global energetics

the basic attributes by which human consciousness is defined is contrast - to this end the evolutionary command is to know good and evil and become as one of us - these two basic elements are called yin and yang - they can only exist together [tai chi symbol] - universal bookkeeping is an infinitely precise and meticulous process - not one quark is ever left out of its place - only the introduction of 5th generation computers can give mankind some idea of the scope of the mirror which governs ages worlds and individuals alike - sin is the original god of evil in that the goddess must be deposed during the forward yang thrust of technical evolution

we live in a mostly invisible universe composed of black and white pixels - that rests at all times in perfect yin-yang equilibrium - any external slack between the reality and the illusion is taken up by the law of karma which balances the books - the inviolable mathematical logic of nature's process of quarks and leptons is clear for all to see - at last we have reached the balance of tai chi

starwars is real - enormous computer banks and roving satellites supply the visual technology for the tai chi exhibit as high technology starbursts the reality of life into all our little worlds for local viewing at the touch of a button

the obstruction of hills and valleys time and space is gone - the earth is no longer round - it is flat - the flat earth is laid out in black and white squares egocentric and theocentric vortices - the contrast grows sharper with each passing hour - anyone can now see the flat earth and the cause and effect of the global imbalance by simply turning on tv - in the light of the rising sun all shades of misty grey have disappeared along with the fond illusion-words of one man being better than another - extremes of luxury and poverty alternate like rapidly moving black and white microdots hitting the savage brain - they move faster faster compelling all good men to urgent and corrective action to implement the divine solution

tai chi is 20/20 vision restored to men in a black and white yin yang world - the living skeletons of them foreigners contrasting with the sleek confidence of us jesus men still bent on saving souls is plain for everyone to see

the crazy luxury-licence syndrome alternates with images of torture and destruction - great private palaces arise while the age-old jewels of architect fall into dust - yet the rivers of commerce are still pushing for pre-eminence while the river of life is clearly grinding to a halt

this invites everyone on earth to play the game of tai chi in their own time and space - we invite you to help pinpoint the ideological quirks of our times

the universal eye floodlights the global situation - advertisements to come on a luxury cruise and forget all your stress alternate with images of the line up at food banks - the most ardent disciples of rama and allah bash it out in india quite unaware that the dance of shiva is in progress by which all the gods are dancing on the dead bodies of their devotees

these contrasting facts of reality constitute the writing on the cave wall of the lower realms - i bring sight to the blind i give hearing to the deaf i heal the sick soul i awaken the dead

for directly ahead on our course is the stargate of mu the motherland - those of us who have passed through the gate having shed our clay moulds during integrative abrasion have discovered how to take off the labels and find the common denominator of both mind and matter and the answer lies in the density of our truth and beauty quarks

time tunnels are kept open from age to age by very special beings - these are of the quark family - quarks represent the concentrated intelligence which springs directly from nature herself - these are the microdots of supreme intelligence which orbit in one's specific electromagnetic aura - these are the jewels that we take with us into realms yet to be - this is the wealth of gold tried in the fire - this is the measure of our atomic weight in the neu world

earth is a ship of relations - any offence against a part of nature is an offence against humanity past humanity present and humanities future - for it robs those of the past of their rightful joy in seeing the earth play all work out right as their labours intended it robs those of the future of the right to lifetimes yet to be it robs those present of joy in the now of happy global living

tai chi is a question of balance - nature has provided abundance for all each region in its own very special way each in a way that can be developed without affecting the intrinsic value of the cultural heritage of the region

the predatory man seeks to alter this perfect balance to tip the scales in his personal favour in arrogant defiance of gaias infinite intelligence - this is in violation of the great secret of life tai chi being the need for all men to know of cosmic law - thou shalt love god and neighbour as self

quarks are the universal exchange currency - the more freely you give of your love to life with no strings attached the more quarks you accumulate - so the illiterate farmer in his third-world field who helps his neighbour is richer by far in the neu world than the rich man in the first world

the goal of taoist internal alchemy is to return to source - which has a number of levels of meaning - on one level it means returning to the original body characterized by good health and unlimited energy which tends to get lost as we grow and develop in the outer world - it seeks to reverse the process of degeneration, working inside the body to improve the circulation of chi

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