unify earth

in the rear-view mirror we can watch it happening - time has not yet begun - god gives its (+1) power to left brain dominance and says go to it adam - build me a male dominated civilization - moses who was raised as a prince adept of egypt leads the earth-people to the promised land a unified earth - the forward thrust to new heights of evolution requires that the yang energy predominate - the still yin energy is like a crystal bubble of serenity wisdom and beauty - matriarchal societies lived in awe and appreciation of the wonder of it all - they rightly believed that everything that was created was created to worship god and that everytime you destroyed a creature (tree animal fish bird etc) that was created to glorify god you had to account for it

in this concept of - a unified earth man was consciously in love with nature - children were raised in dignity and respect for natural life - men worshipped the elemental gods of fire wind water and earth - worship of the nature spirits was the primary focus of their flourishing way of life

the i am diety is the negative force of material development issuing into manifestation - lets call it the electron - rising up to kill the negative principle of the father to restore male-female balance is not easy - the power to do this lies in worship - this is how the balanced yin-yang era comes into manifestation when power=worship coincide

the egyptian god-men the hopi and other wisemen of the ancient world understood the principle of the circular journey man must make with the time-warp and how the coming forth by day meant emergence into a hi-tec world - they understood the hazards of the journey - he who soweth to the flesh reaps of the flesh - he who soweth to the spirit reaps of spiritual infinity - manwhile a lot of water flows under the eternal bridge between dimensions

the principle of cultural development which moses represents began the ravishing of the holy mother earth - eve - the mother of all our common earthy dna denominator - it introduced the obviously biased concept of male superiority - yet on the other side of the coin the male thrust promised to bring the children of into the promised land of comfort and prosperity

the dividing of the red sea represents the establishment of an isotope line between the left and right hand brainfields - one field is fixed the other is the action principle of the journey of human consciousness into unknown worlds - this actual acting out of events pre-written in the script is the methodology by which the preconscious mind of man is overshadowed by a superior intelligence and given a foreshadowing of the path of things to come - the bible describes the foreshadowing as a pillar of fire - today we can all walk over from egypt (the land of the collective unconscious mind of things to be) taking with us any treasures (mind-stuff) which we could beg borrow or steal from the lower realm

the pharaoh gods of egypt acted quite differently to any other ancient peoples - rather than fearing the gods as was the matriarchal custom they claimed to be the gods - the pharaoh gods lived in the upper and lower realms at the same time - when the ritual mummy wrappings are uncovered the golden child bedecked with jewels is the advent of the fully conscious mind - what a great adventure the unwrapping process is - what a brilliant introduction to infinity

now the concept of the children of is-ra-el - isis (earth-yin) - ra (sun-yang) and the el-ementals (earth gods) - el-ohim (sky gods) is no longer a mystery - the truth wisdom and beauty of the unfoldment is a sublime experience as the preconscious mind lures the conscious mind to its glorious destination as the ak ka ba theory explains

the ancient order of freemasons worship the ineffable name jah-bul-on the holy trinity of creation and destruction - on - in this trinity refers to osiris when the synchromesh of the male and female brainfields return to equilibrium at the completion of the evolutionary journey - in the mystical trinity of jah-bul-on on and christ emerge as one being - this is the key point we understand as we promote the unified earth

the negative alpha which issues into manifestation in the beginning of a time warp concludes as omega as the alpha-omega circuit is complete and the snake of time eats its own tail - horus and thoth (fire and ice) emerge as the twin flames of change and stability the principles of modern theophysics - but the overall picture that emerges is that the whole universe is but a thought in the mind of the one

under the foreshadowing beam of left brain dominance adam leaves the garden of eden into a world where as demonstrated in the story of cain and abel blood sacrifice to the gods of evolution takes precedence over vegetable offerings - this is how the yang influence is taught to rise - value is placed on masculine performance and domination of the lower animal realms which takes a lot of intellectual manipulation

mother nature was still asleep not yet wide awake enough to keep an eye on this new energy force that had entered her world - for her preconscious mind can only come back through the reflections of her millions of microparts - most especially this means modern man

it is clear to see how micronesia serves macronesic man - the elmentals live and die in service to the higher more complex mind without ever pausing in their acts of adoration - the circuit then requires that macro-man serve the greater whole in the same selfless way that he is served - in this way the wheel of life grows more abundant across eternity

the bubble or cosmic eggshell clarifies as the cosmic chick is due to hatch in millions of unique facets - the earth groans in the travail of giving birth to these children - but across the ages - the cave of the time-warp changes from stone to the dark glass to a clear plexiglass dome as we attain the crystal skull and rise as people of understanding

our conscious awareness goes from density to transparency - by serving truth and light we reach the transparent universe - now we acquire the all-seeing crystal skull and we are home at last - we can see the play from start to finish as the veils that hid our unified earth view are rent apart

as natures multiple reflective moons of human consciousness the caring earth god aspect of our divine nature feed back streams of horrendous evo-data - the virgin universe awakes - for the worship power of the sons and daughters of god exceeds the worship power of less evolved life systems

stop the bleeding - stop the pain - stop the centrifugal out thrust - stop time - we passed our evolutionary goal ten minutes ago

the centripetal implosion into the yin-yang era takes us back into the garden of eden now sparkling with the jewels we have snatched from time - gaia remembers the delightful days of unity with god the lover unity of spirit

multiplication by division of this single spirit into two halves male and female brings greater complexity of both negative and positive dynamic tension - but there is a limit - once the dynamic tension gets too tight the fabric begins to split - stop stop little feet we passed our goal ten minutes ago

this planet runs on a simple binary system. (+1)+(-1) in the process of cancelling each other out to zero - all concepts of good and evil are relative to the position of the observer - the unified field of earth is a state of affairs which has never before been known in our part of the universe

the transient world of transient parts is useful during our period of incubation in the cosmic egg - then god the lover comes to claim snow white its whole earth bride with the kiss of consciousness - this awakens the sleeping beauty which has laid dormant until the marriage of spirit and matter is achieved - those of us who have learned the pathway of surrender find that all other pathways fold into the unified field to which we all belong in which all is one with the one

metamorphosis is a dangerous but necessary incubation period which precedes our arrival at spiritual maturity as a transmuted specie - to complete our metamorphosis we must leave the safety net of yesterdays social programming

as we learn to die to yesterdays triumphs and failures they become a basis for mature reflection as we assume tomorrows challenges - (death card in tarot) - those who have claimed their place among the ascended masters find that all the parts though unique are interchangeable

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