polar opposites cancelling

unconditional love requires you to love all - in equal measure ... he - he

i am - sending out black light signals - like streaks of lightning - when one is all in all - there are no other options - in the garden of eden if they eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge - god the great industrial psychologist - to resisit would have been the ultimate sin of stupidity and the genesis button was pressed - the goal live like gods or die in hell - which is pretty straightforward jah bul on - now proven by general commonality consensus to be digitally correct

evil is the black box by which we exit the cave having solved the agelong mystery of iniquity - black white chessboard solitaire - industrial development caused mankind to become forgetful of the value of integrity - enter the god is dead termite

prosperity is intolerant of things considered to be no longer current applicable or relevant

reducing the devil to a phantam legend despite his time honoured place on the holy mountain of the 40day trials of the christ - and its eastern equivalent of the trails of the buddha might just have been a mistake - in our reflections on essential divinity it is crucial to round off our 2004 wisdom - cut our global wisdom tooth so to speak

insight is gained by honouring the essence of the past and integrating its life essential wisdom into our 21st century dispensation - it hints of cosmic romance ie romeo romeo wherefore art thou romeo... and will shakespeare cuts in all the worlds a stage and we but players in it - what if the followers of the so called good guy (organized religion) and the followers of the bad guy are frickin polar opposites - by their fruit shall ye know them

we tend to think as the old gives away to the new that that which already is must be eliminated - it becomes unwanted and scorned because it is of the past - we fail to realize that it is the past and the future which in their conjunction produce the present moment - therefore the individual who in his blindness fails to take what is into consideration and who would too quickly pass from and disregard the realities of the past - moves foolishly in his own little sphere of glamour being of little use to the plan he thinks he seeks to serve

the sixth ray of devotion is in its highest aspect the energy of the idea or ideal of divinity which is conceived in the consciousness of the soul - thus it is the soul endowed with the ability to ideate, i.e., to create a form in consciousness which is an expression of divine being

would we pass too quickly from this energy of expression - would we fail to perceive and carry with us that which it has built into the consciousness of humanity during the past age - the very idea of god and gods of beauty harmony and truth itself is basically an expression of the sixth ray - humanity has perceived the idea of the good the true and the beautiful and has responded to that idea - god help us to maintain it during this next era of logic and reason of magic and order - let it be the foundation from which our logic reason magic and order may proceed

as these new energies impact upon that which is already built in they naturally produce a conflict in which the old form is disintegrated this is a necessary manifestation in the evolutionary process and it could be a painless one if the consciousness involved would detach sufficiently from the form to maintain the idea which is truth - when the form is seen as the importance the idea is lost as the form goes down in the face of the new impact

either way is a personal attachment to the form and in both the idea is lost - the disciple who is wise never speaks out against a religious form truth has taken - but rather he breathes forth that truth in such purity that the old form is not mourned.. he points out and reveals that synthesis which is the same truth in both the old and the new and so points the way of progress

so hot type

first let us acknowledge that evil exists - then we can start to conquer it - what have we got to lose by trying a global exorcism - a day to collectively decide to publicly rid this world of evil

techincal enhancements and non distance sensitive conditions have made it so each individual only need pick the day that is convenient and your crystal chip will log you in the timeless .. accumulating it as a deliverable at any moment to any individual .. ie; the day you xorcise this privilege is the day you and the world xperience it....

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