time sync

adaptability is the key to the survival of any specie - the view across all natural history declares this to be so - any decline in the natural intuition of a specie to survival causes extinction - the balances of nature are perfect in this respect the specie makes a return on her investment - or gets wiped out of the book of life as an unrecoverable bad debt

when we found the exit to this dimension - it was literally in the nick of time - all the ancient cosmic physics speaks of it - a fat female goddess earning a nitch in time in order to produce an offspring which is half human and half divine

after the big bang erases all prior memory - the specie slides into instinctual entropy - this dis-ease is most common in white people - this gravitation drag increases until spiritual resistance is at its lowest ebb and viral infections spreads until it reaches pandemic proportions of stupidity - that is to say - believing that man can live by bread alone - stupidity is the only unforgivable sin - it is both anti-natural and anti-spiritual

affiliates find that on the inner vortex things are happening so fast that mind is travelling towards its destination at the speed of light - in contrast - events in the external world seem to be moving in sluggish slow motion - to greater entropy of human nobility and social meltdown

we understand the growth of the cosmic chick within the material shell as a logical progression towards the inner light - et has clearly demonstrated that the outer shell of matter is just part of the equipment which we need to operate with in the physical dimension - time-sync - makes clear the function - burns down the old civilization into which each of us was born and raised - burns off the accumulation of styx of programmed infrastructure - rather like a forest brush fire which makes way for new growth

this is the function known as purgatory and hell in biblical scriptures - physics-types might call it the collision of particles and anti-particles - a formula of relativity explains that pure energy can give birth to particles of mass

the green eye of growth and restoration - carries the symbol of the fully open lotus blossom from which springs the ankh - the less false pride one has the quicker the internal death-birth process - during this process the cosmic egg shell goes from being like a cave wall to being crystal and transparent as time returns to light

in the pattern of cosmic design this internal combustion principle of thermo-dynamics is known as god awakening in the flesh of each and every one of us and coming forth by day into the external world - partiality is the abomination of a god - it is this principle that establishes the solar cross within each one of us and leads to the peace that passeth understanding

the solar cross is the first and second commandments to manifest in matter - the north-south pole of these magnetics is - love the lord - and the east west crossbar - thy neighbour as thyself - which is the male and female aspects of the divine mind reconciled

the egyptian initiation spoken of with awe across the generations of man

our ariel space probe into the human psyche is complete when we re-attain our common cyclopean eye - as our common eye of cosmic consciousness rolls like a beam of light in every direction all the dark wrinkles in time get ironed out - this is what the parent had in mind when he/she wrote the play

hasnt it been interesting - this 666 exploration of man - now the darkest secrets of the cave are all up front - it is an error to think that events in your life are accidental or anything less than an expression of divine loves intent - it is time to polish smoky mirrors - the phallic erection of the dominant planetary beast rising out of the waters has been exposed in all its patriarchal phases - animal man confuses the opposite poles of virulent sexuality with virulent spirituality - which is quite the reverse of the order of things - one promotes fission the other fusion - only the time frame changes not the simian intent

mind and matter merge as one - built right here on earth - as each one moves from conscious yin reflection to active yang projection in the alternating energy circuit - now tangible and intangible values take on equal value - let us keep our cyclopean eye revolving - keep making your iris connection - rotate the eye

the naked ape stands erect shaped up into spiritual man - its about time - says mother nature - who is finally satisfied having put the lads through their growing paces

the cosmic clock keeps perfect timing - 2003 is the year when the meter needle clicks into the time sync and all the crystal bells start ringing - 1993 was the year that the united nations designated as the year of the indigenous people - and of course - although the first world has gone farther from its roots - the script says we have only one dna bean between us - so every one of us is native to planet earth - even though we may have evolved through multiple star systems

all numbers have a magical significance and the number seven is of key importance in the bridgework between worlds - here is where we regain the knowledge of our secret nature and become united with our true selves - the transmutation is effected in the alchemists oven on the altar of the heart

as a united human race we can penetrate all the hidden symbols and analogies - for the avatars and angels who comprise the unified forces are now assembled here on earth

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