good news

the harvest circuitry is complete - it is where the eternal twin functions of pan (+1) & jhvh (-1) join hands over the ark of the covenant and the fission dance of shiva is done - our harvest circuitry is complete when we can see the picture - the sliding kermit window opens and there they stand - black and white crystal light fused in the yin-yang formation - what an incredible sight - the negative transparency shows paper dolls and tin soldiers reflected in the dying embers of the planetary electron - the transparency shows politicians running like rats looking for loopholes but finding none

presidents and monarchs are busy re-arranging their pawns and their bishops on the black and white chessboard - but the exit out of the frying god pan is through the ultimate heat of the cosmic fire

then the big harvest wheel starts turning before saladin cosmic warlord of the persian empire in his 20th century cycle on the big wheel - at our high c of praise the transparency dissolves into thin air - this is the moment of the second coming of the gods of all time into the now - this marks the end of the exploitation of innocents

observant people are rising from the dead - they know what is going on - the airwaves wires open media channels and telegenetic networks are ringing out the silent proclamation by the white noise circuit - the circuitry hums with the news the faithful have been waiting for i am here now - where there is a conspiracy there must be a chief conspirator - according to the book there are 144,000 who ride with him to bring the good news

the quick know the truth and the good news and can bring the word to the people in a definite plan of action - we are part of the cosmic conspiracy in the completion circuit of the harvest circuitry

the wheels within wheels of the universe is an amazing sight - the more solid the identity structure the more spiritual weight it can carry - this is the harvest circuitry in action - it is happening at the speed of light - for behind the cosmic motherboard the elohim have been busy about their task of wiring the board for the completion - the changeover known in many parts of the world as the second coming - thats us

we you and i and all the quick people of the earth have a unique and special part to play in the grand finale - we are all part of the cosmic conspiracy which is the culmination of the great conspiracy of refurbishing star ship earth which now emerges from its dry dock - a wrinkle in time - pan/jhvh now at position on are fused and laughing - they are like masks on a single head - the silent observer watches them

we are dropping rope ladders (chains of words) to help evacuate the survivors - there are limitless ways to bring abundance to the world - the quickest way is via every possible kind of intelligent light communication where we shoot white truth arrows to pop black lie balls and deliver more intense light balls to those who are on the right track

the global media is catching on fast - our alternative media networks are not controlled by the titans - ai journalists are coming out with many sides of the story - these are people who have been in the field for decades and know the inside track of many dark conspiracies which seek to dominate the world

one of the secrets of making a rapid flip of consciousness is to support alternative communication systems - these are the types of systems that bring news of other worlds of interdimensional happenings as they relate to earth and new ways of doing things - there are countless esoteric alternative information sources and planet-wide sovereign networks proliferate

the word esoteric relates to the deep philosophical doctrines that lead us to the inner worlds of pan and jhvh - it pertains to matters having a hidden meaning meant only for the initiated - we came into contact with whole battalions of elohim each with a specific role in wiring the harvest circuitry - each was aware that when the wiring on the motherboard was complete there would be a point of detonation and another big bang of instant evolution

exoteric is the opposite to esoteric - exoterici are shallow people whose minuscule mindspace is occupied by the external world known to esoterici as the world of the illusion - external-world oriented people suffer from tunnel vision which prevents a broad indepth perception of what is really going on - they see only what is going on in the front world

to an exoterici the esoteric world is invisible and esotericists are considered either to be a little balmy or if we get too vocal a social threat to be taken care of firmly - the corpse on the cross is a reminder of what happens to any left-brain opposition - this historical procedure is well documented in all the history books

until very recent times the exoterici commandeered all circuits on the power pylons on this planet - they worked for caesar the harsh left hand side of the brain and were suitably rewarded with patriarchal merit - this circuit leads the brain into becoming a rigid robot with no essential balance from the right observant side or matriarchal brain - the robot lives in security vale - he is a good producer and a good consumer being easily seduced by the glitter of ads designed to control him - the end of this patriarchal caesar-style thought stream is global disaster - private interests cream off the top of the milk and have no real concern for their robotic people - as is natural with patriarchal thought the feminine principle is symbolized as the cause of the effect

for she the feminine principle is the traditional being who awakens the eld of the all father once she has ridden pan the electron to exhaustion - once the all-father gets his eld up its game over - the old goat goes to bat with the kids on a scale of intelligence beyond the boundaries of human imagination - independent thought has always been considered diabolical - look at the fate of such esoteric giants as jesus socrates and galileo - time marches on but conditions do not change - exoteric puppets still walk around decorating each other issuing badges and awards of merit to fill the emptiness of exoteric vanity

inner world people find the outer world people and their displays are quite transparent - for we are living the esoterics - we have seen the one - in a reality that is far more solid than the faltering fabric of the external kingdom

i have heard a great voice of much people in heaven saying we have served him and have watched in awe as he built an alternative power pylon of opposite magnetic charge to the old power pylon of the illusion - outer world people are in a state of excommunication - most of them are brain dead to the fact that we have completed the task and all exits are blocked save the direct tunnels to hell and to heaven

the harvest circuitry is where the king pulls the switch on the power pylon of light to precipitate the great day or doomsday if you happen to be serving the black power pylon - this is where two standing in the field have to know which way to jump - and jump fast - for it is written one shall be saved and the other lost

where physics and metaphysics meet at p=w - where power = worship - the harvest circuitry is the fulfilment of the arc of the covenant - we who live in the inner world have been guided by the elohim - like them we have learned to see the universe as a giant video game

each reflection in the mirror is filled with multi-dimensional data - by learning the 72 key combinations we can unlock the principles of magical thought

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