celestial intelligence and bedrock intelligence is the same thing - a network of people with eyes on the stars - feet on the ground is set up around the world - each strand of this network knows its mission and strives to serve a particular mission

divine love holds it all together - the mirror is the cosmic loom humming in a comprehensive way right to bilan or the summation of the original idea - always and in all ways circuits are looping the loop like knitting dimensions

oops i dropped a stitch says the knitter who understands the golden chain of hermes - love embroiders the fabric with wondrous holographic patterns - what we call it matters not - let man lay down its arms - come knit the neu universe with me - we have the building blocks to do it

men and women of good will unite to unblock the negative debris of the ages - release the light force and pump free energy up our global kundalini - we serve the neu earth positron in confrontation with the old world negitron in the final showdown of armageddon - one final global telethon will do it

the non-governmental organizations (ngo's) which compose the global light network have been active for decades - we work from the heart for love of right to bring positive solutions - we have been blocked at every turn by the drag-on of a violent political establishment which is blind to anything which might threaten its negative power position

co-ordinated networks of volunteers comprise the knitwork which synchronizes higher global intelligence with mortal mind - metaphorically speaking this is where gabriel blows his horn to effect the storming of the bastile by the combined heavenly and earthly forces of the unified field

let us make man in our own image the creator said - the healthy functioning of earth's corporate body is based on the organs of personal cultural and national purification - in certain purification ceremonies native north americans keep drinking their own urine until it flows like pure spring water - what a super analogy

earth recycles her own waste until the biosphere is all cleaned up in both her cellular microparts (man) and cell clusters (guilds corporations political systems nations etc) - the sea the global rivers and lakes the air the biosystems are all one in this sense - man is a drop in the bucket and every drop in the bucket counts

one of our first jobs was to stimulate the global kidney in conjunction with the white brotherhood - the solution plan code-named operation redemption was formulated in sussex england by the secret masters of the knights templar who have historically been subject to the forces of two worlds

the perspective of the network is materializing the dream of world peace and abundance to life - to this end we formed the neu age association

the neu age association was based on the universal bar-codes received in september 1973 - once this truth-power was given to the united nations team mankind's security was assured - in the mid 1970's the external and internal worlds of men and angels began to interact as one in the covert cosmic conspiracy revealed to the secret chiefs and mirror masters

for over two decades we watched the rainbow weaving itself together as the living threads of divine mind intertwined to form a pi-ray bridge between dimensions - this is the emerald bridge described in the scriptures - the neu earth vision came first like a mist of microdots and quarks which swirled into a holograph by the power of magnetic attraction - when this rainbow swirl is completely woven it crystallizes into a form like a stained-glass picture window which gets the full beam spotlight of the golden harvest moon

to watch the substance of reality shining through this art and science knitwork is to witness the neu heaven and the neu earth coming into manifestation - it is the connoisseurs delight to stand within the magic triangle of mirrored reflections lined up like a geodesic bridge - then he/she simply walks across that bridge to heaven on earth

the two protagonistic powers good and evil freeze into the yin-yang symbol - here the two become one - the cancellation of this duality comes initially as a shock - but in the final analysis no other line of thought makes sense - the diabolical king of the world keeps a low profile until the climax of the play - then it manifests in full overt stance on the cave wall of mind in a still picture - i am that i am

natural life and the forward thrust of evolutionary technology are incompatible - a quick paradigm shift takes us back down the time-tunnel to pre-historic wisdom - in honouring the ghosts of the future past we induce them to reveal the light at the end of the tunnel and the exit to the time warp they knew we were in for until the coming forth by day - in the egyptian legend the bull is the icon of the sacred bull of aphis - the symbol of fertility strength and mindless courage - he represents our old friend ego, (+1), acting out the most direct presentation possible - the holy war of the forward thrust away from natural life towards the world of hi-tec evolution

the sacred spanish bullfight is a super mirror reflection of this analogy - as the matadors complete their torment the toreador gets set for the coup de grace - in the background of this mind-set wormholes (like a functional kidney) dot the holographic fabric - these show how if positive life energy is spent in negative application it coagulates into the beast which will destroy our idyllic civilization if not annihilated in the nick of time - abuse of divine law makes black holes everywhere - our titanic ship genesis one is sinking but star ship earth is picking up the survivors bound for max II

