design strategy
nature has devised two main and fundamental organic designs for the systematic solution of life's metabolic-regeneration requirements - the zoologicals and the botanicals - the vegetation is designed with roots to receive its sustenance at first hand by photosynthesis from the sun and sun-energized hydraulicly and pneumaticly regenerated chemical recyclings - the zoologicals are designed with high mobility to go after their sustenance and receive their sun energy indirectly by first feeding upon the vegetation - some zoologicals feed on other zoologicals which latter first feed on vegetation - man though designed zoologically to go after his sustenance found few places where the vegetation gave him fruits and plantable foods - those who did find favorable vegetation conditions set about to guard that territory and to cultivate the most favorable types of vegetation and others hung hopefully about them - thus man with very short legs and a very big earth came to confuse himself with the botanicals and pretended to himself that he had roots and that he owned the favorable pieces of the earth - the swift evolutionary changes taking place invisibly are about to uproot him - all concepts of urbanization will become obsolete - only the earth and the solar system will be his temporary home

the swift shift of humanity from an agricultural to an industrial world economy draws men from the agricultural lands into the city - the industrialized tools and industrialized planting cultivating and harvesting service industries sweep over the cultivated lands

urbanization is only temporary as the cities become the launching pads for each human's blastoff into world-shuttling citizenship

the centers of cities explode outwardly like volcanoes to deploy their supermarket services to ever-newer mobile traffic centers - the immobilized families and individuals begin to shuttle swiftly between high concentrations and highly diffuse deployments - they converge for the metaphysical exchange - for the brain and mind activities - for cultural and commercial exchange for museums theatres and university study for broadcasting which is high-velocity publishing - they deploy for their physical activities for the muscular and energetic activities archaeological geological and ecological research

the whole of the urbanism is a vast oscillating system - a world-embracing entropic volcanic physical explosion countered at increasingly high-frequency with the world-embracing metaphysically contracting and information concentrating system which regenerates by broadcasting and publishing its progressively generalized concepts for regeneration of man's antientropic functioning that fulfills his universe functioning

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