refurbish eden

those who manipulated the organized habits and opinions of the masses constituted an invisible government which was the true ruling power on earth - by now it is clear to see that the social fabric and the natural fabric of the planet disintegrates simultaneously - this happens in conjunction with the disintegration of the spiritual fabric of each family culture and nation - planet planning begins by recognizing first priorities and understanding that love is the glue that holds this triple synchromesh together

obsession with strictly physical values has blocked out the light of reason and emphasis on real human values - this must change - when our natural and spiritual dualities are balanced the social life of earth will come to order - planet planning starts with a clean white stone a new beginning a regenesis at a higher scale of evolution than we have ever known before

by pulling the old dragons teeth of knife-words which spring up like a forest of razor blades to perpetrate the sychotronic war between nations (however sophisticated diplomatic or ingratiating their presentation) we fulfil the first consideration in efficient mutually beneficial planet planning - we are one life - that one life is threatened and it needs every bit of the strength that we can give to it

the power shift from the existing hierarchy to the neue word order begins where soft flower petals replace sharp dragons teeth - the old man of the woods will fade away - it is a matter of breaking free from the illusion that the softer individual is powerless caught in the vice-like grip of dark yesterdays - power is information in the hands of people who acknowledge that divine love is the supra ordinate factor

this is how we bring the story of bauty and the beast to a happy ending and get on with the neu world - the tooth (word) is a key mystical symbol in the major arcana - the beauty of the arcane world is that it relies on tones and symbolic images rather than the dragon's teeth of words that keep the old dinosaur hopping - where the violent political system becomes extinct overnight

the rebellion ends with people claiming people power - each one can identify their specific territory and grasp his/her full range of talents to wield his/her spear of destiny - when there are no rules there is a triumph of uncertainty - uncertainty creates both monsters and an aimless drifting of persons with no anchor in the rock of ages

this brings an end to drifting like a ship without a rudder - a maturated planetary person thinks in terms of mastering the spheres of energy and influence surrounding him - once one becomes aware these are easy to identify - by having a place for everything and everything in its place a certain glow of satisfaction clears the decks for action and for the expansion of one's sphere of influence

procrastination is the "drag-on" in the garden of eden - for it leads to apathy and apathy is death to all that's good - by beginning every sentence with phrases like our lady indicates that such and such is beneficial for creation" (i.e. our lady indicates that pollution is not in the interest of life or in her wisdom our lady indicates that rain forests are mutually beneficial to plant animal and human life) we use the name of our lady when dealing with planet planning in the natural realm

our lord had suggestions concerning the renewal of spiritual life which in no way indicates partiality to any special group or denomination, i.e. direct democracy will revitalize earth's political system - liberty depends on justice - justice is indivisible; justice for one is justice for all - birthright and responsibility go hand in hand - a penny saved is a penny earned - correction of all earth's social woes goes hand in hand with spiritual correction

planet planning ranges from efficiency in the smallest detail in the local area to the most complex scale of planetary values - in the classroom of the mothership we began by taking a clear blue flimsy placing it over an outline of the clean white stone of the now vacant planet and remaking it as if from a moon-base - this blue flimsy is like an encyclopedia of the world's natural resources and shows how much life each area can support in terms of plant animal and human life all of which are inter-dependent

then a green flimsy is placed over the white stone earth - this is the green nimbus showing the growth and wealth of culture and learning in each region and the riches that each tribe has contributed to the whole global encyclopedia of knowledge - art science construction and architecture are all the classical values which must be restored as part of the akashic record of our journey into space and time

the yellow flimsy covers the super data highways of the new administration of essential goods and services - here is where the commercial experts get their digital head together for the mutual benefit of all mankind - common legal medical financial commercial educational and security system can all be worked out in our global multimedia encyclopedia - yellow also standardizes equipment so that all parts are interchangeable

the red flimsy shows the progress upgrading and ongoing celebration of the neu earth era

those who get right into planet planning often find that possession and possessions go hand in hand - as the light of the new day dawns intangible values replace tangible values - for it is intangible values that will decide the mind's final resting place and its ongoing destination - time space and energy spent in the lower realms of matter - is a mind-tool the brief opportunity to function in the world of form

earthly possessions are a two-way street: they are often a drag except for those functional items which speed the true me to my cosmic destiny i.e. a car for physical mobility a computer for mind mobility a telephone for communication,and the essentials for smooth functioning in the material world - a bed a roof suitable clothing etc

identity strength is often hampered by material tendrils used to mask identity weaknesses and enhance the ego - the straight and narrow path which the light force decrees is the best procedure - sucking vortexes lie in wait for the traveller through multiple dimensions attractions which get the mind off-track and off-goal - many voices seek to magnetize one's life energy onto personal altars while treading the path to perfection - these must become a no-no

planet planning is a yin-yang operation - (+1)+(-1) held at a constant zero - we have seen the potential depth of the bottomless pit - we can see how the deep primordial forces of natural man - yang - was pre-existent in the human psyche as the means by which the forward thrust of human evolution is fuelled during the passage from genesis to the neu era

now at the dawning of the age of reason we see the great white throne descending from the sky - as the mists of time clear we see the total spectrum of the master of the universe - yin-yang god and satan are the cosmic lovers and they are one - their calculations are very precise - they work as a team in planet planning until the centrifugal out-thrust is completed and the centripetal whirl of energy begins - the universe unfolds as it should

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