the establishment

those who are chosen or called to participate have completed their solitary preparation and the final polishing of the soul is done - these now come forth to co-create and consolidate the constitution of the neu earth

time is relative to the position of the observer - the institution of the eternal kingdom did not happen in a decade or a century, but has been arriving like a thief in the night for the past 2000 land-years - the solid mass of earth took a lot of lifting for there was a lot of inertial drag - time in our world runs vertically not horizontally - this is how and why we get the lightning strike of completion

by moving up and down the horizontal line of time called the isotope line past present and future is seen as a single event - and the personas involved know themselves across the whole panorama of the time tunnel in the world of illusion - the establishment of heaven on earth is a universal event - this is where is-ra-el returns through the ankh to mu - the motherland bearing all the jewels of consciousness gathered in egypt - these jewels are a varied treasure chest of truth and beauty quarks - the whole galactic synchromesh has been involved in the safe delivery of this precious cargo of gold tried in the fire

in the eternal kingdom people are not made of flesh but of aggregates of particles called quarks - these become aligned with the original bar-codes built into the electromagnetic field so that one can visualize this field as the lit-up streets of the crystal city which is paved with transparent gold

quark people are as densely packed or as sparsely packed as they have chosen to be - this is in accordance with their altruistic activities in the schoolroom of the gods while in the flesh - it is rather like a paint by numbers concept - quark people know who they are because the i am the self awareness element can look upon itself to know love - this happens when the god and the mortal come face to face at the end of their journey in time - like everything else in our starships' agenda the timing of the great day of the poleshift is built in

in order to establish the heavenly kingdom on earth it was necessary to break down the existing social mores and divide the people into quarks - this is the putrification to purification process - its like sorting the jewels from the ore of the dust of the earth and ploughing the dirt back in as compost - harvesting the lotus pearls and gems from the whole earth crop has been a painstaking process - a perfect process nevertheless

curiosity is more important than intelligence - this is why simian man was chosen for the divine experiment - only man can concretize information in print art videofilm sound architecture and so forth so that knowledge can be passed on to the next generation - the akashic record of human civilization began with chipping known information in stone - that's doing things the hard way - but this led to writing and an ongoing information explosion right up to computerized diskettes containing a library at the touch of a button - one more step - a single planetary computer system accessible to all - all facts neatly fitted together across space and time is now a reality

it is built on a variety of philosophers stones - these are the densepac of wisdom on which the foundation of the neu heaven and the neu earth sit - these stones are consolidated truth beauty and wisdom quarks captured in the various magnetic fields of timeless men and women during the period allotted to horizontal time

decade three of the cosmic event is underway - this illusion of separation is corrected as we correct our space/time-sequence differential - now at this time of global celebration the gap between finity and infinity is closed - poleshift complete

the parade of the gods now living in full cosmic consciousness among men opens in this third trimester - we appreciate the patience of the secret chiefs who have kept their vows of silence to the end

now we can hopscotch back over the alternate black and white squares on the akashic chess board and go back to square one for a replay - lets wind the videotape of earth history backwards to understand the principle of the duality of mind and matter - white and black good and evil starting from any time or space that suits your fancy

earth has been a luciferin planet - held in a black light beam projected from the mothership - it represents an evolutionary time warp necessary while simian man moves through the veil from dreamsleep (the illusion) to reality - in a moment - in the twinkling of an eye...

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