power of solution

remote problems may have been the biggest con of all

someone who sits within their own boundary and feels there are countries with voices and leaders with presence that will and can control whether or not you are content and humble need not worry - organic balance in some country that is so far away it may be a concept is most likely not our responsibility - locally adjust your tuner to full filtering and passing of pure tone

low rate political material density is preschool dissonant distortion designed to shed lite on what the harmonious way of functioning is about therefore all who tell stories relying on the negative politics as a source reveal the intent to credit the power of regime over the instantaneous power of solution that is ever present ... few do not understand this and most enjoy what is harmonic as evidenced by the presence of music which is what comes out of all this vibratory xchange - to manifest the central source into a space eternity based on a limitless infinite with possibilities boundary that is produced and traversed thru relative rhythm and harmonic movement from a point to point basis ...every bodies doin it and the musical world reflects the diversity of a collective body of xistence in which all have made a home ... likely we will all grow to settle into the design that was engineered once the realization and discipline of a musical approach to life and communication occurs