planet X

planet X is where all the magnetic vectors come together around a fulcrum point - the cosmic play was born of a single perfect idea in the mind of the creator - it is designed to climax in a single rapturous solution which encompasses total happiness and fulfilment for every living thing - planet X results from the chain reaction of goodwill by co-creators in the implementation of the divine plan

it will culminate in the wedlock of dimensions wherein worlds visible and invisible work together in an unrestrained harmonious and equitable symbiotic relationship = planet X denotes a return to an integrated solid circuit

this is the completion circuit of harvest desire - two shall be standing in the field one taken the other lost - the form talents culture nationality age or education of these people has nothing to do with ascension - it is all in the spin

the animals go in two by two is a binary system of sexual equality - the egocentric spin is separative while the theocentric spin is cohesive - it is a matter of knowing self love - there is no way we can love our neighbour as ourself until we ourselves know self love

planet X means in passing through gateway we see earth as the crystal scoured with magnetic grooves - the people in some of the grooves still move in the red centrifugal orbit others have flipped to the blue centripetal grooves as the crystal draws them in - the supra ordinate factor

earths' journey from confusion to fusion is defined in light and heat circuits - light is fire without heat - these are identified as red and blue squares in the egyptian graphics of the throne of osiris - in each of the hot squares, there are light points rising like the tips of icebergs from the heat of the battle in places where the smoke of the burning has blown away - we pass through as cool and balanced functional units

heat turns to light at the end of the world at the completion of the life cycle of the electron - nationalism and other hypnotic cult-type devices are used by a super national planetary elite to convert light into heat to serve their own purpose - heat such as the surface people have been experiencing is a means whereby our cosmic education is completed

across the ages of man - planetary titans have diverted the good will of the honest mass into negative energy via negative propaganda in order that the people are reduced to robots kept under control to serve the planetary titans - they use people as flame throwers to be aimed at some imagined enemy who is in reality their fellow man

propaganda diversionary tactics draw attention from internal corruption and the crumbling of the inner nation - black holes in a national fabric are synonymous with the rise of each national leaders' arrogance towards other men - so much for democratic selection

this is reflected in the myth of the bloodsucking vampires - a national vampire lives off the virginal blood of the critical mass - it serves anti christ the force of darkness sin and death

victory is all in the spin - our spin is what enables us to see through the veil of the illusion into the real world the crysatl chip can help us turn vast territories into postage stamp size - planet X so to speak - it works like a two way telescope with the capacity to magnify or minimize

we can locate hot targets by means of our thermal temperature vizor then start dousing the places where the fire is dying down - this thermographic spectrograph is used to conserve energy - when an aeroplane flies over an area with this spotting device the negative of the film it takes indicates where heat is escaping from a sealed unit - its like making a diagnostic auragraph of the holistic earth

the millions of people on earth are extensions of expression for the force of the zeitgeist - the will of the people to peace and prosperity is the greatest power on earth - for this is in accord with the will of the one of singular power majesty wisdom love justice and mercy

the thrill of functional perfection is the viewpoint - as the glory unfolds mind gets so caught up in ecstasy that the body can walk right through the mirror and into the neu world - were it not for the flaw in the cosmic mirror an error in human perception there would have been no material world as we know it - the reason for the flaw becomes obvious - no flaw no possibility of a higher degree of evolutionary perfection

during the intake process the purity and dynamic tension of the fabric of each order of starseeds has been tested for functional perfection - this is done by the standard bearer of the industry on behalf of the synthetic one - the expansion and constriction to silence of having to speak about what you know in order to restore an orderly universe is the test of the masters

metaphorically speaking in the beginning it was just a flat sheet of magnetic graph paper (-1), and a flickering holograph (+1) - then the moving finger wrote the story of an irresistible force (+1) and an immovable object (-1) which together represent divine love in the perfect equilibrium of mind and matter

the robe of cultural purity is a cell clusters (cults) most prized possession - it must be jealously guarded to maintain its peak perfection across time as is taught by the ancients - for personal and cultural purity manifests as a unique and living signpost a monumental work of art set in the eternal tapestry

in the patchwork-quilt effect of the planet X synchromesh we can see that each culture has lent its kingdom to the beast for putrification en route to purification - check the rear view mirror of your cultural stream for the details

