universal law teaches that all must benefit from every move we make from within the kingdom of light - this can be done by groups of individuals as well as on a person to person basis - we the children of light can plan the detailed steps on how to build a pi ray bridge between dimensions just as smoothly as professional engineers might plan to build a physical bridge

etheric bridge building is the pride of the atlanteans - the clearer the picture of ones true will worked out to the very last pixel and polished to the final brushtroke - the faster the magical manifestation process will trigger the event in the dense reality and time frame reference

ego is the drive shaft - the close friend of our fragile infant psyche - ego operates on sexual-survival instinct that goes far deeper than overt sexual implications - he is out to gain self love - to distinguish himself as a "superior ego - a real determined and courageous knight-warrior - this true grit of the simian-style hero is what finally defines the measure of a man

egos function is to provide a loyal and faithful escort service to the fragile human psyche on its journey through the underworld - he is also of necessity - the separative element bent on distinguishing his particular charge from the human blob or critical mass - he is the old man of the woods in philosophy the dying god (electron) who works to raise human consciousness over the ages

now he is due for a wonderful surprise - one small step for ego - one giant leap for humankind - this is the step across the abyss from egocentricity to theocentricity - for the final death/rebirth function of the separative ego is to synchronize its endeavours with the maturated spiritual mind

new ego becomes highly energized with direct current - he becomes like a leaping winged stallion no longer ruled by the fickle dictates of like and dislike - once across the Abyss divergent egos synchronize to become a mega superconductor - one with the spirit of the neu earth era - this collective-ego is now ready to share the burden of regeneration - it has learned right from wrong - life from anti-life - and chooses life

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