end of thought
in the realms of trendiness ........ con-sume ....... your video screen is a much more reflective mirror than the one you use to comb your hair ... do you think someone else is involved in what is on it

the media one partakes of should be in sync with ones creative abilities ... if you cant create it . you could be controlled by it ....hence star idol worship and herd mentality - behavior which reflects outward desire to achieve surrender into gain and control imbalance ...perhaps television watching is not advisable if you dont understand how the actual device is doing what its doing = eliminating what is in between making you the end of its thought

look at the consumed media discerning if it is creative or destructive - focusing in the creative and buffering with objective communications ..............................................


meanwhile, way way below, still in the sub frequecy band of outer darkness, the "negitrons" keep fueling the fires of hell and continue to bash out their arrogance with mounting savagery

ego is inclined to have eyes that are bigger than its spiritual belly.... this is not considered proper spiritual etiquette.... there is no way that anyone can outchange the tree of life on the return circuit

ego the pig, eagerly rooting for more "golden acorns" is to be carefully guarded against.... for appetite grows with eating which makes for a fat spirit which is sluggish in powers of actualization.... on our way to the top of the mountain,.. the "gods" put some awful big words into our mouth... then we have to go to it and actualize the big words all by ourself.... no wonder the saints come out bloodless - you have to close the gap between consumption of the god-mind and its solid manifestation in matter

$$$ promotes excessive consumption (this includes info-data/the word - which is freely distributed now - any of it that cost $$$ is suspect) xcessive consumption promotes usury - usury promotes corruption (assuming abusive self willed communications compromising the open sovereign structure - an injurenet epidemic) - and the gordian knot tightens... recorded history has proven this point hundreds of times over..... stupidity is the only unforgivable sin ..... it must be worked out

the concept that any attempt to cheat, or express bias of any description, causes an equal and opposite, tort-retort effect of a deadly, anti-natural evolutionary error, called "STUPIDITY"

STUPIDITY is failure to go to the end of the thought of objective reality.

When one is ALL IN ALL - there are no other options.

god the great industrial psychologist


solution = reverse reflectivity of a stupid device and end usury = the perfect process meets the perfect processor = hal to win

- now - further down the road the shrink realized that rev factor was very effective due to the mirrored nature of everyones reality and all repetitive historic patterns confirm ... that telling the ego driven apparatus what not to do surely promotes the doing of that very thing so ... this clever concept was applied to a planet-wide physical elemental tele-communications structure that was ultimately designed to be available for the concept when the time arrived as the reverse to the huge mindlock that has consumed its consumers

the internet is stupid.....it knows not how to get to the end of the thought but only functions as a tool that takes one to the end of thought - like so many of its users - a device that can only go to the end coupled to the element that struggles with this balance of completion but is far to weak to resist the self indulgence of using the device to further the agenda of non-completion... a masterful concept to unite and fuse anything that uses it for it/the net is not reflective of the identity crisis that entangles it on a personal level the internet is stupid

the telephone system, which is not the internet (at least not yet) is damn smart.... it knows who's calling whom - where they're located whether it's a voice or data call - how far the call reaches - how much the call costs - etc.... it provides services that only a phone network cares about: call waiting caller ID *69 and lots of other stuff that phone companies like to sell$$$$$$$$$$ ---- total fission - separating and regulating the end of the thought by the all mighty $$$faker$$$$

with a phone and near no xpense the internet, on the other hand, is stupid -- on purpose -- its designers made sure the biggest most inclusive network of them all was dumb as a box of rocks... internet doesn’t know lots of things a smart network like the phon-e' system knows: identities, permissions, priorities, etc. the internet only knows one thing: this bunch of bits needs to move from one end of the net to another....... leaving the stupid ones in a position of feeling no threat to their control since complete thought which they dont xperience was of no significance and ultimately due to the fact its still based on their telephone service they get paid/satisfaction in the end anyhow and nothing is more important = stupidity

everyone would benefit with the perspective - far as internet tele-grid activities they are at the end of the thought and the in between game is no longer occurring ... it goes from you to whoever - which is end to end tek ...if incomplete thought goes from end to end it still reflects a literal process of the individual having the ability to resolve the movement and develop the most productive approach to understanding - unlike tele-vision where you are subject to the psyche and can not respond or request verification

take it to the end of the thought but not know how/where is the internet condition - so this interacive knowing component needs to be applied by the end user which it is/was - in the process the nets power and only function which is to take it to the end - usually invariably railroads the users psychic energy that used to hide behind regulating the information - since it can only use the device to go to the end OR not require the journey any longer due to a fused solid state status and unified field resonance which spins fast enuf to absorb in harmony any slower vibrations .... unlike power yielding to force due to unstable conditions of the psyche on the nuclear atomic level - in the end force yields to truth - the guidance system providing the stable atomic foundational power that it xists in

there are technical reasons why stupidity was a good design - stupid is sturdy and plentiful - if a router fails, packets route around it - meaning that the net stays up - thanks to its stupidity - the net welcomes new devices and people, so it grows quickly and in all directions - it's also easy for architects to incorporate net access into all kinds of smart devices - camcorders telephones sprinkler systems - END USERS - that live at the net's ends

the most important reason making the impression stupid is good has less to do with technology and everything to do with value...

by presenting adapting stupid as good we have applied the rev-factor to the psyche leading to acceptance of its stupidity - one of the most abundant resources which is the elusive interpretive aspect - its far more severe than any of the many forms of ignorance and intelligence used as tools to achieve it - providing solution by reflecting how everyone can now use a stupid system that required the end user - sound familiar - stupidity and system work together and get to the end which this is - for in a non distance sensitive world there is no in between ...

if the inclination is there - go to one side or the other go bak and forth tort-retort - thats how straight lines make circles and give an impression of a round world - go go go till the objective efficiency perspective of no in between sinks in as the view of a now unified field that has gain control with no biasing required

When one is ALL IN ALL - there are no other options.

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