human rights

the present path humanity is taking is facing the wrong way round - billions are being spent to open the gateway of the unknown to find what is out there in space as a tribute to the conquering human intelligence of the few - worthy charities beg for financial crumbs to alleviate desperate human suffering for many - surely it is more logical to explore the full potential of a local planet earth and put money and energy into elevating human dignity and human rights down here in the surface-world of planet earth for all

loving ones neighbour as oneself is what separates the true human being balanced god-men from the yang-boys and the goddesses from the girls - mental and spiritual maturity sit together on the mountain top - loving your neighbour as yourself is the mature perspective - to know and love another human being is the root of all knowledge - this cannot happen before each party has attained spiritual maturity - it is the basic human right to share this love-experience with another - in it we come to understand that all other goals are merely compensation for true love - passion leads to compassion and to respect for the human rights of all

from the cosmic lovers viewpoint the babble-on of adolescent left brain tyrants who are incapable of love seems not only stupid but downright dangerous - love is the cornerstone of the basic human rights of men and nations to live in peace prosperity and in harmonious accordance with the original intent

the war of yang-worlds has been going on ever since adam left the garden of eden to seek his fortune in the promised land - generations of men have followed the path of this foreshadowing - generations of woman have suffered and died to manifest this universal love event which carries the spirit beyond all temporal carnal fascinations with the illusion - love is the real thing

here we make our commitment to support all human rights - there is a narrow zone an isotope line that is the balance point between the bedrock intelligence of the matriarchal earth-gods and the evolutionary thrust of the patriarchal sky gods - the marriage of the white king and the black queen in the tarot explains this principle - it is depicted in the yin-yang symbol

in 1993 it was time for a new human rights manifesto to define this safety path between the yin-yang elements - it will be fascinating to help this yin-yang event issuing into manifestation

hey there you gods - we humans have rights too - it is the inherent right of every commoner to petition - this is one of the basic fundamentals of the democracy in which we live - once we have defined the source of abomination and desolation and spoken up in full earth-sky human potency we can then turn our searchlight beam towards the two-way street of heaven on earth

hey there adam and eve - we the animals and elemental intelligence of micronesia have rights too - we want freedom of worship and adoration of all creation - we did as much as any of you to build this civilization - justice is for all creation

thus in seeking human rights we must get back to basics - lovers love all neighbours as themselves as the solar cross of redemption and solutions comes into view - it is the inherent right for every earth-sky god or goddess to petition on behalf of micronesia and the animals plants and water and soil substances on which they build our earthly realm

it is easy to see how god the lover and his earth bride have set up the preconscious path for both destruction and solution - the two paths are crystal clear to those with eyes to see - the crumbling decadence of yesterday holds no solutions - the glitz of lucifer lord of formation led spiritual man up the garden path to foolish scales of value - we must end this grip

it is said that when we enter the temples of the highest mysteries we find a god who considers the universe somewhat of a joke - possibly up there beyond the clouds where the eternal sun is shining the sons of darkness and the sons of light are chuckling as they cancel each other out

as we work for human rights we can share their cause for merriment - the quandary of global leadership caught in the slump between ages and systems has not yet figured that there is only one way out of our dilemma and that is instant evolution

in every discipline and profession known to man the gods have created a power vacuum for the common man to slip through into the neu realm - in practical terms we can start by legitimate petitioning for the full implementation of the infrastructure

a clean white stone suitable for a new beginning - from this broadbased bedrock sensibility we can build a new and equitable society - from this cornerstone the harmonious convergence of cultures and nations will form an upward spiral of balanced evolutionary concepts which take into consideration the values of both the earth gods (micronesia) and the sky gods (technology) united

the legacy of ancient wisdom is ours to harvest - lasting structures are bottom heavy not top heavy as explained by all the pyramidal structures around the world - the deep affection of the pharaoh kings and queens of egypt and their families is the clue to modern revitalization and restoration

love is the answer - it is the cornerstone which the builders have forgotten - civilizations are built in the shape of a pyramid - there need be no more top-heavy bureaucracy or concealment of the facts of life's reality - by running a correction tape through all the things we have learned en route the energy to establish human rights can then flow freely on balanced and united male-female energies

no garbage in no garbage out will be the subject of ongoing correction tape checks to ensure that bull-shit never again gets out of hand

the sky gods have taken care of technical (yang) evolution - kitchemanitou says we shouldnt be too hard on them - after all the sun no longer smites us by day nor the moon by night - our immediate task is to revitalize this planetary system - because human responsibilities go along with human love - we must get back the sense of human dignity

spiritual love comes to make mankind a better deal - the cosmic lovers sacrificed their blissful unity to teach the animal brain the mysteries of divine love - from here on in as we learn to abide by the solar cross life will be beautiful and simplistic for everyone and everything

nothing is before love - love nature as you love your self and we are back home in the unified field

the vampire the beast-baphomet has done its work well - it will rejoice to have the stake of the solar cross driven into his heart so that he can be transformed to emerge as the prince of peace in the final transformation scene

your neighbour is the living bacteria in the soil and everything that springs from it

we have moved back to reality from the world of fiction and illusion - if we guard the sacred world of the elemental beings - people healing and human rights will take care of itself

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