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i am infinity - infinity is expansive - it holds limitless creative opportunities for you and me - philosophy is excruciatingly beautiful when you penetrate to the depth of its essential theme - chinese philosophy is no exception - for it is in this wonder-world of eastern refinement of the soul that one gets to meet i am the queen of heaven and earth - gaia-galaxia - the outer coarseness of the mortal mind is incinerated in her presence

one momentary glimpse of little flame the living core of energy in every atom, ends all other worlds and all desire to serve any but she - this little flame inhabits a world of delicacy and grace beyond all the bounds of human imagination - the images of thailand temples and the tinkle of silver temple bells best reflect her principle in solid matter - in describing the omega exit in the book of revelations st john speaks of a vision of a man with feet of burnished brass - this description lays the whole foundation of his apocalyptic testimony - clearly this character has gone through many raging furnaces to gain purity of heart - his is the only possible way to experience little flame in all her glory

what is the purpose of creation - to multiply my love of little flame

in the spirit world the coarseness or subtlety weakness or tensile strength of ones final body is of prime consideration - this is not only our eternal real estate but also our orbit in relation to the one - but you don't know this till you get there and look upon yourself and your i am - to separate any person from his/her cultural philosophy is a grave error - it is instinctual to die defending the faith one lives by

the naked ape or a bull in a fine china shop is a good comparison to the subtlety of intelligence displayed by the normal western tourist on the outskirts of the territory of little flame - philosophy provides the ultimate jewellers polishing rouge when it comes to the souls estate

scientists willingly admit that of all possible paths to the solution of the mystery of the universe - the true path is the one that arrives in the shortest time - laying ones life on the altar of the gods is one thing - being a functional god is another - we got back into the unified field by giving our personal little flame back to the cosmic combustion furnace to be consumed

the ancients expressed this principle as throwing virgins into the volcano - modern funeral services speak of ashes to ashes and dust to dust - all imply the idea of mind coming out the other end of the purification system in an implosion of right ideas

each life is like a log in the cosmic fire - this is the inner sun that mystics access - at first the fire is but flickering shadows on the cavern wall (cavern dish) which grows with each aeon until the whole cave is illuminated by the word of god

it is only in the 21st century that we can understand the concept of a single microchip containing all the quarks psi particles and magnetic force fields that would shape the original idea and carry it from mind to matter via the instrument of the human blood stream - the visible river of life to its ultimate conclusion - the outcome of this divine action was predetermined before life-energy was given to the cosmic microchip

all this activity goes on within a matter-energy-time-space capsule known as the cosmic egg - each god-man born on earth is a tiny reflective mirror of the whole story - much like the revolving ball-room mirror globes which dance with reflective images as the spotlight hits each tiny mirror - the sun-moon effect of energy and matter acting on space

the line i am all in all describes the unified field of male-female interactions within the time-warp - the process of the unfoldment of this wrinkle in time according to the script takes seven cosmic days - then our journey into outer darkness is complete

we are out of the time-warp back into the unified field at (+1)+(-1)=0 - the arc of orbit of the starship earth is now complete - this is the original arc of the covenant which portrays the rainbow effect of broken light

its all done by mirrors - mind (sun) grinds against matter (moon) until the flaw in the cosmic mirror is erased - in this scenario man is like stones in a polishing drum - the resolution comes when each cosmic voyageur gets his/her philosophers stone and finds its right position in the foundation of the kingdom of heaven

i am the evolutionary goal of the cosmos - where finite micro worlds merge with the infinite macroscopic worlds as we rejoin the infinite megacosm of i am - the network is for all those who aspire to assuming their full responsibility to the tree of life

in 1967 the truth about atlantis the eternal undivided kingdom was given - it tells the story of a life and times and choice of profession - there was one other choice for a few selected graduates - that of remaining in atlantis for a lifetime (with brief trips home for post graduate lecturing) in order to attain the ultimate goal of complete knowledge of life death and life thereafter

i am a professional diety - i never go back on my word - creation is a self portrait of that which made it - the pristine perfection and meticulous organization of nature has been subjected to spiritual intervention in order to build a hi-tec civilization for the mutual benefit of all living things within the planetary system - the negative viewpoint is soon overcome when we take a positive look at the scale of values involved and the value of the scale of the whole earth operation