we watch the phoenix rising - each of its feathers is a unique and living brush stroke of magnificent rainbow hues - it is pure light expressed through many prisms in terms that can be understood - life's fission ends in fusion - the master of dimensions accepts the pearl from the full blown rose of conscious awareness

welcome to planet X the caption reads - the magnetic grooves that cover the fields of planet X are like subway tubes/air lanes to valhalla - once you have shovelled out the debris your grooves come up clean and shining like tubular bells - they carry you far from the babble of roof brain chatter where idle words go round and round about more and more things with less and less meaning - this is how nature recycles civilizations in the back parlour of the natural mind

the process of disassembling the old noah's ark discarding the dross and reassembling things of value seems to take a long time - scripture forewarns us against getting weary and exhorts us to stay alert at all times - for they/we must probe to the deepest level of density to see what kind of old fossils we can find under the moral rubble of our crumbling civilization

like a steel ball inside a computer game bouncing around the labrynth hitting the walls then bouncing back again - the weighty steel ball tripped the lights as it rolled around inside the megatron groove - now the rear lights and the front lights of your craft switch on simultaneously - you have one the pinball game

on crystal planet X we see that each epoch has come into full bloom in the statement of its art - crystal vision takes over, drawing us closer and closer to the image of the neu world - here gravity wanes and magnetics take over

we can float like a ball of light in the upper groove and see how the lower world runs on steel ballbearings in centrifugal motion - a transmutation process from the centrifugal to the centripetal groove of infinite wisdom takes place as we pass right through the middle world

we become locked into our personal carrier signal - our craft switches gears from manual to automatic drive - science seeks et out there but we live in here - the elevator principle of levitron can both lift us up or take us down to visit mingle with and infiltrate the darkness of the surface realm

the inner world is built of principles based on the geodesic dome - the internal infrastructure of planet X runs on magnetic synchromesh - the master architects who were dropped upstream in time translated inner radio signals into an electromagnetic spectrum of light points and ley lines - new empire architects use the same matrix - hot and cold spots can be located with a visual dowsing rod - before becoming a citizen of planet X each cosmic cadet takes his/her gross experience apart removes the negative elements then polishes the pieces and puts it back together like a rebuilt motor - spiritual rebirth comes in a draft of the elixir of the gods - this is a subtle world where dreams come true - it happens on a micro-macro-mega level

on planet X sky-logic and earth logic blend as a single sun-moon reflection - this harmonious convergence ends the ongoing debate of what is right and what is wrong what to do and what not to do to fix things - solid state harmonics - this is the tetragrammaton manifest

now that the crystal of atlantis is safely through the ankh our phallic fealty to the lord of light has moved from thought to deed - nobility is expressed in deeds - we have pierced the tender heartspace of and entered therein in the culmination of the solar-phallic ceremony of the ages - the sky-earth gods and their peoples are reborn into 20th century mindspace

the mirror opens and closes like a folded parachute or umbrella - by culling all the negative deadwood in the brain we build our tower of power pass through the ankh then our new mind opens like a helium filled balloon - this view wipes out existing borderlines and we see one crystal earth awaiting new inhabitants

citizens of planet X apply the law of conservation of energy - upon the arrival of the first sky beings the surface of planet earth was mapped out into specific operational territories with magnetic ley lines much like a covering geodesic dome

as elders we will find the common denominator by which to save the world - the youthful tides of chemical dominance and animal aggression are washed away - elders of any race or creed are citizen of two worlds - crystal-visioned elders can appreciate the value of a scenario in which democratic national satellites orbit around a central league of nations

global tensions will evaporate like mist in the morning sun - we dismantle the iron walls of existing national borders and turn regions into positive energy spheres - as big as the common will chooses or as small as postage stamps - each like a moon reflecting back its cultural glory to the central sun

planet X represents the ultimate triumph of territorial integrity and conservation of energy by the use of superlative human intelligence and mind magic - the conservation of energy involved is not thousands of light years ahead of man's present capacity but readily at hand within the mirror - through this window we can see the polished jewel of earth as she evolves to being planet X and the advent of the glorious race

move over lords of darkness - the sea-saw effect is done - all the nagging doubts of guilt and negativity the left-hand black balls of gravitational drag fly out of the rear end of the mothership as the magnetic field tugs the white balls over the right hand side to tip the balance

planet X is our starships' destination - the synchronosity of the invisible magnetic and the visible material worlds - for a brief moment in time the world stands still - then the magnetic force field starts moving in the opposite direction due to the interpenetration and over-riding magnetism of the second planet and the whole earth is lifted into a new dimension