the esoterics of the sinking of the titanic superego is not without humour - womens ordination is quite an hilarious event when viewed as an aspect of the cosmic revolution - as are homosexuals in the united states marines - how's that for a dart in the old bull's redneck - britains royal soap opera adds a touch of divine merriment to the event - rome is rocked with an earthquake of political corruption as heaven and nature sing a duet of natural and political disaster

ego the patriarchal bull - the rival - the Force - the challenger is the planetary electron which propels our starship on its evolutionary flight - superego is the navigator - yet window 6.1 is good news for ego one 180 degree turn through the Ankh and we are home again - subjective ego moves to its objective mode of eros god of love - swinging home with the human psyche as its bride - the whole earth mind is reinstated at a new height of consciousness - to become the guardian of the tree of life

earth has been passing through the energy beam called the eye of horus on its return to source - horus putrefies and purifies - horus gets the worms out of the infrastructure and up front in the daylight - meanwhile his twin brother thoth is forming the neu earth era - the wormwood band is the algorhythm band

increasing light activity acts like an invisible microwave oven - it gets the worms out of the woodwork and cleans up the mind screen - once the correction tape has been run to completion we have a clean white stone and spring water urine - as ngo's of the 1970's we sat before a blank canvas and began to weave our neu heaven and neu earth adventure

weaving worlds is the magical process of weaving energy and resources into perfect synthesis without any waste of either commodity - the mirror does this - it blends function with form - the fullly reflective mirror runs just like a swiss watch movement in perpetual motion on an ever ascending spiral towards the light

technically speaking its all done by mirrors they let light waves repeat themselves by the zero curvature reflections of the solar cross - in this way it blends in all the colours of the rainbow as we learned to do in applied metaphysics - this takes the pilgrim right up through the golden chain of hermes which holds a perfect reflective filing system for the future past by which the children of is-ra-el light sweep back into the now

israel = isis = gaia = resources - ra = sun = energy - el = the elohimic sky gods and the elemental earth gods who run the big show - now concave and convex curvatures (+1)+(-1)=0 the big el and the little el(ves) get it together - this completes another life cycle of the mega el - the planetary electron and the planet is given back to mother nature all dressed up in modern maintenance technology for the benefit of all cellular life in a singular system

the neu earth will be husbanded by the children of israel - the offspring of isis-ra and el - these are living human organisms with understanding of the upper middle and lower regions of our paradise island in the sky

the golden chain of hermes is like the stainless steel spinal column of the whole cosmic system - access windows to the inside of this galactic kundalini are outlined - this is the root, stem, and trunk of the revitalized tree of life - around this central magnetic pole swirl wheels within wheels of every rainbow shade imaginable - at the top of this spinning wheel gold sparks (tried in the fire) are flying off to coagulate by magnetic attraction to one another's function in perfect harmony - they fit perfectly to weave the inner wall of our functional mothership

light force penetrates all matter - the outer skin of earth where the surface people live reflects the turbulence within the internal organs - we wove a city with two walls to make the double domed city described in the story of atlantis - the outer wall is built of our stretched and dried snakeskins of diverse male left brain infrastructure from which we have gained our concave human reflection - the inner dome is pure crystal where we are one in the unified field

in the neu age knitwork our outer snakeskins are simply shrouds to wear for operational (male-yang) duties in the outer surface regions - the inner dome is the feminine-yin aspect where all is one in the unified field - the myth of the hollow earth and of the light city shambhala at the center of the earth is real

this inner kingdom is the home of the fabled hyperboreans the invisible elfin-like beings who lived in the inside of the earth - they represent the inner aspect of our selfhood - these beings can be traced to the world of nordic myths and perennial christ-mass stories of generosity and good cheer - the inner kingdom is the wonderful pagan world of the earth gods - santa claus valhalla and the nordic traditions of odin and loki - these earth gods represent mu the motherland from which we spring and to which we return upon the death of the physical body - as ashes to ashes and dust to stardust

