machines are musical
machines are musical - everyone drones away to household appliance rhythms and sequential sub-harmonic functioning and loves it - it connects them to their achievement - many have elaborate tonal generators with sonicaly adapted environments for maximum focus clarity and perception into the tonals and intervals that these advanced synthesis devices are capable of ... as it all settles into the perception of a foundation to build sovereign individual empowerment to all via musical xchanges with the source of creation -

owning up to your own code - which is musical - a parallel to this structural representation that has been so masterfully designed by all of creation we do it to ourself and we must trust each other since all have a direct connection and still place faith in another to listen and tell what the source is broadcasting while having the same equipment and code base to pickup direct transmission

...this is also done thru rhythmic and harmonic resonance with cultural and psychic patterning - codes - that magnetize resonating thought waves to amplify transmission that is being generated thru the inner plane of our instrument the central monopole resonating within all ...where the xperience of something musical directly connects to a biological sensory structure ..

this huge manifestation of an entire realm of creation that minimizes each individuals note to a perspective of the tiniest vibration in a mass that is so overwhelmingly immense to a ground based perspective of one who can determine all of what creation is about is the joyride we are confronted with and chose to be part of be here and in harmony - the musical code is apparent = if you're not in harmony a representation of the coded system in a very non musical way will be the reflection ... that is this so called corrupted and destructive agenda that reflects and manifests itself as disharmony and rhythmically out-of-sequence negative time xperiences that are the easiest way to see what harmony really is since none surely makes you realize what some is like ...some harmony goes a long way its been keeping all of these middle man structures of questioning the xperience together while we got to this point ..which is a most clear and obvious reflection that all see through the disharmonizing agency that has come out of trusting in another for what you need to own up to your self - since it is the source that was directly given to coe-ordinate every one as an individual

a look at all of it as what we have chosen is a much easier way to base this xperience and work of lifes communication - resisting the relative ease of being in harmony has become the focus and has encompassed all distortion into a realm of collective consciousness that everyone is tapping into now ...that which is not harmonious is being sought out on every wavelength amplitude and interval - the particles and forces of the material realms that manifest inside of the spiritual atmospheres to resonate and reveal the infinite loop drive system - the eternal vortex of harmonic rhythmic vibrational codes that every manifestation of life draws upon ....

just intonation

start local be in harmony with your organic body - all of the harmonic code is available thru telegenetics that reside within the resonant resident structure we call life ...the vibratory frequency resonance ties it all together to create an overall xistence of limitless perspective to inspire that much more of this harmonious disciplined musical behavior

-- main objective -- to promote a behavior pattern that will send us into life with the most stability - capability to enjoy and further the glorious experience for all that will continue to manifest a reality for functional rhythmic harmonious material manipulations thru balanced interaction

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