census of the free zone
non-living energy operates consistently - whether it be the energy of an electron a hurricane or the sun energy behaves consistently - this fact makes scientific knowledge possible - non-living energy - electricity for example - always operates in the same way in the same conditions - no one knows what makes it consistent - but because it is consistent those who have observed how it acts can predict with sufficient accuracy how it always will act

    living energy is different - it is creative and variable - it changes and it changes the conditions in which it acts - it is unpredictable because it never acts twice in precisely the same way - not even two blades of grass in a lawn are identical - no two children of the same parents are alike - not even two quintuplets

    yet living energy is controlled - everyone knows what controls human energy - your desire to turn a page generates the energy that turns the page - you control that energy - no one else and nothing else can control it

    many forces can kill you - many perhaps can frighten you - but no force outside yourself can compel you to turn that page - nothing but your desire - your will can generate and control your energy - you alone are responsible for your every act - no one else can be

    this is the nature of human energy - individuals generate it and control it - each person is self-controlling and therefore responsible for his acts - every human being by his nature is free

a person who has discovered that he or she is free shall be called a free sovereign individual - at this time there may be more than a million free sovereign individuals on earth


62 yrs later this is predominantly a sovereign world ....take control of your communications and verify this ... ru alive 05