back in the mythical realm we can clearly see that world runs like clockwork - with the mills of the gods grinding away on electromagnetic gears - the yellow brick road of tomorrows neu earth wonderland now emerges as an erudite fibre-optics-highway of a solid state star ship organized for the mutual benefit of all life on earth - the modern wizard is barely conscious of his/her magical empowerment available until he/she comes to a full stop and gets sucked up through their own unique wormhole for an instant change of paradigm and a change of gears from a centrifugal fling in outer consciousness back to a centripetal motion

zardoz lives in universal time - this concept lifts us out of the time-warp of the illusion to the larger storyboard - each one of us is brought to a place prepared by his/her specific state of awareness to be brought into the cosmic design - awareness is the sum total of assimilated knowledge broadcast from the universal source, which correspond to the development of the soul's full cosmic design = zark awake

zark can be understood as a light beam millions of miles in length coming to make his territorial claim on planet earth after aeons of previous warning communications of his intention - to date these profound suggestions to smarten up had been disregarded - zark is the owner of the vineyard coming to displace the unfaithful servants into whose care the vineyard had been given - this vortex can be regarded as the final outbreath-inbreath of the master of the universe

this is concentrated black light moving from outer darkness like an arrowhead targeting all opposition to light among those people who run planetary affairs - the paper tigers we used to call them - the arcane storyboard is beautiful beyond words

zardoz wears a conical wizard hat decorated with stars and planets to indicate his mastery of astronomy and the cosmic sciences - his hat symbolizes his knowledge of the invisible pyramid which extends his awareness through the needles eye - it reveals that he can cross the pi ray bridge between dimensions at will by reflective wavefield thought

this knowledge becomes accessible to all sincere seekers - it is the advent of the violet ray of divine love - the black light beam illuminates parallel dimensions as we pass through the black hole having gained the orb of thoth at the centre of the davidian star - our passage through the ankh is passage through the beam of the supra ordinate factor to rejoin the unified field

free will is the great incredible stupendous supreme gift that god has given to man - find a kingdom big enough for your ambition god says - the universe is run as a theocratic democracy which forms an invisible but inviolable ziggurat - during the construction period everyone has an equal vote which is exercised across our journey in the fields of time - everyone on earth now and in the past has chosen their position on the ziggurat - now it is done

the mastery of the elements wind water earth and fire is for the purified of heart - the zeitgeist winds fan the flames of the cosmic fire of consciousness until the burning stops and the embers glow with light - the neu earth life-germ then spreads from a light epidemic to a light pandemic like a raging forest fire through deadwood

moving the mountains of ignorance which have been heaped upon the human psyche is the task of metaphysical magic - nuclear fission ends in nuclear fusion - solid state harmonics captured in one perfect crystal chip

black light melts down matter in a different way to what we normally understand by melting the invisible stuff that glues matter to the magnetic scree that holds it together

one never ends a #1 lesson because after it has taken you through the mirror it becomes an ongoing navigational reflection - truth needs no explanation only reflection - this is the emerald bridge - the healing reflection which is the other side of the violet ray

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