inconsistencies of perception
all things considered there is a rather large possibility something completely unique that no one here could remotely imagine is likely to occur ...this is deducible via the amount of information available on the consistency of nature and the inconsistencies of perception that many xperience due to that condition ... aside from the cast of characters - things get done - so it would seem unlikely that something capable of shifting reality at that level would have need to torment or manipulate anything - rather always seeking the most comfortable rate of progression for the good of all ... a thought on this issue is - who really does not feel comfortable with the most loving conditions being an infinite source of eternal wisdom within the nucleus of any xistence - fully integrating hybrid hedonistic tek-niques

in the pure research position of operation most work efforts require that your basis of foundation is provided by this equation - the fact - you are in the position of probing natural dimensional vortexes to pursue evidence that this creative spontaneity of the universe indeed has the capability of supplying a natural environment to animate these communications - xistence - in other words all research is possible and verified by this obvious presence of limitless oscillating vibrational energy that has been articulated in so many amazing ways

likely most reading this have xperienced the loving guidance of an elder or parental archetype that made us feel we were indeed with not just someone but someone we can trust believe and build an xistence on due to their clear truth in having lived the reality and been able to communicate it to us .... as all things evolve this too would only seem likely to progress into a type of unity and confidence that could form entire uni-verses of praise at the marvel of being able to participate - that reciprocal energy returning to us whatever we put in - obviously very popular considering the amount of individuals now participating in this movement - while down here on the desktop life is an adventure in interactive bio-telecommunication translation -