to get a clear picture of the stargate we need to clear out the obsolete mindfield - this can be done in a flash of direct light current - rites of passage - you can see your caterpillar leaving the outer world of the enchanted forest and entering the spiral sky staircase

this caterpillar emerges as a butterfly at the end having interpenetrated the veil covering the unseen world - it is not the smartest or the strongest man who can penetrate the veil but the one with purity of intent - in the beginning faith alone can push aside the interdimensional curtain to reveal the fantastic supernatural realm that directs matter to its destined end - defined as the magic triangle of desire - red spiritual humility or wonder green and discipline-yellow - this magic triangle is rather like the bermuda triangle through which we can rise up in the air to contact

there are specific steps by which to cross the cosmic bridge between dimensions - each step begins by opening a window - then windows become doors so that all mankind can pass right through into the unified field - windows open the veil like the pushbutton system on a combination lock

each person has two sides to their nature - a little human me and a big cosmic me - the little self the subjective nature and the big self the objective nature -these two elements are often in conflict with one another - but each person is born with the inner urge to grow to become the biggest me possible - when we look back objectively along the bitter-sweet pathways of our earth life we see that this is what life's lessons have been about

we learn to classify media as being subjective or objective - subjective media is person-oriented concerned with commercial salesmanship - objective media is altruistic and concerned with giving - serving life nature and caring for others - we might call them yang and yin

the combination lock for opening the shutters which have been covering the windows of the mind is also known as the sheild of thoth which guards rites of passage between dimensions - this shield is impervious to matter until the cosmic egg of earth is due to hatch at which time the formerly thick wall gets thinner until it becomes transparent - then finally we get a still clear picture

this is the key to the stargate that will free all who choose to come - it opens into a passage that leads out of the dark labyrinth of the underworld tomb - it is as if a light turns on in a dark cave - any sincere person can pass across the fields of time (as many have done) right back to stop time

all of the sacred flowers animals and other elements of nature have something to teach us as we undergo our metamorphosis from caterpillar through cocoon to radiant butterfly - the totemic snake of wisdom for example grows too big for its former skin so regularly pops its skin to fit its bigger me - so do we - each time we grow bigger we get less subjective and more objective

herein lies the solution - according to the scriptures there are seven seals which equal seven pops of growth over the seven cosmic days of re-creation - the king is he who pops the seventh seal - this happens at the end of our incubation period - it is like a whole nest of cosmic eggs popping all at once - this is what the mirror is all about - it begins and ends in the control tower of mindspace called the mothership - in metaphysics this point is the crystal of conscious awareness this is the observer-light co-ordinator the feminine principle of the god-head - she is both gaia our natural mother and galaxia our spiritual mother - she is the cosmic womb in which microscopic and megascopic worlds are nurtured and born first to collide then to converge into the unified field

the mothership of consciousness is like a huge balloon or atom that gets all blown up and equipped for the next portion of her infinite journey by her cosmic lover the central sun - during her gestation period she goes into a wrinkle in time and ends up fully extended ready to give birth to the galactic human - then she does a mega-pop and love congeals all her microparts in gravity - the same is true for all the human microparts within the mega balloon she is the great intelligent magnetic nimbus in which the carbon based earth floats

the word mothership equates with the holy barque of the ancient eloha and elohim - this great mind-ship sails the cosmic sea ad. infinitum - our latest voyage into space and time nears completion as we emerge from the patriarchal era (+1) which governed the forward thrust of evolution with subjectivity into the yin yang era of perfect male-female equity

this is how the stabilizer of life manifests - we learn to love our neighbour as ourself - subjectivity - me first - and objectivity - all is one - held in balance

all things come from one and to one all things return - before omnipotent mind matter is as unstable as feathers in a volcano - star ship earth passes back to its point of origin after undergoing a spiritual purification - this is the horus effect - it is like passing through the fiery furnace - the central sun

this is where direct light communication disintegrates obsolete subjectivity and useless parts are discarded - but all the good is saved and carried forward - then all the good parts of the old world are re-assembled at a higher level of consciousness and efficiency than ever before known to man

receptivity to light opens the stargate - (desire discipline spiritual humility) - the exit-entrance window into the unified feild

once the first neu molecules have completed their run through the transmutation vortex and popped into the feild they act as a rapid healing stimulant - like white cells in a diseased bloodstream and it is much easier for the rest of the people to follow through

the formerly narrow path becomes a highway en route from entry to exit - the critical path covers global strategy & tactics for the whole earth transformation - the mirror has a solid platform based on photographic evidence proven performance and legal cement - the process moved from thesis through anti-thesis to synthesis - it is backed by solid evidence - try it

the initial thesis pre-supposes that earth is a single organism - that an omniscient male function impressed a single bubble or female atom and impregnated this cosmic womb with the original idea of a complete genesis the big bang - then within the closed circuitry of the cosmic womb (time warp/time capsule) tremendous activity takes place until the neu citizen (millions of humane molecules) is born as fission becomes fusion

the result is guidance in matter - incarnate in millions of its human microparts and particle waves of informative thought begin to inundate the old system - this builds into a tidal wave of light

this same theory ponders that the same omniscient male function could repeat its connubial activities in millions of other female planetary systems to produce intelligent life which might appear totally different from mankind due to the maternal planetary environment - but the life spark would be the same

it is quite logical therefore that any such older brothers and sisters would come to help out their half-brethren when the cosmic egg of this planetary system was due to hatch - there are reams of soft and hard evidence

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