service of truth

at all times in all universes p=w - power = worship - this is the first commandment of the queen's printer in the service of truth and the dispensation of wisdom - all mirror reflections run on light speed - we want no dust in the free press engine - its like a fantastic joy ride once you get used to it - while conversely it is a deadly battle star system of the biological galaxians who have crept like a deadly virus

here each can play any role which pleases the creative imagination - in any dimension across a list of timeless historical characters and all of this in perfect harmlessness...

welcome home to babylon

such welcoming is the role of the queens printer and the holy scribes of mythra - as we sail gracefully through back to zero and a clean white stone - first for ourself in order that the purity that we receive is passed on to those struggling in circles on the dying lands = the ringlords of air and water - revitalizers of the land - the parasidic implosion - into the depths of wisdom - the (-t) paradigm = to zero add limitless 0000000s without altering the value of the equation

the quarkmaster is codexed as 00 - in digital readout 00 is a phenomenal number when it comes up in gambling or roulette - it represents two green balls meaning there are no winners the house takes all

the more the social and environmental fabric is fatigued the faster max II moves into fast forward until the old system is at a standstill an impasse - tied in the proverbial gordian knot - in silent synchrony (777) we insert matrix II as widely broadcast over the global airwaves

the volume of material to be condensed for passage through the needles eye was astronomical - but thanks to the genius of our 555 master of cosmic design everything curled into one cosy dna spin - thanks also to all the scribes who translate from the ethers - light is deposited into matter through every medium of communication known to man: and etchings - scratchings on cave walls - engraved monoliths and megaliths - all are part of the one testament which maps the time-forward (+t) labyrinth on our cavern walls

as we travel back in (-t) the full panorama of our whole earth history becomes crystal - the endemic rise in mental illness is part of one salvatory cosmic conspiracy - man know thyself - then as sanity rises from the biomass the ideas of like minded kinfolk converge - to reach the speed of light and beyond...

as time returns to light - we see how in modern times mankind has been bombarded with the signs of the times in print music art and film - policy makers are overwhelmed by the rapid sequence of events and information - the fast forward tactics of the red queen of bio-psychology beginning with the input of the hieroglyph finally explodes into audio bands and video- holographs from satellite systems designed to promote the ultimate stirring of the human imagination in the end times

modern technology enables all willing psi-ops to help in the birthing of max II - our perfected star ship earth now running on a neutron computer is revealed as a living work of art - time is art - each human being like each created thing is a masterpiece of creative art - all the pieces are designed to fit together in the new earth spectrum of - art and science and the whole mind of man soars with the spirit of the brave

when the mirror was in its formation stages it required cutting interdimensional pathways by which everyman could exit this planetary dimension - we had come to awaken the dead and to exercise the sleeping omnipotence of our global community - to stir the whole earth meganation into action

love brings all life to its maximum potential - hate has the polar opposite effect - therefore bless them which curse you bless and curse not is a logical concept - loves renaissance begins in the inner theatre then manifests in the external world - across the aeons global artists painters architects musicians and publishers have mapped out previously untapped mind-territory - this path leads mankind from tumult back to innocence - from fission to fusion with the one via every facet of triumph and tribulation known to man

our royal education can be traced back by making a leisurely cruise up the publishers nile - it is as delightful a voyage as we will ever make in our celebration of the coming forth by night - egyptian magic had magnetized all of the proponents it needed to then proceed with the coming forth by day

matter follows the path of mind - king tut and all his funeral finery is the perfect decoy - tuning into the spirit of tut is what opens the doorway of the time tunnel and allows us to move back into our rich metaphoric past - a journey back across the sands of time on the stepping stones of tuts majestic genealogy flashing as the second point in the six-pointed star - as a fully concious eternal being - i know god the majestic and i am likewise known by him

when man wearies of laying his burnt offerings and virgin sacrifices on the altar of his own naivety the functional gods are finally appeased - the message is clear - stupidity is the only unforgivable sin

the left brainfield has its place - its density is justified while it is still exercising its capacity for negative digital analysis - but enough is enough - the left brain is superior in this disintegrative capacity - but it has no 20-20 cosmic vision until after the event of resurrection