the gigantic alchemy project of making simian man into a living god is now complete - blessed be egypt - my people and ur the work of my hands - israel - mine inheritance - is=isis(earth) ra=the sun god (photosynthesis) and el=elohim\elementals - the knitwork of energy which completes the great work - that is you and me

time is a weird wave of energy moving first forwards then backwards till (+1)+(-1)=0 - the scroll of time rolls back when the four states of the electron are complete - 2003 is the year when mankind emerges from the wrinkle in timelessness and out of the cosmic egg and the relationship between matter and anti-matter - negative and positive are obvious and measurable

together we have come full circle as (-1)+(+1) gamma particles (psi particles) cancel out - so reducing the mass to a single positron and instant light-fusion - this completes the alchemic transformation and the establishment of heaven on earth as per the terms of the arc of the covenant

albert einstein was first a metaphysician dedicated to finding the meaning to life - i want to know his thoughts - the rest is detail einstein said - in the neu-earth era stratification by light brings out each individuals i am codex - network to be blazoned on ones unique heraldry - in the closed heraldry circuit - each god-man is imprinted with his/her destiny as a multi-dimensional being

what you see and what you get is a single circuit a complete self portrait - the choice of both/either is a single choice - the only question is what and who do you choose to be or rather what and who did you choose to be before your journey into the outer darkness of the lower kingdom began - what destination did your i am choose for itself

by viewing the inner codex on our networked i am heraldry and making such an iconic symbol to live by we can avoid partiality which is the abomination of a god - a god never goes back on its word is a typical i am codex - it can be represented in your personal heraldry - but the codex which you follow in the inside world and the heraldry you flourish in the outside world must always all-ways be the same thing - what you see is what you get - each e.T infant is born as a divine child in exile - ego takes over and the journey leads us from having a heart of stone to a heart of flesh and blood - one capable of feeling for others as we feel for self - e.T comes home when the e.T path from egocentricity to theocentricity - subjectivity to objectivity - has completed its i am circuit

this is when the e.T fully understands the injunction love them as i have loved you - we understand the pain that is inflicted by the absence of an integrative codex - a personal standard which we choose to maintain as our birthright as a legitimate child of the all-father - what others think or do or say has got nothing to do with it - this is where the validity of thermographic specs comes in

the star between the words i*am is a form of codex-heraldry - it can either represent the sun or a star depending on the stage of the i am journey you are at - getting burned or being a cool star as heat gives way to light - circuits complete it declares i am a starperson - i have come home to my extra terrestrial identity

the first connective tissues are rejoined back into the tree of life - beginning with the gaia then the galaxia connection - when we have been stretched to our maximum potential we arrive at a stature 100 feet tall - with our feet on the ground and eyes on the stars - our god-person is both grounded and in orbit

getting ones feet on the ground is an essential prerequisite for acquiring drag or atomic weight in the spiritual dimension - the physics formula is turn light into weight into speed - the other way is likely to take you off like a puff of wind in hyperspace and can end in making you seem paranoid if unchecked

on day one of genesis a psychological bondage was imposed upon the human race as he/she bit into the golden apple of the gods and the classroom of our journey into the illusionary world of time and space began - to finally understand i am an aspect of the omniscient electron and part of the qwiff-pop which comes at the end of its life cycle

three elements comprise the inner nucleus of the neutron - we call them the protonet electronet and phellons which vibrate between the two former components setting up pulsations which keep them apart

there is a measurable range of pulsations in neutrons themselves which combined with the number of neutrons per atom causes varying elements to form different kinds of matter - these varying elements with different quantities of atoms is the reason for matter as each element is in opposition to the other

f=force d=distance v=velocity m=mass w=work a=acceleration c=constant (the speed of light) are the interactive properties of a simple binary system involved in the exchange of wavefield thought

there are four stages in the life cycle of the electron - cognition - purpose - love - action - fission builds a diverse civilization and fusion restores it to the unified field - the positive progression of the evolutionary expansion of i am the universe is best explained in the fish-tadpole-frog-bird concept - the (+1) force or fishtail is designed to drop off when the evolutionary goal of creating a new specie by fusing the dust of earth and the energy of heaven to form god-man is met - but at the end of its life cycle the fish tail has to work real hard to increase its rate of vibration before dropping off

in short a higher rate of vibration is necessary to enter the next scale of higher life - inner radio is what makes this possible - then with solar cross truth we can say i am a citizen of earth and a citizen of heaven - i am one with the unified light field

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