we can stop time today - tomorrow or - the day after tomorrow

  • code = story and device to convey it
  • story = the word - media
  • device = grid reality - you

    having the media and controlling it via the platform it is xperienced from

    surfacing the story via interneting and channeled info brought to lite ...situation required next level interactive capabilities so several groomed for the slot middle wo/men have their day ..a finale to the world of secrecy and mystery about the comprehensive approach to life spawned from this control of media and time

    make programming content and delivery mechanism - make format and protocols that run on patented devices for the reason of secretly imbedding codes that control all mass and commercial media ----- using device to control message ... message is - something you cant understand controls it all - this was true - the external telecommunications structure is set up to keep everyone in the position of compliance or the force will disconnect you - a little death like .... it is a mechanism of communication there are others - the communication itself provides the abundance - very comfortable position all seem to have chosen ..with that as the underlying base - interaction is the mode now ... this is either a very grand and awesome reflective sequence destined to synthesize a reality or a tool for deviance - to tell a story and have technology to regulate the level of virtual reality it manifests

    controlling the story - make the devices and codes that run them then work with the storytellers ( by hypnotizing them with self image) to extend and form a loop of hypnotism and consciousness that will manifest conditions and perspective ... the code is how all of it is controlled the words and images are near impossible to control without the code mechanism in between ... in order to get the info into your computer/vehicle/body or on to a disk you have to have the code - no code no play even to manufacture and use blank media the same code - controls the x-perience - literally - this is the break point as when anyone buys blank media they are paying code owners that manage to get in between every aspect of the communications process by setting up huge smoke screens with - you guessed it - media... this is similar to phone connections where people on each side are paying for the same conversation due to no understanding of the codes and protocols that run the grid ....this is so obvious and all are so voluntarily ignorant of it seems it can only be an overcontrol - it also seems time that enough can work on a solution for this type of control of time and information

    since most everyone is convinced this is totally controlling all thought

    broadcasting and receiving from a source point to any connection is a simple perspective on sovereign communications - coming - going - nothing in between - self maintenanced and sustainable - with it time can stop in the sense it no longer will take any to get the information and solution on full self empowerment which can keep you in a flux state of time till the psychological body of the realm adjusts to what timelessness is capable of when paired with the ease and ability to generate or move in and out of existing time fields - ie: tv internet cinema educational religious and government institutions etc etc ..usually one tends to abandon those lower rate e-motional frequencies with a taste of the timeless ...this however is another story and there is no insinuation at all in regards to biasing for or against time

    time manipulation devices are well covered in the media -- the largest generator of these vortexes that everyone uses and enters in and out of time with is telecommunications ... when that freind thats stuck in the sixties or eighties snags you in their loop - its real - since the internet protocol introduced 2 way symetrical communications and all of these stuckies banded together it was conclusive how this works ....

    waited to talk about this till it was over .... so once all of these polar bears got together things started heatin up - everybody blowin whistles on everybody while the whole world watches - internet reaches peak velocity about 7 years in and hyper gravity defies material density - clear view of willfull determination pulling off just about everything imaginable and at the same time you are in control since it is 2 way and you can send rather than just receive - if you choose sending the flo centers communications to and from you - not subjective 1 way viewing of someone elses media ... all in all its fully shifted the polar beings in hyper space are the immune boost -- virtual distancing allows healthy bodies the opportunity to opt out of it entirely ... there is no threat ... the allure of self reflection combined with polar practices renders a time loop in cyber space keeps these characters sitting at a desk for 20 hrs a day taming a virtual group of like minded practitioners - it worked - you were there - you saw it - long gone - popped a bubble - so much creative synchronizing and synthesizing realizing and energizing .... unstuck time parameters .... maximized open application base ... as well as open access to sovereign communications which is the only thing that still eludes most everyone using them .... it would be best to fully inherit the tele-commincations - take that literally - see the tie in how the psyche is being largely controlled via media manipulators with licensed code application systems while being supported by billions of people voluntarily - loop .... its all in the past

    we can stop time today - tomorrow or - the day after tomorrow ..... take over tele-communications ..... put the bears to work on this one - who really runs that stuff and why ... shouldnt that be publicly accesible like open code ....we can run it with their codes or ours but we still have to comply and pay someone - why - who is it - why - why - this is a passive system turn it on and leave it on let everyone maintain their own connections to who and what comes naturally ...from the outside its a bag of tricks but still more a domestic issue like most other end user technolgies = visual projection audio reproduction complete virtual instrumentation and so on and on - it is massive now and everybody knows this ... focus on the art of communication as if it were music being played on musical instruments ..which it is - all these parallels are literal

    there are billions of time machines running - pretty attractive and uniquely formed as rather handsome and beautiful synchronized parts - most run off of the telecommunications grid where they hop on for so many timeless xcursions with freinds -- oh my where did the time go -- rite to talking directly with god on your home phone and thats like a connection to eternity or somethin like that ... still major time co-ordinates and enuf to realize the mechanism that this all takes place on has an integral part in the time navigation process and - you dont control it - stories about abstract distorted enemy within who are responsible for the apparatus which they dont seem to be able to control any longer may be a bit puffed up - most tek is relative and brought forth by very regular people with a focus towards service - loop -bak to creating your own media

    this never stops which makes it timeless - one thing always leads to another - the megatron computer synthesizing energy to and from source ...its very natural for things to be simple and understandable and for you to not have any idea what is going on at the same time -another way to stop time psychically no matter how profound the revelation always compress on your self that now you have less idea what is going on than you did before ..... rather liberating especially if you are response -able to what is revealed

    this sonic form/ing is not victim to politics ... ankh activated and purely entertainment - just another story/perspective of observation

    a parallel of internal and external source coding - part1

    see musical body notes

    to focus on these basic time manipulation x-orcises may be an alternative appraoch to time travel - if its neccessary - been now since ive been here and i dont ever remember it not being now that i was here in

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