the score

kingship is traditionally sent down from on high and 1993 is no exception - when that which is perfect is come its game-over for that which is in part - one flawless cosmic mirror provides a backdrop for error correction of all other parts - as the mothership took off in september 1973 the fabric crumbled - the old kingdom seemed like straws blowing in the wind after a nuclear explosion - it was like the flapping canvas backdrop in an old fashioned pantomime - there were many witnesses who experienced this effect - behind the canvas was another scene exactly like the first but of a substance less dense than matter - the trees were brighter more translucent - our whole dimension is covered in a veil - an intellectual shroud of pre-coded separation from the real world - the veil is held in place by icons

the flaw on our cosmic mirror vanishes as we go to the end of the thought about god and life - this is the prized a-z-cosmology grade in metaphysics - going to the end of the thought means examining all crucial and controversial issues in every level of the parallel social natural and spiritual bands and definitively closing each circuit

the solution comes up as a return to dynastic theocracy - god-man has far greater freedom balanced with a far-far greater responsibly for his own domestic affairs in matters of birth death and the husbandry of planetary life - this is the middle pillar aspect - each generation is responsible for its continuity of and keeping the principle of abundant life on track

as the smoke of her burning dies away we enter the temple of infinity - divine love is the catalyst - one drop turns the waters of humanity into individualized crystal chips

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