retinatek / the human eye

there are three times of the day when sunlight is particularly beneficial

when those times are and why

try to look into the sun at three times during each day - all sunlight is beneficial and this is in the interest of expanding and maintaining the capabilities of the retinas - optic pathways and vision to in-take a far wider spectrum of physical and spiritual energy

from the odes of solomon

    as the sun is the joy to them that seek for its daybreak - so is my joy in the lord - because he is my sun and his rays have lifted me up - and his light hath dispelled all darkness from my face - in him i have acquired eyes and have seen his holy day

the last line - in him (the sun) i have acquired eyes - in the sun i have acquired eyes - what does that mean - in the sun i gain my eyes - what is this - another biblical statement of jesus is similar and totally unknown in meaning by most christians - the light of the body is the eye - if therefore thine eye be single - thy whole body be full of light - what does this mean - the eye is a light - the eye can be used to fill the body with light

through research the true meaning of these (and other similar) statements were discovered - everything concerning the physiology of the eye and the brain - the sun - sunlight light etc - led to experimentation with optically in-taking sunlight... try to understand the science and effects on the eye brain and body - the ability of jesus (and other essenes/therapeutae) to perform miracles was based in solar-power-energy - the more one studies practices and understands feels and perceives health vitality extra-sensory ability and knowledge are all about (have everything to do with) the eyes and their relationship with the sun

the earths movements (rotation) and the suns movements (rotation) provide for different kinds of light (variation in spectrum-wavelength) depending on its position in the sky - the suns radiation also has variable (rotational) cycles (11.5 days 28 days etc) which affect the electro-magnetic fields of the earth every living and non-living thing and create bio-rhythms in all living things - there are earth rhythms and solar rhythms - the earths rhythms are affected (slowed darkened physicalized) by the moon

we can choose to loosen the (slower/darker/physical) rhythms which bind us to earth in favor of higher solar (and/or cosmic) rhythms and/or balance our place between earth and sun - these adjustments in bio-rhythms are accomplished with which of the different kinds of solar energy which we consume - every human being from the instant of their birth becomes in sync with the suns rhythm - over time we get dragged into the slower darker rhythms of the earth and moon - (one's solar bio-rhythms are easily calculated which tell us the times during any particular month when we (should) require more sunlight or less and what kinds)

the human eye (retinas) is an extension of the brain with the visual cortex being opposite in the rear of the organ (back of the skull) - and like the brain the eyes are very powerful and intricate (far more than medical science has discovered) - for example the retina has at least 8 layers - made up of millions of bipolar amacrine ganglion and horizontal cells as well as three different kinds each of rods and cones - each retina is divided down the middle...left and right - positive/negative creating both receptivity and transmission capabilities - rods contain an irreproducible substance known as rhodopsin (visual purple) which is in sync with ultraviolet radiation - rhodopsin declines as it utilizes intense (ultraviolet) light radiation and builds up in periods of darkness

every cell in the retina is a tiny (light/dark/color off/on) switch making the eyes capable of in-taking the entire electro-magnetic light radiation spectrum from cosmic gamma and X-rays to radio and longer waves including the (by comparison) the infinitesimal visual spectrum - the eyes are designed for far more than for only seeing - the eyes are our (communications) link to the cosmos (god) - medical and spiritual research has shown that all these retinal cells are photoreceptors and that they stimulate the pineal pituitary and the entire mid-brain area via neurochemical channels when exposed to invisible radiation - that means the eyes are capable of in- taking interpreting and utilizing the broad radiation (light) energy - we have never been taught that we can use the invisible light in fact we are taught the opposite - so it has been proven that radiation beyond the range of visible light can influence the entire endocrine system by means of the retinal hypothalamic nerve path resulting in physiological and psychological stimulation

the meaning of the odes of solomon - in the sun i have acquired eyes - a key to the great and legendary wisdom of solomon (man of the sun) was that he had a relationship with the sun - plato also writes about sun-eyes granted by the gods

anyone knowledgeable in computers knows that massive amounts of information can be stored interpreted analyzed, etc through a series of (off/on) switches and our eyes have hundreds of millions of them - sunlight is not only energetic but also contains encoded information - (where do you think the akashic records are - can they be viewed - want to see them)

dr fechner was interested in the after images which appeared in the retinas after viewing bright lights - so he decided to look into the sun for an extended period - he was blinded but he explained in his writing that through prayer and meditation (a key) that his eyesight returned after a while - he explained that the retinas healed and became stronger - he goes on to explain that when his eyesight returned he possessed expanded eyesight - he said he could see the auras around people and plants - he could see a field around all living things

