across the time field
is the glass half empty or completely full

how high can you be at any given moment and how fast can a negative carrier ground your altitude ... lets think of it in a raw resource way ... there is electricity flowing thru everything and in this current state of shift finalization attaining awareness about this in its natural organically occurring form provides perspective on just how much has been achieved due to the voltage shifting of character that has transpired since this tele-communications synthesis of mankind began less than 100 years ago and its high speed logarithmic acceleration of this last decade of internetting

positive and negative separately repulse while they collectively attract - up to this point this has been the volatile aspect of the xperience

balancing the positive negative aspect of the psyche requires very high speed energy

- picture an electrical wall socket - with two live open uninsulated wires hanging out of it - if you pick either one up without touching the other things are fine - if they touch it can be rather shocking - seems the electronic aspect of mind circuits and the nature of their voltages can also get severe when you mix positive and negative signals without the proper regulation -- a basic view of this is most everybody has times when they feel really gud - in those times the positronic flo which in part is being picked up via the positive bliss mind circuits - very soothing electricity that can be amped up to such incredible levels one could atomize by being able to discipline the biological negative voltage it requires to sustain the higher rez bliss type frequencies - they are so much faster the voltage curve requires much more speed across the time field it will travel - this occurs thru the magnetism that radiates via glandular response to compassionate resonance - the radiation ups the frequency to a point where another person can easily suspend the time field they are in to join your levitated electric bliss circuit tap if they drop their negative voltage ramp which is absolutely necessary to sustain a positive current -

on this negative carrier ramp and its magnetics - because of the frequency one can take - every second of the negative ramping that goes by is confined - separate to itself with no positive to carry it out of time - it requires a time to terminate or be dispersed thru regulation of the circuit - negative energy is addictive due to its shocking to the body effect

the cube movement being a form of generating electricity organically - the effect of 2 time currents working on and off each others polar reflection as to not cancel out voltage regulation of the circuitry - as the balancing apparatus allowing still effect of neutronized negative static via negentropic reflector to ground infinite high speed bliss frequency resonance into access-ability range

sustaining the spectrum provides a foundational basis of its perspective - the shift in perception to this life xperience being magically inspirational if thats not within your viewer

or is the glass overflowing

we are in the forefront - able to synthesize - pioneers trailblazing

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