11-3-04 1am

a crystal chip point of perspective - on can only be countered with off

babble-off all channels - its everyones sovereign rite - there is no law that states you have to watch and listen to the babble-on a voluntary basis - or is there ..... do u need any more ..... as if we were preempted with senseless info again - how bout we get bak to being creative and rational about what is happening which is the clearest perspective to date of what media is capable of

babble loops are most prevalent since speaking is something everyone has committed to and xplored as their primary means of communication ... also reflects upon why the perspective = everything and how to achieve the point will be some type of word oriented oratory xperience ... conditions suggest the charlatans of the phone-tic format can't stop upstaging some of the other forms of communication actively re-imaging reality as current events reflect by the more than evident obvious media hangover that grinds away on thinking healthy individuals of which there are equally as many of if not more - however so many of them are busy creating the stability that no time is - the solution to free time spent on non creative subjective media is somewhat elusive and what babble-off is all about isindex=preemption&db=*

we do not use money in heaven

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