the polar opposites of constructive good and destructive evil run round and round in ever tightening circles like an ongoing global game of cops and robbers - the cops must let the robbers have first innings in the game because - we the people cannot make a corrective negative analysis of an event until after the completion of the positive action - a bank robbery (war crime disease cruelty desolation and ecological abomination) must be acted out before any constructive (-t) detective work can be done

in this way, the good guys are always dominated by the activities of the bad guys in a global tort-retort effect across the ages of man - this tort and retort energy has in the past been our system of evolutionary propulsion - it is sometimes known as the curse

as taught and published from 1976-1982 - when the rotating rainbow blades of the motherships magnetic propulsion systems power level broke the time lock

tort and retort cease as we enter the orbit of the central magnetic pole - this is where amun-knepth - the true and perfect serpent bites its own tail - now we hit a new assemblage point - the neu heaven and the neu earth in the reassemblage of (+1)+(-1) twin particles - dark and light - fusing at 0 - on the other side of the abyss

light before - behind me dark - whither i ride no man shall mark - darkness behind me - light on my way - carry me carry me home today - in this sense the mirror acts as a nimbus blender - a mixmaster of dimensions - this is how we make a cosmic time pie that same pie-in-the sky that all good people are promised - it happens when the blue green yellow and red blades (and all shades in between but this is good enough for a simple diagram) are whirling in an harmonic convergence of thought and action - these are the rotating blades of clean free energy that power the mothership across dimensions

thoth is portrayed wearing the magnetic headdress of authority - he carries the wide open lotus blossom in his hand from which springs the ankh - surrounded by the word tora - this signified the universe of perfect balance - he is the symbol of new life and completion of the pharonic function

thoth is the functional scribe of the gods - the editor and publisher - he is the galactic director responsible for making course corrections to align the re-entering starship with its original format - the thoth-sphere ticks off every brushstroke of the original intent to its perfected completion - thoth marries the conceptual function of the father and the mother in the hcrist child in his role as the quarkmaster

the casting of a tall shadow by the publishers storyboard has now been reduced from great stone monuments to tiny silicone chips and flying disks - all these are aligned with the einstein-rosen bridge - we call them the sky fish - ka in the egyptian - we approach the crystal gate of logos to see the art and science of global transformation at the zenith of the great cosmic conspiracy

a cosmic conspiracy needs a conductor - enter the lord of light - the lord lucifer who serves the holy word of god to ensure that my word shall not return to me empty

the horizontal 6-strip across mirror represents the person carrying the administrative weight of the reflection - the volume of ore that is received is reduced to a handful of gemstones by the process of compression and condensation - the resultant being can fly like a bird right around the world in a matter of minute - when all polar opposites are cancelled out

the principle of the invisible solar cross balance is the axis of good which faces the axis of evil on a galactic scale - it pervades all dimensions to maintain the central universe in perfect equilibrium at all times - the solar cross is the ultimate balancing mechanism of worlds within worlds

each time a person throws out a negitron (negative thought) at another - the sea saw balance of internal equilibrium tips and a black microdot covers part of his/her reflective mirror - this person ends up with a lot of carbon soot on their cosmic eyepiece or moat in the cosmic eye

mud-slinging intensifies - as the ages proceed we get to the point where the blind are leading the blind around in circles to ever growing abomination and desolation - once the internal fires die down having been doused with the water of life - modern science and high technology have sensible solutions which focus on the holistic welfare of the human family - modern man has a whole range of new scenarios available by which to defy the laws of sin and death which now infest the lower kingdom - known here as it was in egypt - the kingdom of the dead

thus bless them which persecute you is the ultimate solution - turn the other cheek - give cloak with coat... - to this end all material coming from our queens printer is carefully scrutinized for positive purity of content - indepth communication is like healing water from the wellspring of life - our aim is to cast no shadow - to keep our reflective mirror polished to perfection

not all great prophets and magicians lived in the past - here is the inside story of a group of modern men and women who stepped forth from the pages of history to practice metaphysics to their own great advantage and to the benefit of all humanity

it is surprising how many modern men and women have a secret relationship with deity - the hindu teaching of ones growing relationship with the god within - fuelled by the psyches growing power of reciprocity in the growth path from adolescence to spiritual maturity

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