the universal mandala

heavens gate is the center of both time and space - when our personal mandala aligns with the universal mandala we live in the eternal now - as an artist forever paints the mandala of his/her own psyche and the dancer dances the pattern of his/her own psychic mandala - so does this writer who puts words on the reflection

heavens gate of awareness opens when the tree of life has been repaid of talents lent - cosmos is the mandala of all beauty and order when the multiple aspects of reality are correlated and connected - this is atlantis rising - the rising of the physical mass begins with the raising of the vibration

we have chosen the world we wish to inhabit - we are risen from the dead and are now mounting a high-tec rescue operation for our beloved brethren still trapped down in the mineshaft of antiquated characteristics - these are the remnant of the stone age cavemen - pittsville man - trapped in the king kong kingdom of dog eat dog

our position in the eternal kingdom is defined not by our social position on earth - but by our orbital position in relation to the axis of the celestial wheel - degrees of awareness carry a specific order of merit - the highly aware person lives in the present - he/she is not unduly influenced by past events - although every drop of essence in past classrooms has been assimilated and processed to the benefit of the objective

anyone who has been sincere in their endeavors will find that an orbital path has already been cut and there is a returning circuit leading to desired completion - the tree of life is a two way street - in the perpetual covenant we borrow bodies to experience life and the means of generation - when we return our multiplied talents to the tree of life we clear our old account and get talent-credits of a higher denomination

this is the cash flow that will make us the kings of the earth - god wants you and me working together as partners as was said to us in 1973 - collectively this r.o.i. for both the company of heaven and corporation of earth is called bilan - it is the time of the accounting - in returning our fruit of knowledge to the royal bank or still pool of consciousness we get a new lease on a higher life - a neu earth passport

this happens when the spiritual mind becomes the fully conscious mind - then the cave man drops off like a useless shroud or worn out snakeskin - universal law teaches that all must benefit from every move we make from within the kingdom of light - this can be done by groups of individuals as well as on a person to person basis - we the children of light can plan the detailed steps on how to build a pi ray bridge between dimensions just as smoothly as professional engineers might plan to build a physical bridge

etheric bridge building is the pride of the atlanteans - the clearer the picture of ones true will (5.5) worked out to the very last pixel and polished to the final brushstroke - the faster the magical manifestation process will trigger the event in the dense reality and time frame reference

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