crystal chip

the crystal chip directory - building a whole new mental house which emphasises the splendour and efficiency of synchronosity takes a great deal of forethought - we are dealing with the integration of parallel worlds and the manifestation of as above so below - the help from above that we have received now receive and will continue to receive remains almost invisible until we give it some mature afterthought - the crystal chip directory is a quick reference guide to the celestial methodolgy which runs the lower play - it can light the path for all sincere aspirants

spiritual reality is the underpinning of material reality

one can trace the path and see new grooves of consciousness to set one free from bondage in the physical realm and we each have the means to make a crystal chip directory which is like a portrait of your own i am - we each have access to a synergetic relationship with the elohim - we exit from this planetary system into the neu world in the same way that our ancestors did of old - neatly pack all your mental assets in a couple of suitcases for to travel fast is to travel light with none of yesterdays excess baggage

the streets are paved with golden crystal which leads up from the yellow brick road - crystallography as described in the encyclopedia of physics explains

crystals always sense and respond to environmentally imposed stress - crystallographic patterns reveal striking similarities when viewed from the framework of their structural architecture wool hair muscle etc

crystals growing in a space lab illustrate the ongoing challenge in the study of living systems - producing good crystals from material that does not normally crystallize and could not perform its biological function if it did crystallize

since convection forces on earth disrupt the growth process - a gravity free environment is required to grow a crystal of this protein and see inside it to map its internal architecture - in glass identical tetrahedron units are completely connected at their vortices and geometrically arranged

this explains the meaning of the crystal scull and crystal city the dynamics of living crystal systems - when one crystal bell starts to ring they all start to ring - only then can the rapid communication and readjustments take place in living systems to be modeled and understood

this ties in our crystal chip directory with resistors transistors and computer composites of perfect man - our original lord of the galaxys directory showed us how to pass through the midnight blue - the outer darkness band between dimensions - and walk the golden crystal streets

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