glorify earth

god sleeps in the mineral - dreams in the vegetable - stirs in the animal - and awakens in the fusion of the completed man/woman - in the same way that atmosphere evolves in order to allow life forms to live on earths surface so the noosphere of the planet evolves -in order to allow life forms to live in the cosmos

every natural life form has the power of adaptability - the capacity to embrace change and put it to maximum advantage - this is evidenced in the bacteria who are overcoming anti-biotics at a rate which will promote a public health disaster - man has this same power

ours is not a serfdom - it is a kingdom in which sovereign monarchs unite to serve the goddess - this happens on the 13th plane of equity in all things - including male female equity in the world - all goddess lovers know that tremendous power flows at the time of the spring equinox - she reigns by the power of silence in the resal world behind the world of the illusion - she speaks to us through bacteria and botany in the messages of insects animals and the flowers - each of her multi-media communications is different - incredibly so - each flower has a different colour location preference perfume and size designed to give us glimpses of her holy mind

in our western culture since the time of the wars of the roses the pink rose represents the colour of surrender - and the symbology of the full red rose represents human passions turned into love divine by the power of her immaculate heart - the list of flower symbolism is endless - the narcissus symbolizes self- exploration by exploring our reflection in the mirror pool - the five petal-wheels of certain flowers represent the five qualities of psychological perfection - sincerity faith aspiration devotion surrender and so on

but all flowers help us to understand one thing - this planet is a single organism which is totally alive and fully expressive in every moment and in every season - every living thing is part of this life force and this life source - the human race is gebs growing organism - once we have learned to flip key mirrored codices the elementals lead us into mother natures back parlour where we get to see the inside story of what why how wher, and who operates the thin outer shell of earth-life and how the interactive system of dimensions works

animals insects and plants have had an awful time trying to show dumb-humans the secrets of nature's perfect system - they sit patiently through aeons of negative analysis awaiting the final positive outcome which will be of mutual benefit to all life - they have the highest quality of a god - limitless patience

man was separated from the mother to become a co-creator in a new world of high tech comfort pleasure and convenience - this means no more gruelling labour no more pain and a totally new non-productive approach to sexual and human relations - in the age of reason perfect intelligence gives man complete control of his world together with the responsibility for effective management

other animals in natures realm have not been led up the garden path of technical evolution - away from the bright reality into the shadowy work of symbology and divisive words - they see and tell of life the way it is - the way it was and the way it will be - take all you want of life and take no more than you need in the eternal now is what they teach

considering man's inhumanity towards life - which we can clearly see at viewpoint 666 (the numerical value of sub human man) man is anti-life anti-nature anti christ - flowers and animals teach us how to turn the other cheek in the face of aggression - they just carry on with a positive attitude - knowing and trusting mother nature to finally set things in their right and proper order

geb is the ancient name for the mother goddess who according to legend and indigenous tradition came down from a hole in the skydome to develop this piece of barren planetary real estate - in esoteric philosophy we learn to take off all the divergent word labels and get down to the meat of the traditional messages hidden in childish parables - all of these express the functioning principle of the earth goddess of many veils and names

the biblical version of the parable promises that the children of israel are the chosen people who will inherit the earth - isis and gaia are other names for geb as is galaxia - mary is another more modern version of the common theme of this mind of the immaculate conception - each of her children is like a mirror reflection of the sun god - solar logos or ra in egyptology - el are the earth children who learn to become elohim - like their older brothers and sisters in higher dimensions - thus the solution to the esoterics of the children of israel who leave egypt in search of the promised land - laden with gifts stolen from those who live in the land of the dead is climaxed as the red sea parts and we pass into the positive world of high technology - a new heaven and a new earth

by exploring her divine mind man is led into ever more complex realms of consciousness - the mother smiles through her pain as she watches the children's curiosity deepen - eastern doctrines call mother nature's back parlour shamballah - which corresponds to the chamber of allah - the queens chamber in egyptology

during the early stages of my divine initiation into unconditional love - positive action (pa) frees an unrestricted flow of life energy from the upper kingdom to the lower kingdom - the sun shines on all - the wind blows - the rains fall - day follows day and season follows seasons - men and nations rise - men and nations fall

earth orbits in this sea of love - but in order to be functional the rivers of love must be channelled into productivity so that the end result is a cognitive consistency of light manifest in matter

swirling up into and through the rings of the gods is both a terrifying and magnificent experience - it is like stringing out the mind's telephone wires and pumping energy back through this great superconductor - no one enters the holy city by force - only by adoration of source - believe and receive your crown of life

the channelling of positive life energy represents the influx of higher complexity of organization - the (na) negative analysis tone of spiritual law which prevails during the patriarchal era is found primarily in hebrew texts coming from i am that i am - jehovah - this tone over-rides the natural world until its work is done

spiritual knowledge is eternal - but nature is the master of recycling - her biomass 2.5 will reach its scheduled 5.2 on time - no matter what force tries to intervene - this timing is built into the mirror

evolutionary progress always threatens the old order in which land barons of the past thrive on the modern consumer society - the force of evolution works by stirring the imagination into upward swirls - and as we surely know in any battle between the will and the imagination - the creative imagination always wins

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