he who follows a master - himself becomes a fool - old eastern philosophy - the master engineers shared the highest distinction in the land of incarnation - they are divine emissaries - self- consciousness (the fig leaf) is lost in divine consciousness - here one can look back down ones journey through the time tunnel and see the wisdom and beauty of an obedient yin-self - this is bliss - this is the Sun-Moon, projection and perfect reprojection accomplished - the small earth-self is the dust spot of clay strung between the reality of the sun-moon synchromesh

explains why UFO's are seen in such a wide variety of shapes and sizes timelines can do this too - they are solid state cosmology, it is also completely flexible and can take on any form one chooses

Any sincere person of normal intelligence can follow the lines with ease and walk straight through the gate without disruption - for "time" is light and so it is vertical - not horizontal - where you are in time relates to where you orbit

bird needs two wings to fly - the balance we speak of could be considered like a ballerina whirling on the head of a pin at ever increasing speed until he/she reached the constant speed of light - we call this perfect speed - the goal of every master is to have the student surpass him in excellence - for this is how the tree of life continues to grow and expand from generation to generation - at graduation time also the dead wood has to be pruned - during this exercise each graduate is led to experience the joy of forgiveness and in the granting of absolution

for masters work as one mind in a single determination to succour the tree of life - to this end we dig our way out of the root system labyrinth then up through her trunk to the topmost branches clearing a tunnel of light back to source - as we travel - unity is the law of love and truth manifest in human consciousness - this is the elixir of the wisdom

to faith add understanding is the law - it means defeating preconceived ideas and intellectual programming - the system doesn't work the other way around - this is why the golden key entry is essential to attaining mastercraft specifications - every leap of faith is followed by a giant leap in understanding - a master moves steadily upwards faster and faster finding his footing in the new world - ripping off the veils of the masquerade of the illusion in passing through the central sun which shapes them - in that light bends to match the potency of his/her projection

armageddon is simply a series of images competing for domination of the human psyche - the demons from hell - abaddon - showing their wares of super male images flashing and glittering images of the virile man - then there is another image of a man wearing a crown of thorns - such is the extent of the quarkfield

it means that the microcosmic macrocosmic (human intelligence) and the megacosmic mind are in harmonic convergence - we are white healing cells now flowing through the whole earth body raising the dead to life eternal through the living light force

by riding with the ordeals assigned to him and rolling with the punches in the certain knowledge that god is good - riding the inside track of sky-earth understanding - therefore all appearance to the contrary is just another aspect of the world of the illusion - this pathway avoids all subjective reference to sympathy with man the victim - the illusion cast by the sacrificial lamb lord of the illusion

the master gameplayer stated the facts of life without equivocation - when addressed by a man as good master - sir, never call me good - i am not good - only god is good - only god is good - this is square one day one in the life

the impotent little selfhood sits in judgement of omnipotent god - as the anti-christ in every human heart is wont to do - according to the revelations - the rival rests not day or night in reflecting back on god the comfortable illusion of its own impotency - to this end judge not is the key to understanding - therefore in his morning rising and in his evening salutations repeat the formula only god is good only god is good

judgement of others is judgement of god's wisdom - it is the anti- pode of self respect and self actualization and rightly ends in self annihilation - before pressing the button to activate the earth-play - god said - it is good - so let it be - in the astrological aspect this is the territory of capricorn - it is during his reign in the astrological charts that world saviours are traditionally born as the eastern star becomes visible within - the magnetic fields of astrology, are internal - the external focus is just to give perspective that the small and big are interchangable - in the world of the elohim, matter occupies only about 5% of the mass, and the other 95% is huge magnetic fields - real solid stuff

invocation is prayer sharpened like an arrow - by universal law - the specific electromagnetic field being invoked must retort to the degree of passionate and potent tort beamed out in the invocation

magic is all around us and available for use at all times - but make no mistake - magic is not kid-stuff - purity of heart is an essential pre-requisite to the practice of magic - only the pure in heart - those perfected by the grace can see

the perfect process leads to a perfect projection - it erases the flaw in the cosmic mirror - by which quite rightly - scientists say the lower world came into being - the androids begin to turn their heads and blink their eyes - the robotoids move from mindless voilence to a humanoid euphoria - the shift is in progress

the life cycle of the electron has run out - we either made it or we didn't by the potency of our projection - one silver seed was all it needed to remind them of the deal we made about swords an ploughshares. it is impossible for them to make the connection by the impotency of their projection - to reproject God in our own image is the ultimate ego trip - to limit to our own impotency is to be supporting elements of anti-absolute spritual humility with life energy - the worlds top mathematician has stated this

the human family is like a huge brain with its neurons disconnected - these cells are attracted by the strong nuclear force of stability which comes when the elohim have completed making black-light into the density we call matter - then in an instant flip of the nuclear poleshift the living cells which have been attracted fuse with the Light - this is the moment of absolution

to the omnipotent - i am potency personified

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