moral symmetry

most of this can be accomplished by paralelling phone habits to biological counterparts - more micro macro

--- tele activity conceptual = grid connections - phone/internet talk to anyone anywhere nondistance sensitive

--- tele living breathing literal = telepathy telepresence telegenetics

does anyone still have a conceptual notion that the US is some type of a living being that has a voice - why is it near always associated to what those who spend their time creating media say

this does not exist internally on a day to day living here basis - it seems like a reference to some other place --- here everyone from everywhere is the norm

far too mixed up to be looking at everyone as US citizens - seems everyone from everywhere just flo thru this frequency due to its accelerated tek which is more a crossover component to support the massive synthesis that has and continues to flourish here in the free zone ...the picture of problematic conditions that are denied solution due to a willful act by an individual or group is exaggerated ... just hop on the net select one of the thousands of channels for the true history of humankind

what is said in the media is limited to the time lag of consumption - the directive of the media - consume - good - bad - indifferent - still consume - deal with it - remove the notion that people and their vibration are to be consumed

all based on and helpless without the profit and gain concept that is applied to a functional mechanism

the overwhelming fear of letting go has surfaced from the depths of the invariant choice ... its just not something you can pay for at this point - no purchase of truth can fulfill the generative process of producing this golden/spin if your psychic and physical structure are not organically tuned to manufacture it within - without profit/prophet there is only within

unlikely that god is mad at all of those who stay in tune with organic reality while dedicating their time and resources to achieving the ultimate vision of balance without compromise

those media manifestations that commit the alledged acts of alarming density would not be whole individuals - means they are guided exclusively by media - incapable of creative conceptual production so lend them self to a destructive guidance system of gain and bondage

without the notion there is an opposition what would the difference be ....

it immediately becomes a creative issue - no choice ... the transition from a life of servitude to a will to service seems to phase thru different creative xpressions of doing for others to counterbalance what has been done to most ... note ... all of what appears to be the evidence suggests at this point if you were to be an interference in anyone elses rite to life you would be influenced by media of some sort .... if you become what you see it would be easiest to have an accurate tuning of your frequency ... in the media you partake of - subjective media has hit the wall - brakes did no good... one way media and the control patterns it propagates have long since given way to a wave of organic self-empowerment thru communication

focus on all forms of health - the transition rate is directly geared to health

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