galaxia has broken adrift from the earth's surface - the loading has begun - climb aboard as fast as you can

since the dawn of this century the lodemaster has been taking stock of the true man and woman - seeking out the healthiest and wealthiest minded of the people to pinpoint the true sovereign kings of the earth for the council chambers in the aetheric dimension

aura vizualization and spiritual resonance allows no false passports to this dimension - each persons wealth is registered forever in his/her auric signature as we stand before the lodemaster at the pearly gates stating this is who i am - creation without a creator is ludicrous - in the kingdom of heaven there is only room at the top - there are 72 master circuits in the control tower of the orb of thoth - each one can be/has been cloned - this is a place for gallantry for the cream of the earth-crop which has passed through the heart of the central sun in the inviolable process of purification

who knows the exact moment when he will be required to account for his life expenditure - we already did it - for a god-man can only see its own reflection in the rear view mirror - at the time of the harmonic convergence participants found that the command molecule of spirit within stood to attention for a time of accounting - this is bilan

in motherships chamber 112 meet the lodemaster - the talent collector for the king of kings who directs each one to the place that he/she will occupy in the eternal kingdom

as the soon-to-be-extinct civilization where our physical-dense bodies used to live melts before our eyes the firmament of heaven solidifies - our true animal instincts that served us below are intact - our finest self and its array of talents will survive in the resurrection - the new earth mind seeks new horizons - the lodemaster leads us in the firmament of infinity

the mothership hovers over the runway - on the earth plane below the landing fields are all lit up as rising souls like radiant strings of multi-colored light points illuminate each strip of runway - the forces of heaven and earth are about to be formally united on the great day - pyramids are built upside down - there is only room at the top in this neu heaven and neu earth era

the rebellion ends at the wicket of the lodemaster - jewels only if you please - we take no imitations no carbon soot no half baked talents no sludge no negative virus - in flashing our boarding passes our philosophers stone we pass into the upper kingdom - each has become a polished stone of timely talents exercised to right

saint peter the archetypal gatekeeper in the christian version of cosmic mythology makes it crystal clear that he functions as the cashier of god the businessman - we get what ever domain we have bought and paid for - the holographic energy of st peter zips up and down its polar opposite poleshifts from functioning like a godfather in the mafia, to the ultimate winged saint - in either guise we know him - for we are knit together by the proximity of our travels - we are light beings - eT has come home

we can each learn how to become a lodemaster and build and load our own star ship - the first step is get yourself there - to thine own self be true - our sky being has been dipping down into the dark cave to find the lost little child that was locked in there - fear is based in ignorance of love - the more threat imprinted on the inner child the more fiercely the ego-dragon that guards the entrance to the cave - ego will fight to stop the light being getting through until it is convinced that its beloved i am is in good hands

our goal is to correct misinformation and have a smooth and silent evacuation of the survivors from the apocalyptic volcano of the end time - and to bring the survivors from heat in to light with no intellectual damage or loss of their precious motherlode

the moment we ourselves complete the earth-sky yin-yang convergence we emerge as a well disciplined light being in command of all our senses - we have a complete understanding that we are now and always have been a holy family - citizens of eternity - we begin loading our beamships with survivors

when reflective circuits are assimilated it is as it was in the first atlantis - in the physical-etheric world it is no longer a case of the dominant blind folks leading the collective blind-mind - this dimension works in reverse to the physical world on a system of true meritocracy

lodemasters will note that any form of internal fission is like an alarm bell - we will hear these alarm bells ringing as we proceed back into the cave - a thorough check (motivation orientation proportion) keeps us on the straight and narrow path into the inner sanctuary to rescue the child who is crouched in the cave - do not be afraid to use the scalpel if there needs to be a circumcision of the heart

professional lodemastering calls for loving care and precise expertise if the rescue mission is to be painless and bloodless - if you disturb the dragon who guards the entrance to the cave he will growl even though you have come here to help him release the burden of his guardianship - does the dragon want the child to grow up and be independent or does it enjoy the dependency of its bonded servant - show the dragon the benefits of the cashiers wicket for both itself and the conquering child

everyone is looking to find their souls purpose - once this happens the compression lightens and we slip into function at this conjunction point between worlds - we become a fully fledged biomutant in order to mesh the whole earth range of intellectual disciplines into a single unified field we have to treat each discipline much like an egg - in breaking a batch of eggs into a bowl (holy grail) and mixing them up with a mixmaster isis gets her fluffy omlet

the first co-builders of the mirror spent a great deal of time exploring every possible discipline known to man - then thesis was bombarded by its anti-thesis to see if the principle of the unified field force worked in everyday action

prior to breaking the eggs we examined each one under a very intense lazer beam to pick up the shade of the aura the perfume of the original intent - the outline of the potential bird of paradise contained in the nucleus of the egg

gateway 112 is the loading arm of the mothership - it is where we stop being paper dolls marionettes and dancing puppets - earth is held by a dummy corporation ruled by puppet-tyrants - white puppets pummel coloured puppets yet nothing gets done to the real villain of the peace - greed continues with its plunder undisturbed unto the law of sin and death

before being raised into the upper kingdom we are tested to the utmost limit of endurance in a conscience raising campaign until we hit the point of detonation - the emerald bridge evolves as merging microdots solidify - we cross over like an army of marching ants bent only on crossing the space between dimensions - we have learned how to match intellect with intuition - the greater the density of knowledge the more solid our bridge becomes - we used to call this magnetic alignment of microdots psi particles - now the big battalion of psi particles marches on

there are multiple paths to the lodemasters gate sometimes known as the needles eye - left and right hand paths of fiber optics converge as the wingtips of consciousness of earth and heaven touch over the arc of the covenant

to remain as an embryonic god in the root cellar of antiquity is absurd when one drop of the sparkling life water will cause each seedling to pop and sprout as a living plant in the upper kingdom - the old world ends in a quantum wave function of the spring resurrection as we pop from the lower regions to become the glorious race of earth where all things work together for good

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