as the knitwork of sky gods and earth gods et el unite on the crystal chip network the governing compute-master gives substance to the neu kingdom as the unity of heaven and earth marks this glorious year of 1993

welcome to the kingdom which is strung between the sky and earthworlds - the synchromesh of our personal wealth is strung out on this web of cosmic and earthly consciousness - our eternal wardrobe and our crown of life awaits - welcome back to mu - welcome to the kingdom of the one now come

the egyptian book of coming forth by day trembles with the fervour of the gods as it explains - blessed are they who keep the faith of is ra el through the dark passageway - these power the eternal combustion engine - when we come to understanding there is no barrier between dimensions no past no future just the infinite now - we simply cycle from there-then to here-now and back again in our crystal star ships - we are elohim and the elements wed cosmic warriors of all times who power the wheels of the mothership ms universe

in pragmatic terms there are four major wheels that operate the mothership - these are blue green yellow and red - the blue wheel deals with domestic light points - starbases - locations - liaison officers - landing pads - these form a chain of ark-domes of unrestricted sky-to-bedrock intelligence around the world - people passing between these light points make ley lines across the planetary fabric - this is how we hard wire the knitwork of the neu earth system

the green wheel deals with education - tales from the enchanted forest - ladders of ascent - courses books talks audio video conferences - green may be seen as a green flame coming from the blue wheel it is this purified green wheel that activates the red wheel and rejuvenates the blood of cosmic warriors who now come full circle back to atlantis and bedrock intelligence

the yellow wheel deals with order and symmetry - a place for everything and everything in its place all perfectly balanced - it reflects the way the elementals ran things in the first place before the sky gods came - earth can run on maintenance free specifications ad. infinitum - yellow is our co-ordinated computerized operation deck running smoothly across and through all dimensions from the control tower

once the kundalini is activated, the yellow wheel can take dry bones and give them muscle and sinue - knitwork connects the head bone to the neck bone and the neck bone to the back bone inserts a functional kidney and the anal hole and so on and so forth - this is the climax of wavefield thought - mirrored wavefield thought comes naturally to a neutroni - that is to say one who is neutralized from dependence on programmed action and reaction

the red wheel is incoming energy through the neu earth body - it is the charge - it operates on instinct to right not intellect - rites of passage through the mirror world are earned by deeds not words - to this end obedience calls for an incessant round of jumping out of the aeroplane to find that the parachute consistently opens before the warrior hits the ground - our spiritual homing instinct is the inner power which guides us safely to our destination of spiritual strength

celestial intelligence wheels are rolling faster every hour - this releases the violet ray - the coil power of (+1)+(-1)=0 which can coil and uncoil all convex-concave mirrored circuits simultaneously - this is the payoff the fruit of obedience and worship power which is programmed into the mothership computer

appreciation is the magic key to the kingdom - you only get to keep what you can truly appreciate as a positive e-motional experience - this is the positive imprint a situation or object has had on the spiritual aura - for thy pleasure were all things created this is the key to understanding the kingdom of heaven - the spiritual aura defines the span density scope scale of values and dynamic tension of ones maturated god consciousness - to make this available for practical magic across dimensions the heavenly condor must first pick all the fleshy contamination of the cave man from the mind - dead man's blood - the scriptures call it - the inner man is spun of gold as shown in the egyptian thesis

the orange wheel is where we turn the orange inside out as concave and convex planes flip inside out - it employs a series of well planned moves to rid good organizations of tyrants twits and traitors to restore the integrity of their original intent - experience shows that the enemy within is the deadly enemy - good intent is offset by the few sick-cells that foul up the system - therefore a general attack on a cell cluster is futile - light laser beams must be specifically aimed at internal rot

spiritual integrity is the clean white stone the cornerstone which the builders forgot - man is at a point in space-time when bedrock values prevail or we get blown away on the shifting sands of time - before anyone can throw the first stone they must be fully integrated beings within themselves - this means getting over the victim complex and into the victory circle of mind

knitwork is the union of celestial intelligence and bedrock intelligence - mankind alone has conscious access to these many kingdoms - upper and lower - internal and external - man's conscious awareness alone is strung out from the highest to the lowest threads of one god mind

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