meter needle

the meter needle is our point of concentrated sovereign will - healing energy and toxic energy mingle in the noosphere - to clean the biosphere we must first clean the noosphere - for decades the ground forces of landed et and the sky forces have been bringing our common will into synchrony to complete this final time circuit

the mothership has supermagnetic motors with no moving parts - these are now reactivated operational and ready for takeoff - we are through the ankh - we hit time sink in time for the implosion

the motherships meter needle fluctuates between the strong nuclear force of gravity and the weak nuclear force of the high heavens - in the coning tower we see how we will shortly break the law of gravity by the drag of our common will to balance

first one meter needle becomes fully erect and locks into its unique magnetic place - this marks our docking in hyperspace - after the first connection, it starts happening to the others - first to one - then to two then to a few then to many - intellect balks at a glimpse of the size of the mothership's gears

the mothership ploughs steadily through the cosmos with no regard for obstacles, bent only on mission - all watch as finally all the dials on the mother ship stand to attention - we are home in the unified field

this represents the crystallization of the harmony of the spheres - supermagnet motors with no moving parts are real - this is the mothership back in solid state perfection

the mothership superconductor sucks in then filters human energy - it might be called an interdimensional harvester - when all impurities and interference circuits are cleared the mind becomes as a diamond which acts as a meter needle and allows the mind to focus the highest energy in the universe for the good of all

as we align the magic triangle of discipline, desire and spiritual humility in perfect balance we pop through to the next level - we become one with our meter needle on the mothership - the appetite for consciousness grows with eating - by focusing on the magnificence of nature we glimpse the mind behind cosmic design

our meter needle is the burning tip of conscious awareness which processes all data passed along by the senses - failure to reconcile information received from the right and left hemispheres - the logical and intuitive parts of the brain - results in internal conflict and a breakdown in the smooth functioning of the identity - whether this be in an individual corporate or a national entity

adaptability is the key to the survival reflective thought resolves internal conflict, which rapidly extends to the resolution of external conflict the completion - time sync - deals with the cessation of the antipathy-sympathy swing of the personality pendulum or the end of tort-retort in the conscious mind

the left or analytical hemisphere of the mind rejects supernatural sources of information - the intuitive right hemisphere senses a higher power behind creation - the meter needle fluctuates between the tugs of strong and weak conflicting electromagnetic fields until the awareness hits the isotope line and re-attunement with universal mind is attained on a much higher level of evolution than was previously understood. during the interim between "the fall" and "regeneration" the will of universal mind is manifested in matter in a specific series of evolutionary goals - the wheel fire sanitation mechanization high technology and the signs in the sky known as ufo's

time vanishes the moment the meter needle hits the isotope line - at this point human thought has reattained attunement with the unifield or universal mind - it is the era of perfect equilibrium in a higher state of consciousness than ever previously attained in this planetary starship system - ancient records and the most modern 20th century physics coincide as the global meter needle verifies - at this point the quavering reptilian brain governed by fear and dark superstition collapses overnight

meter needle fluctuation is the enemy within - it reflects human emotions such as fear jealousy guilt insecurity which have the effect of making a person paranoid - this prevents the accumulation of real wealth in the infinite dimension which is based on the number of beauty quarks orbiting in each reflection of the supreme identity

when the meter needle is perfectly erect we realign with the original magnetic field pass through the ankh or needle's eye to re-attain the perfect speed of light

the meter needle is like a morphogenetic tuning fork which resonates in the generative chakra so activating all the rest - hitting the note is primarily a matter of fig-leaf surrender - its called rapture - this is the note of creative intelligence at its zenith - the moment of the big bang - the beginning of a new evolutionary journey in the mothership the cosmic womb of time

meter needle attains the velocity of - dance for me on the head of a pin - and he/she is one with the unified field - the electromagnetic field lights up as all of the light cones in the spectrum swirl into balance - the white light tachyon speed in the ultimate dance matches the pitch of unconditional love

god realization is a synthetic event a universal event - not a planetary or localized phenomena - the aeon of christ - the age of messiahship - return to the lost undivided continent of atlantis - are all ways of expressing the meter needle is the majestic spiritual stance by which the whole planetary system translates through the ankh or eye of the electromagnetic needle

medieval philosophers use abstract ideas to relate above-below worlds to make a map of the universal function - earth is the throne of spirit - weight is a function of the curvature of space-time continuum - its magnetic virtue is fiery - its conductivity is air

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