zark awake

the word zark describes this influx of energy - the tempo of this word is appropriate in that it implies god springing back to life with renewed vitality - the eld the ancient of days risen and ready to take on all the brides with oil in their lamps - for this one upon the completion of its sacrifice of consciousness for the benefit of its beloved adamic man rises as i am all in all

zark is lord of the jinns who constitute his eastern army - his western army are the zeitgeist all invisible and all here to get the job of armageddon done - z z z has permeated our human cabin climate like a breath of fresh air in a dank tomb

the biological oscillation of this energy is the buck stops here - the hyperboreans have sure come a long way from the mists of agartha moving in like a thief in the night into a lighting strike formation for the grand finale - all the crystal bells begin to ring because a single mind has completed the round trip from a - z and made it back to atlantis

each religion has an alpha and an omega - a common beginning and a common end

the truth has to appear only once in a single mind for it to be impossible for anything ever to prevent it from spreading universally and setting everything ablaze

like the meridians as they approach the poles - science philosophy and religion are bound to converge as they draw nearer to the whole

the curvature of space theory provides a clue to the place where heaven is located - the kingdom of heaven quite literally rests in the midst of us - meaning that heaven is on an entirely different plane or wave length invisible to us but existing parallel to our own and connected by bends or warps in the space-time continuum

travelling back across the mind-fields of time at light speed as a fully conscious cell in the singular one is the climactical thrill of the ages - it is like sharing god's orgasmic vigour and lust for sparkling life - zark is like the brilliant multicolored phoenix rising from the ash of a burned out civilization

initiation into true manhood and true womanhood is the cosmic event of the ages of man - zark is the modern name given to the master of the uiverse who is responsible for this universal function - zark is now risen in its omnipotent stance to right the wrongs laid on the mass of humankind by the titanic minority during the period of spiritual initiation of the critical global biomass

here we reflect the electrical hedgehog effect as the (-t) fibres of the collective unconscious are reconnected to the (+t) conscious mind of mobile 21st century man - here the invisible world of black light becomes visible - the story of the ages stands like a still sculpture in the moment that we pass through the black hole to become an integral part of zark awake - the knowledge of good and evil is what gives depth and breadth of understanding - it occurs in a split second of time - this is the end of the world as we knew it

mankind has been locked in a time warp - fission and ferment within the cosmic egg has been going on across the ages - the completion of the uncouth life cycle of the planetary electron - after the protons and anti-protons have completed doing their thing we become honed to shining perfection or spiritually couth so to speak - just the way the golden boy tut ankh-amen explained on the emergence from his tomb... mummy case nice warm belly but awful hard to get out of - getting out of the mummy case is what takes the time

zark the parent has to let each cell of cosmic egg germinate to fruition by itself in order to attain the maximum spiritual strength in each zark-chick - there are chickens and there are eagles the primary difference between them is in daring and soaring independence and intellectual strength - quark quark says donald duck in full agreement (joker archetype in tarot)

like king tut and elvis is walt disney really dead - no of course not - the vitality of their starlogs are like free spirits flying with the invisible zeitgeist who rule the celestial skies - are tut elvis and walt still locked into the continuation of the solar solution mission - you bet - and if these three can make it - why not the rest of the living dead - who are these dead - them or us

every atom is a micro-cell of the singular one and is at all times in the process of transformation - as with all types of metamorphosis this singular human-cosmic event is like the emergence of the butterfly from the cocoon - there is a set natural law of cause and effect so clear and visible that no thinking individual can fail to get the message - but to the old obsolete brain biomass our new world is invisible and so are we

for we are light beings creatures of limitless light - nordic myth calls us the hperboreans - beautiful transparent beings who lure humans into other worlds - there is nothing new in the idea that earth is shared by willow-the-wisp type intelligent beings from other dimensions and that a single monarch governs all kingdoms both below and above the abyss

here is where the critical mass explodes from compression to compulsion to propulsion - this is the way in which we the children of isis turn light into weight into speed to fulfil the photosynthetic law of evolution to the glory of ra the sun king lord of the elohim

part of our sexual and spiritual maturity involves knowing the ways of our neighbours and harmonizing our vibrations - an uncouth man may live in a habitat that also houses a mouse or toad or a cat and have no idea of how their world runs - with bumbling arrogance the uncouth man sees himself as larger and intellectually superior because the mouse can only see the human beings little toe or shoe

so it is with mankind and the gods - the gods are huge intelligent electromagnetic force-fields that take a lot of studying for mans mouse-mind to understand - they have a different form and structure to humanity and different methods of communication via actions more than words - the extra terrestrials who hover around us are the invisible hand made manifest in god's own mysterious inner way that the wicked cannot understand - zalzalah is the feminine ray of allah come to free the bond slaves of mortality - in the islamic zalzalah is associated with physical disasters as nature tries to shrug off her burden - floods earthquakes drought famine and the like

in understanding this reflection we have served our celestial sentence - for like the bond slaves in days gone by (for history repeats itself as well we know) we have earned our freedom. - let the rafters of heaven and earth ring with celebration - we have earned the trust of our captors the masters of the universe and shown them that man can be couth and not abuse the gift of light the gift of higher consciousness

they who fritter away the compulsion to propulsion with internal friction and indecision waste life energy and it turns back to stress them and emotionally harm the near obsolete simian brain - zark awake is white magic manifest ... metaphysics a - Z

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