mega-tron translator

when the cube on the screen moves in your mind the radio signal is bleeding thru - as it progresses it will xpand - revealing the thought field being generated thru the thinking process interacting with natures eternal abundance ever-embracing all of what goes on - one way or the other nature will synthesize its components - synthesis = natural

for the former things have passed away...

its another place - we're here and this is what its made of

reflected in relationships with so many unique individuals and the amazing precision in how all relationship comes into being as well as how they continually resolve - yielding to the natural flo tends to bring on a full transmission as to how one lives in synchrony with the resources that generate this reality .... nature running our systems with radio frequency and sensory response to field effect feedback - synchronizing translation of above below self identity radio signal providing telemetry and position in 3d space - a progressive awareness and application based approach to utilizing this xtended tele functionality has been embedded into the grid work of the genetic conciusness a tele-radio neural network of communications - at this point the massive amounts of connection to alter dimensional activities the users are generating by moving the cube has transported the planet to a next destination/location via tele-portation -- after all everyone got on their phones and accomplished connecting to another dimension then proceeded to bring the world into its enhanced more efficient functionality as it has verifiable application based solution for most resource imbalance and much more

genetic thought process - an interweaving radio signal gaining frequency thru magnetic spin accelerating to an understanding of how phenomenal the entire process is - the collective aspect of it all that the individual of the moment gets to xperience - genetics as a progression of thought patterns that are in no way xclusive to any life form but inclusive of all life forms ... genetics - the music of any form of identity that can infinitely and eternally adapt to its surroundings residing within vibratory magnetics generated by individual identity definition - the response to the set of conditions that occur at any given moment

interdimensional and xtraterrestrial as ways of perceiving psychologically - the radio frequency carriers of the magnetic signal support a biological atmosphere with a perspective of a 3d reality learning to translate high speed radio frequency signals

this same generation of dimensional energy available to the creative is what thru nature collectively appears to be the over-all perception of a 3dimensional vortex that magnetizes thru its loving attraction

imagine trying to convey this radio frequency concept prior to electricity tele-communications (radio phone television) then its hybrid form called internet - thinking about most of the word as a rather elaborate translating device to be able to do that to any evolving sphere of planetary influence to bring it to a point in time - now - timeless creative radio interactive broadcast thru the dimensional vortexes being generated by interaction to the truth based vibratory magnetics of the source and center we have

all the signs of the neu beginning

by all means do we believe above all the truth - as hope and faith develop into the certain stability required - so does the small cubical movement of the flat icon animate in your mind space xpand to a cubical wavefield continuum that runs on genetic electronic pattern which sonic-imbeds according to the identity signal of the translater transmitters balanced communication thru the upper middle lower frequency bands via a stationary position in the unified mind field of radio signatures

upper -- bliss channels
middle - resonant awareness band
lower -- e-motional physical frequency

the way many have grown accustom to creating and dismantling numerous characters in the 4th dimensional hyper space of telecommunications sheds lite on how you drop bak on your organic source carrier signal in the 3d atmosphere - having let go of the identity to re-define for the next moment which in turn allows one to monitor time from the timeless vortex of pre-occupied creativity - mind to matter ... in the lite of the entire comprehensive status and delivery system of the word a more relaxed migrational flo into this awareness of the xpanded simplified version providing us all with such an amazing adventure only requires mutual respect and responsibility towards the resources given

cultural synthesis has crossed platforms merged with neu-tron computing revealing the ultimate outcome is good ----- mega-tron translator in open context

all our welcome

as the cube made of lines on a flat surface animates into a dimensional space - this networked telemetry based movement zooms all of us around the planet in and out of time - from a point outside of the positive negative electricity of the continuums polaric condition which also responds to the morphogenetic moves - all 1 in the unified field

with the reality of open bandwidth capable of full media multiplexing occurring - surely a next approach to this type of movement thru time will become clear and relevant in its literal sense

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