there are tangible values and there are intangible values - love truth and wisdom are intangible values - they represent inner wealth the kind you carry with you across dimensions - this inner wealth begins with self-love which is the pearl beyond price the crowning jewel of life

material goods have tangible value - in modern times we hear a lot about whether a person lives above or below the poverty line - this poverty line is measured in terms of money and worldly goods the icon of the golden calf

yet the enlightened one in replying to the rich man who said i have done everything the religious law requires what else can i do to enter the kingdom of heaven - sell all thy worldly goods to feed the poor - and the rich man turned away sorrowing - he was telling him to stock up on the riches that you do take with you

the compulsion for key spiritual beings to come together is as powerful as the swarming in a bee hive - but the magnetic force is astrological - thats what all the earthmounds and stones around avebury and glastonbury are all about - the timing of the connection is crucial - only then can you get a perfect vortex connection with a specific group of archangelic beings

operation redemption required its participants to dedicate all talents physical mental and spiritual to this cause - the task would require the utmost synchronosity of our god-given intuition and intelligence with no strings attached

it should be noted that by this time the god pan had manifested to a number of the group who were associated with the magical findhorn gardens phenomena - fairies and little people were a part of our daily routine connections - they are plentiful in europe and places where people believe in them - they cannot live in the barren desert places of the disbelievers for they have no water of life from the human psyche to live on - findhorn proves this theory beyond any reasonable doubt

as the druidic thesis proclaims in the ceremony of the oak and the mistletoe all life is based in symbiosis - to implement your own white vortex through dimensions begins by making offerings to the little people - water your houseplants put out food for the birds pet your cat speak to them in appreciation for their role in serving man - make them a part of your daily homelife set them a place by the hearth

you do take it with you - the warmth of the electromagnetic field that is built up during lower kingdom life is the same field with which we each build our mansion in the sky - this electromagnetic field is measurable - in metaphysics it is called an aura - it is depicted as the halo around the heads of saints - this is the difference between building your eternal realm on the rock of ages rather than on the shifting sands of time

the individual dogmas and rituals of various faiths have nothing to do with where we sit in the heavenly tiers of saints - good and evil are conditions of the heart expressed to all creation and to the creatrix - there are appreciative and appropriative men in all cultures and creeds - the intangible power of divine love is the supraordinate factor which holds the whole universe together - limitless oscillating vibrational energy in all its multicolored brilliance is the sole factor that can free your spiritual mind from the house of bondage of the reptilian brain

the dismantling of the old reptilian brain requires that every single misplaced neuron be disconnected - all negative engrams must be replaced by positive acquisitions - this is a slow and patient undertaking - but higher up in the cosmic cranium other elements of micronesia are putting the new mind together - wiring up new circuits - mirrored thought

it represents the activating of the neu planetary electron - this means a clean white stone for man a whole new game - the strategy tactics and overall methodology used corresponds to thousands of years of journals about folks being stolen by fairies psychic phenomena ufos and other strange celestial happenings such as holographic visitations by the virgin mary

this education in the vortex climb included many visits to other planetary systems - game-play with the men in black and the general engineering and operation of ufos - the mirror traces these circuits back to the records of the roots in antiquity and links in the foreshadowing references given over time in preparation for millennium

at harvesting time the elohim act out the theophysics principle of firing the clay - this is done by strict rules of thermodynamics - our guidance was based on cosmological knowledge eons ahead of the best mystery schools of the day - this energy fuelled a journey which broke the gravitational drag of the reptilian brain - the verification of the reality was based on the mathematical principle of means chance expectation - for this was a series of events that went far beyond the outermost range of mere coincidence

in both a mythical and physical sense we built a star ship - then we built a replica of the golden city of geometry mathematics and music both in hyperspace and on the physical plane - the city was staffed with some 144 multi-dimensional beings - these were qualified in every field and profession to verify the detail and build a platform of credibility

in the final thrust of global implementation law and stability collapse under the energy of (+1) the irresistible force in its final forward thrust to the end of the intellectual thought - because spiritual maturity requires an understanding of both good and evil if one is to win the innovation game - the negative karmic action of passage through the dark vortex in the life cycle of the electron must necessarily precede ones rebirth in the upper kingdom

this implementation phase of transmutation is called initiation - it corresponds to the gift of the three kings - the gifts of gold frankinsence and myrrh - these are the essential qualities that balance passion with compassion in the formation of the whole spiritual being

(-1) the rock of ages or spiritual ethic is rebuilt at a vastly higher scale of evolution than previously known - ie - love under will - rather than blind obedience to the unknown

the robber who robs a bank must do his thing before the law can catch up with him - likewise a hi-tec civilization must collapse before the saving law of ethics can come into visual play - truth and truth alone can set mankind free to love as revealed in the unified field analogue

the completion circuit of citation lists and honours all those who took part in this gigantic cosmic operation - this includes those who lent their kingdom to the beast knowing it had but a short time to live - they let the vibe go mad for god so that in their mini-mirror reflection the underbelly of the planetary beast would be exposed for all the world to see

in its implementation reflection the mirror is the summation of findings of this interdimensional voyage - solution is known as metaphysics a to z

people are checking in from all over to ask - what do i do where do i begin the implementation and how - this is the way the mirror operates - it is very simple to follow and sufficiently flexible to accommodate individual requirements - each star being can move through the reflections at his/her own pace

the sooner one gets into implementation the quicker come millenium

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