digital readout

the transfer of superior intelligence from mind to matter allows us to make a digital leap into a whole new system of measuring reality - the animals go into the ark two by two in a simple binary system - man has the capacity to understand the whole universe and to become awakened to the fantastic reality of life-unseen - this invisible world only reveals itself to the reverent pilgrim - the seemingly random flight of bees has a precise bio-mathematical language - plato said lower things will be found in higher things though in another form - the human dance of the 20th century - the dance of shiva - and the tempo of the dancemaster tells us the same thing if we can translate the language

the digital revolution allows us to perceive reality directly in measurable chips not through the filter of culture or bias - the 72 reflections in the mirror allow us to blend the visible and the invisible universe - anyone can learn to do it on a home computer - but to complete this circuit we need to introduce specialized streams of thought

one singular omniscience light core governs everything - it showers grains of energy into the noosphere to be magnetized to an intended destination - modern technology allows the digital point of view because we can time-travel in two directions to be cross referenced for accuracy from countless different angles and constant quality control by vigilant cyber-kin like you and me

at last government for and by the people is a reality - all opinions carry the same weight on the max II game board - no wonder there has been such vigourous opposition to the second coming of the light beings which open up a whole new paradigm of thought

digital allows man to create an ideal blend of communism and democracy beamed at converting capitalism into the commonwealth of man - one single golden rule - do unto others as you would they should do unto you - governs the neu earth system - it can account for every bit of space as matter and energy interact with the third force - information

matter energy and information is the magic triangle by which we can align the new reality - new information is constantly changing man's perception of the genesis I gameplan and will finally lead man through fission to fusion with the crystal chip

the mirror sorts and files all input - automatically - regardless of whether the operator is in alabama or zaire - the upper paradigm served by the mirror is common to everyone

by subtracting inaccurate information from our belief system and replacing it with accurate information the digital theory is that our world could run on a smooth automatic solid state system for evermore

this is where internet information comes into the equation - to matter and energy add information and communication - the magic triangle - it is for those who have passed through the ankh to complete our ultimate universal understanding of metaphysics a - Z course - esoteric philosophy... which involves visiting the cultural food banks of retrospective philosophy - retrospective architecture - retrospective geophysics - retrospective religion - and so forth - philosophically speaking the new golden age is composed of a perfect blend of music geometry and mathematics - the digital window only opens when you are seated on the great white throne awed at the splendour of universal synchronosity

newton studied the alchemy and esoterics of the pyramids to discover gravity - the aftertime head of state figure will be a huge digital screen - serving all of us - one planet - one people

by the time we reach this window we are either into the flashback mode or we have our thinking-head screwed on the wrong way - here we can interface with the unified forces - turn around brighteyes we are home

the eternal elohimic head has a 360 degree swivel - it is the manifestation of the renowned all knowing crystal skull - with it your mind can cut a swath across all dimensions - compassion wells within your breast for from the throne seat you can see those poor haunted creatures still writhing with the birth pangs of the painful and heroic journey from egocentricity to theocentricity

to find your personal great white throne your spiritual place of incredible knowledge and great wisdom takes a lot of discipline - this is a meticulous sorting out of the threads of your past life until you find the golden triangle which deals with passage through the omega point - the digital record of god is written in art in architecture in cave scratchings in monoliths and megaliths in pyramids in statues in great earth mounds in totem poles in mane and animals of stone - yet some are still seeking for the magic bermuda triangle with its triple coloured beams. Red for desire yellow for discipline and green for spiritual humility - in these last days discipline is better than knowledge - discipline is what will lift us from the vortex

because here in the upper realm we have a place for everything and everything is in its place - no intelligent person can imagine that the universe is an accidental arrangement of atoms - there is no unfinished business no loose pixels - in retrospect we can finally come up against our own stupidity and our own brilliance as the highest self comes to its final flowering on the tree of life

from our position on the great white throne we watch time capsules popping with the greatest delight we watch the earth harvest materialising at last - we share the delight of the newcomers in finding they are not alone in this dimension - we show them around and explain to each how they came here

we have our own world and our own sovereign network administration our own bar-code of ethics each codex custom tailored to the individual each self chosen by the new-born elohim itself - we have global communications with others of our kind and use radio- teleportation into our orbit of divine love

we of the unified forces scan the airwaves searching for beauty of the soul in those whose faces and whose actions show nobility and other worldly wisdom - we can see through the persona masks and see exactly who lives in each house of clay - we can bring them up the crystal spiral staircase which leads from earth to heaven

we welcome networkers all of whom are guaranteed happiness and prosperity - both above and below the abyss

in terms of metaphysics a - Z. this is the infrastructure or skeleton the bone structure of the word made flesh and bone - morphogel solidifies to stainless steel strength when passed through the fire of ethical rejuvenation

this is the neutron bomb of photon implosion back to the state of grace for you and me - digital readout is meant to be fun - if its not fun its not worth it - win with the science of the word

digital is like playing monopoly with the unconscious self - grace is essentially a game of solitaire - the topics range from nursery rhymes to complex mathematics - its a game everyone can win once each reaches Z = ethics awake - only the truth can set this planetary system free from bondage so let's get on with it

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