after his experience fechner wrote - life after death and comparative anatomy of the angels - he then went on to found a new school of thought - psycho-physics a new field of psychology (blending optical physics and psychology) which concentrates in defining reality - he wrote zendavesta and elementary psychophysics - like jung and einstein after him it appears that the more fechner discovered the more spiritual he became in his outlook - he was sure that with ever increasing sunlight one is able to see into other dimensions detect angels and see greater definition of reality in this one - its why he was able to describe the anatomy of angels - fechner showed that exposure to more and more sunlight led to an enhancement of vision and enhancement of acuity and greater receptivity of the retinas - receptivity beyond the normal visual spectrum

fechner's experience may also explain the conversion of the st paul from saul of tarsus - a persecutor into the spiritual apostle - some 40 years after crucifixion and having learned of the essenes - saul gazed into the sun on his way to damascus - he saw something but was blinded - he was taken to annias the essene where after some time he was healed - his vision restored and his life was forever changed - from then on he saw visions.

fechner was right - as one increases their tolerance to sunlight and strengthens the retina's ability to take more and stronger light one's ability to see electro-magnetic fields around living things increases - one's ability to see beyond the established limits of the visual spectrum is increased both on the light and low sides - after about two years of almost daily sunlight in-take an almost 6th sense begins to occur - an amazing ability to recognize inconsistencies of thought instantly or increased intelligence as the brain changes as well as the eyes

the times of the day to look at the sun: at daybreak the earth is flooded with light of a spiritual nature (on the upper side of the ultra-violet scale) - this type of light affects and influences our spiritual nature and grows the light body - as the sun moves across the sky (due to coincidal rotational spins within the orbits) the ultra-violet light output begins to diminish and move into the middle ranges of the spectrum - just before sunset - the earth is flooded with more of the infrareds - this type of light strengthens the physical aspects of our nature and makes us healthier physically - at noontime near or around the meridian one can recognize a transition from one kind of Light to the other and this seems to have the greatest influence on the solar plexus - the solar plexus is the energy center of transition between spiritual and physical energy in the body

in josephus and pliny the elders accounts of the essenes and egyptian therapeutae - they said these groups sun-gazed at dawn noon and at sunset - one of the secret traditions of the essenes (punishable by death if revealed) was angelology - they knew the angels by name representations of and had daily contact with those angels - this means through their solar traditions the essenes became multi-dimensional people... which is what fechner had shown

plato taught his students that expansion of one's self was the result of sunlight---that some men could learn from studying plants and animals others by looking at the stars and superior men by looking at the sun which he said was an act only possible for men granted sun-eyes by the gods - in greek the word or logos was identified as the creative light - johns name for jesus - socrates taught in his academy that personal regeneration was only possible through understanding the word of god - the light and that it was attained only through inner illumination in-taken from the sun - inca huayna capac was seen looking into the sun for a long time - the account about why he raised his eyes to the sun is interesting but of greater importance is that he was able to do it without harm or fear (being inca he was called the sun of the sun and was considered the offspring of the sun)

the sun is not divine however - it is a multi-dimensional physical object - however everything in creation exists in both a physical and spiritual form - think of the sun as a huge pump and as you get accustomed to looking at it you will actually be able to see its oscillating and in-and out pumping action - the sun is the offspring of the great spiritual central sun - early christian gnostics understood and taught the concept that our physical sun is the mediator between god and man - the sun draws the mind of god (consciousness) from the universe and pumps it to men on earth

that great central spiritual sun was called the sun of intellect by the romans - the physical sun was called sol invictus - the ancient egyptians also knew the great central sun sometimes called ptah (later amun the hidden one - lord to the limit - ruler of the air - the father god - god of creation of re-birth - the universal architect) and if one wanted to pray to ptah one would pray at sunrise (when the spiritual ultraviolet rays were most prevalent) - ra the sun (god the winged solar disk the great and strong chief of the cosmic deities) was the offspring of ptah/amun - as the sun climbed toward mid-day it was called ra - when the sun set in the west it was known as atum the old man or horus on the horizon - the moon was an attribute (reflection) of the god horus and was represented as his left eye (transmission reflection) while his right eye (in-take absorption) was the sun - (seth was a lunar god in his struggles with the solar god horus seth is seen as a god of darkness doing constant battle with the god of light) so these ancient cultures understood the positive/negative aspects of the eyes the different kinds of light radiation which were on offer during the day and depending on their needs they sought that light

with the ancient egyptian concept of the great central spiritual sun it's easy to see the evolution of this concept into later christian symbology and myth where jesus becomes the light - the sun - the sun of god - gods sun and the mediator - its easy to understand what jesus words meant when he said - if you have seen me you have seen the father - great understanding comes in his words - none cometh unto the father except by (through) me - we achieve communion with the father (great central sun) through our (physical) sun as the pump - the mediator - the eye is truly the light of the body

mental experiments in quanta have shown that radiation expressed in wave form can be changed into particle form and back again by the mind sunlight in particle form is ormus and why mentally imprinting ormus is so important

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