to understand the parallel or second planet principle imagine that you have passed through the exit and find yourself suspended in space by a silken parachute - there is an invisible isotope line between each parachute and not a breath of wind disturbs the spread of your white linen as with all her microdots aligned the crustal earth we all rise up to source

every mirror master knows his/her own silk parachute territory and is responsible for the mastery of his\her own turbulence - not a ruffle of a breeze can affect the stillness of the atom - the ship that we have built now goes from being like a shrunken little bubble to a great mega balloon - this is where the stillness of your meter needle and thermographic specs comes in - the thermonuclear war within is over

nature taps her baton - the faster faster little feet command makes waves and turbulence - all turbulence then gets pushed down the line not up the line within each territory - likewise serenity moves up the line as the war of light vs darkness concludes

the magnetic tug of the invisible crystal planet X has been playing havoc with our civilization - it has manifested in the horror of so-called ethnic cleansing - there is a place where our genetic roots are planted and the pulling up of these underground root people or ethnic energies is very strong

the urge for one tribe to override another to gain more territorial stature has been going on across the ages of man - it is a fools game - in life we are the surface people who live and walk on the surface of the earth - but reams of evidence will confirm that there are other intelligences involved with human conduct - the sooner we wake up to the fact that these intelligences will not rest until they are heard, the sooner we can enjoy a rapturous life on planet X

life on the crystal planet X is serene - no one can disturb the still pool of his/her brother - the dark material planet can be recapped and permanent territories established by the league of nations - disputed territorial claims can be taken as far back as cultural history permits - it is also logical to rename each territory if the tribal root so desires

all territorial husbanders' will be required to make an annual report to the peoples united nations - by using our global cyclopean eye we can look down from a master satellite to keep a constant watch on ruffled situations - the ideal is that each territory operate like a still pool

one clap and the play is over, as parallel worlds co-incide and the universal synchromesh (+1)+(-1) unite at 0 - the invisible world is now made visible for all to see - planet X is the world in perfect balance on the other side of the ankh or needles eye where all systems and persons are in harmony

the celts can hopscotch back to camelot - why mess around in the lower kingdom when you can be an effective citizen ofplanet X and a fully authorized co-creator of the neu earth era

planet X is the world in perfect order reclaimed revitalized running on maintenance free specifications - end pain shame and indignity

the invisible hand lifts the weary old earth in its palm and dips her into the magic pool of love-light energy - we can watch her emerge as a beautiful young lady - galaxia

when that which is perfect shall come that which is in part shall be done away - we are each one perfect man one perfect woman - each the outcome of the immaculate conception - the dross and placenta of our reaching this degree of perfection has been washed away in the precious blood and drawn off into the dark negative vortex that now coagulates from an invisible mist into a visible mess

life is an orderly response to creation - to create the neu earth in the here now it is necessary to begin with a clean white stone and project upon it the perfect concept - this means dividing territories and responsibilities in a way that is cost effective in terms of natural resources human resources and spiritual resources all of which is possible within the framework of the mirror

the starpeople are here to make mankind a better deal than any existent or pre existent governmental system on earth - a direct democracy operating on a local regional national international scale is the logical alternative - performance grading of network administrators can be monitored by officers of the peoples unified nations and the network of volunteer non-governmental organizations that encircle the crystal earth

direct democracy puts power in the hands of the people - the critical mass now gains control of the global constitution as the old power pyramid collapses under the weight of its own corruption - closed doors are beginning to open up everywhere

once the democrat cat is out of the bag there is no getting it back in thanks to a free press and freedom to speak within our north american nation - in getting out of the bag tremendous light energy has been involved

mind governs matter - it is written that when that which is perfect shall come that which is in part shall fade away - power is useless until it is exercised - it begins with sovereign individuals who find their destiny - earth locations also have a destiny - this destiny is largely based in numerology in that every person has a specific atomic weight as does every organization - in the final analysis all is resolved in (+1)+(-1)=0 to which zero-heat resultant can be added limitless 0's without affecting the precision balance of the universal equation

discipline is better than knowledge - we spoke of receiving a clean white stone both personally and from the whole planetary perspective - knowledge places blue, green, yellow and red flimsies over the clean white stone or crystal of the neu earth era perspective to form the infrastructure for our journey into millennium

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