restore the habitat

once earth is gone it is gone forever - any cell that fails to be self cleansing is doomed to die of its own accumulated excretion - any planetary body that fails to be self cleansing is doomed to die likewise - it has happened to other star systems - man is on the razors edge of a similar disaster from which there is no return - the air pipes and water pipes of the old earth civilization have completely crumbled - from the old ruins we are bombarded with empty rhetoric that goes round and round in circles - like a dying man in the desert as corporate systems die of their own pollution

pure life water should flow from the top of the political pyramid to water the parched grass roots - instead we get to drink their urine - no one thinks to tackle the real problems when prancing around the political mulberry bush gets more media attention - this is a splendid device to avoid facing the issues

this endless soap opera may be fun for the actors as it does wonders for ego - but for the audience the show is increasingly boring - half of the observers have given up and gone home long ago

the idea of good is the universal politic - we take an objective look at our common habitat and bring it up to maximum specifications for the common good

by placing a white earth on the drawing board and placing various coloured flimsies representing the different interactive systems - levitron biotron megatron etc which go to make up our habitat over this clean white-stone globe

the final flimsy in this series was the diverse cultural cloak of many colours - the effect was stunning - if it makes it any easier we can play it as if earth is the moon and we are cosmonaughts on a star trek about to bring a new and perfect life style to the bare bones of the vacant moon - it is wonderful to see how history repeats itself it seems we have played this theme before

the leaders of the earth all goodly men and wise with the wisdom of the assemble for the pre-assault process on the clean white stone of the moon - or if you prefer we can be moon-men contemplating the perfect society we plan to build on planet earth - its six of one and half a dozen of the other either way

to gain the approval and reap the benefit of the whole global population as the wise men - we set up a screen in the house of the league of nations for each country will want its fair share of the about-to-be-colonized moon - we will guarantee no loss of cultural identity in the new moon system - we can not risk any of the old earth imperfections either

to this end we have used our invisible microwave oven to kill off the essential evolutionary virus which has plagued mankind since the gods came to develop our whole earth civilization - we call this our eye of horus technique - our earth-gods are the newest specie and the pride of the galaxy - we are using our most precious possession to visualize our dream of perfection - the cyclopean eye - eye of thoth

when our flat-moon project is complete we turn it into a white globe and suspend it from the ceiling on a string - we then surround it with a geodesic dome and flash it from millions of global computer screens

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