn it off for a few and test out the theory - the least it will do is let you relax from subjective behavior for as long as you can stand it ... dont take this or your self serious

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