specilaized streams

enter the arklite hall of mirrors - each reflection is filled with multidimensional data - by learning key combinations we unlock the principles of magical thought

every true human being is on this inner quest - helping in establishing the unified field on planet earth is the name of the game - it means coming face to face with ones ultimate selfhood - the master of the universe in full conscious awareness of the master game

specialized streams of intelligence and influence have sought for this solution across the ages of man - but the book of cosmic law defines the successful candidates - blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see god - there is no good and evil only the degrees of light and darkness essential to make the game-plan crystal clear

(+1) = pan = bul = loki = black light = satan = dalua (the great fool in celtic tradition) = the snake in the garden of eden = the devil and his daemons = baphomet = sulphur = the mib (men in black) = irresistable force = hells own worm = mobie screen = lord of the initiation = electron in its generating phase = lord of the galaxy

(+1) is in a state of constant fission on the centrifugal run from a - z of the great work - the opponent is the immovable

(-1) = jhvh = jah = universal law = cosmis infrastructurre = rock of ages = brahma = the beam = inviolable magnetics = jod tetragrammaton = which apply when the life cycle of the electron runs out and the strong nuclear force becomes the weak - this is when yin the silent observer starts to yang =

= abrahadabra = (+1)+(-1)=0 = matched pairs of particles fuse = the two returns to one = osiris rises from the dead (remember osiris is a black god) = coming forth by day = cosmic changeover = qwiff pop = quantum wave function = second coming of the light = implosion = the mirror lights up

once we understand this master codex transmutation mechanisms abound along with challenges matched to ones unique capabilities and self-chosen bar-code - this reflections codings permit us to target the various specialized streams essential for a smooth transition from darkness to light - each spiritual being has been placed in the perfect position to fulfil their destiny and assume their commission at the speed of light at this ending of time

here is where we loop the loop into a new dimension with the help of the four beasts at the foot of the throne - now the subjective ego flips to serve the spiritual mind - its eagle eye is alert for solutions large and small - its courageous lion is ready to take on anything - its bullish pulling power is multiplied by the true wills motivation and so gains power - all ego's wealth of resourcefulness and integrative human intelligence flips from serving 666 evil as we pass through the mirror to 999 live for the mutual benefit of all

every rivulet every stream and every river of thought has its mountain peak of consciousness at abrahadabra - in closing circuits for specialized streams we cater to their specific mountain peak of conscious awareness (objectivity) not our own subjective view

the mirror has a complete arsenal of light medium and heavy artillery to cover all situations - it gives the spiritual mind the capability to handle the most stubborn resistance factors - in making contact with a specialized stream it is important to close each circuit - this calls for an ongoing sense of divine discrimination - a couple of pertinent reflections modified where necessary to suit the need can synchronize fission to fusion in any target in any specialized stream if played with your inner genius and delivered with all the love you have to give

then there are those caught up in the web of the old political system the social system the legal system the educational system the military system the medical diagnostic system the media system - as you think let there be light so it will be

becoming an overt agent is the most exciting thing that can every happen to you - it means polishing all your skills including those of diplomacy - discretion sometimes demands an initial covert introduction until the ice has been broken because love is kind - light is not aggressive it simply occupies the place where darkness dwells

immediately before the fusion of the lower and higher (subjective/objective) mind has been achieved by looking carefully into the inner chamber you will see the old egotistical mind jumping around like a cat on a hot tin roof - you can see this happening daily in mainstream media - leaders are hopping around throwing excuses into the arena - it is very much like the concept of the symbolic and sacred bullfight

pan is an incredible all-powerful being - respect him and his service to the tree of life - take no excuses no bullshit - accept only cruelty-free products be a smart shopper eat food raised on the principles of enhancement and glorification of the natural giver of life - reject anything that detracts from the basic rights of all life forms to live in harmony with the environment and to die only for a good and just cause

as disciples of pan we support the animal rights the water rights and all the various rght to life issues designed to make gaia queen - demand that pan-doras box of woes are aired before the world - this includes such items as the cutting down of trees without proper recognition of the gift of the spirit of the tree and all plant life likewise

as incognito members of the unified forces we will start a pan-demic - we had to go one step further than the thought-power of the ego-beast to tease and torment it right to the end of the beastly thought - ego runs faster and faster under this spiritual onslaught - then suddenly it sprouts wings and takes off in its maiden golden eagle spiritual flight - what an experience

in one torture-prison camp in bosnia one of the guards who had formerly been a human being was heard to say if there is a god i thank you for letting me do this torturing - but we are not into the business of an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth - rather - though your sins are scarlet they shall be white as snow - by the redemptive power of the precious blood which unites us as one - so it is when dealing with specialized streams - all rivers run to the sea but as the representative of god the lover it is correct to avoid waving a red rag at the bull when you can keep him sniffing flowers - the kindest way to kill ego is with his nose in a pail of his favourite oats

for example - when you turn the mirror of mind to focus on the holy mother and the whole auric field of this christian symbology to become a total convert and disciple of our arcane lady - one can sit for hours singing her praises with the members of this or any other specialized stream

it is the same with ganesh and guruda these wondrous creatures from the arcane world of india - all of this delight is genuine - no favourites except when a specific situation calls for invoking a special one of them - love them all alike - applaud each molecule of creation

a key injunction to all initiates

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