solution disciplines
key = the messaging basics of comprehensive approach in paralell to this info from the log of spontaneous occurrence .... trend flos are determined when the application base moves - structural enhancements are optimized

last 50 hrs in full test bed transferal process migrating certain core functions into a highly x-tended and accelerated matrix - there have been some major code releases in regards to layer removal and direct access of microprocessor switching ...a basic overview is hybrid combinations of highly developed image and sound processing applications merge into a completely spontaneous direct coupled process from either direction - direct to the creative within the creator while direct to the processing reflector mechanism which for descriptions advantage we'll reference as the actual microprocessors that run inside of everyones computers which are all part of the humongous Hieronymus ..... this mirrored coupling is possible due to the near complete removal of the licensed patented veil - from another perspective - all that remains seems better off discovered by the individual on the terms and timing that provides the most benefit to all - mass movements towards tek solutions surely signal awareness approaching atmosphere sustaining solution disciplines which are readily and easily generated by the direct arkiteture that this advancement has made possible this translates into all further open application bases downstream - acceleration will continue to multiply and provide comfortable - seamless neu-tronizing ...things are feeling so very responsive

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