land of the free
laws were made - we overcame them... another war was waged - we rejected it ... this used to go on for decades... this is a clear cut view - its all totally exposed of its own doing ... so realize we know these media hogs better than anyone and this is totally one of those cases of monopolizing the accessible bandwidth with some super tired programming.... a method - the same one of course - by which they divide themselves, drag the masses along for the ride, convict each other, confess to each other and subject everybody to it one more time for educational purposes - obviously - to further reveal what happens when you dont have sovereign communications... it too is forcing you off to your own channel... that type of programming is hazardous to the health and eco-system, and the wild part is - its voluntary on the observers part... now that is quite an achievement - use it on yourself and volunteer for service to the central monopole of your existence... reversible factor... the risk in not exposing yourself to abusive non-creative broadcast is

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