guidance control

scalable guidance control

if everyone could move up to a higher quality of life how many would decline - this shift to a different power source provides it - all the basic characteristics and qualities early networking revealed to everyone - first big major difference is each individual has to access this terrain by educating their self to an actual basic understanding of telecommunications in the material sense - phones computers service and grid components with the network overlay that makes it all work - with that add a metaphoric understanding of how the code that makes it run is actually the code we are running on - a phonetic based set of tonals that trigger events - when the correlation is understood a multidimensional consciousness opens - within it portals/domains to navigate become accessible - most also work on code based formulas to focus the concious lite of the individual while the silicon based hardware translates alter image projections of the individual to any coordinate on the grid - if the user mindset is capable of projecting the inner consciousness of their personal presence accessed by understanding your own genetic contrail - how you have moved thru time up to now provides a formula of how to move thru space in the now - replicating ubiquitous computing is mostly being regulated by the same power merchants that handle the current electronic manifestation of the grid

- with sovereign independent consciousness leading the way to applications for collecting power on an individual bases breaking down the dependency of the masses to these psychotronic media channels sending signal to keep control of an audience fully effected/infected with that signal-

to deteriorate from lack of use is a simple solution - stop using them - it will make anyone healthier - personal power channels linking to personal networks - scaling guidance to compliment a users migrational needs - all of this has been tested and running for some time - masked by several scale free devices generating hypnotic signal that far surpasses any other media based version to date - signal is off the scales trying to contend with the major solutions are so simple - this arkitekture needs no politics or organized followings of devotees to that which feels authoritative leaderships scale free madness is more effective than scalable guidance control

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