law of eternal life

to end the night of doubt and sorrow one has to drill down to the centre of the earth - clay was not involved - but no matter - only mind is real and it is just as tough a journey in every way - huge boulders of embedded ignorance blocked all the western approaches to the holograph of atlantis - love is quite the educational process - learning about what is love and what is not love is our way of coming to understand the parent in its every nuance - god is love - the script says - it is not god's job to prove it - it is our response-ability which helps us to figure it out

love is all - love is the only really tangible thing - so-called tangible things on the other hand are clearly finite and will evaporate back into the illusionary world from which they came - some human beings are real - some are like robots still floundering around in circles in the bottomless pit of the illusion

regeneration is discovered after the masters of the ages - have shovelled out the debris of the styx between the worlds of mind and matter - like the symbolic unicorn - the master keeps piercing the dark cave wall to let in the light of the midnight sun - the midnight sun the central sun which lights the inner world is the symbol of whole earth regeneration

people who are caught in the old world loop do not yet realise that the exit is in here not out there - they are like celluloid images ghosts of the past still acting out old parts not understanding that the flickering shadows of the same old movies are endlessly repetitive re-runs - the common man have seen the political re-runs too many times before - the audience is bored the lights grow dim in this theatre - quietly at first in little silent clusters then in more formal groups, the audience has abandoned the old soap opera and found a better focus for its attention - neu era act one is on screen

global regeneration what to do about it

brothers and sisters of the new earth lend me your ear - human will is the 5th great elemental force that runs the universe - we can regenerate this planet by the power of magic - by the power of our free will to be what we were born to be and do what in our deepest hearts and minds we know to be right and good for all

the punch and judy show on parliament hill is fine for kids - the great phallic cock fight in the outer world is ok for adolescents - wars come along so fast and furiously these days its hard to keep up with them - they do for modern men what public hangings used to do for entertainment - the mature individual is no longer fascinated by the blood letting and games like setting up terrorists as an example to any would be dissenters to the new world order

the illusion is transparent - the cosmic fire is the instrument of regeneration - it is only when the smoke of her burning dies down that we reach the end of the world as we know it - this is doomsday or sky-domesday depending on how you look at it - it is the end of the male virility vibration to dominant and destructive intent and the return of the age of chivalry

here one can choose to be a prince or pauper in the neu earth era - the choice is based on ones capacity for balance and performance - how many atoms can dance on the head of a pin

the qualities of new world leadership are most exacting - they are quite independent of the social circumstances one is raised in - now is the hour when each person has the choice to go for it and be a leader or to turn a blind eye to the global plight and be a pauper - the way is lit the methodology is precise

kingship before kinship is the regeneration cry - this mirror is designed to prevent any overloading of a single part and distribute weight according to handling capacity - this is where we take chrystos down from the cross of calvary and replace the crown of thorns with the crown of life - here we assume the ultimate response-ability of self discipline - love under will

it happens when we learn to detach our primary focus from personality and to harness our ecstatic spiritual energy to the crusade of the whole earth cause - this exposes the prince of the royal secret and brings about the death of anti-christ

the bible is a panoramic version of the whole earth play from alpha to omega - it begins in the garden of eden with an argument between god and the snake - it runs through the ascending spiral of the rise of abomination and desolation - it ends with the uniting of the cosmic lovers where the spirit and the bride say come

to die or not to die - that is the original question - where we make the final choice between death and regeneration - sexuality and spirituality are twin forces of evolution (+1) and stability (-1). the prefix anti has some interesting implications among these is that which prevents cures or neutralizes and ante as that which comes before

in the holistic healing of the whole earth body we are dealing with white healing cells or the ongoing surge of dead man's blood in our unified earth body - in the ufo scenario these are known as the men in black the greys and the white knights

satan and his forces are causing the present state of planetary putrification via compression - despite all attempts at cover up it is obvious that we are up sex-creek caught in the quicksand which is the epitome of our spiritual education - the scarlet woman in her final spree drunk on the blood of saints is clear to see - man what a revelation - how many millions of innocent unborn babies must die in the modern volcano of virgin blood sacrifice to satan before we get the message of salvation

enter the cavalry of camelot brandishing the holy grail of the solution - the revival of chivalric romance - a return to the immaculate conception as an attitude to life - the family unit as the basic building block of earth society

satan is the rival - the term rival has interesting origins - the i am is torn between two lovers spiritual and carnal - these two drink at the same life-stream and bring gifts to the i am in accordance with which one the i am attention serves - this attention core is the burning tip of conscious awareness the cosmic flame of consciousness

the rival makes the spirit out to be ineffective and impotent - it thinks in finite terms and finite gains - the effect is enhanced by the symbolic image of jesus hanging on the cross of calvary wearing a crown of thorns - what a visual scenario designed to trap the unwary into arrogant rejection

death is seen as the dividing line - spiritual mentors across the ages testify that the kingdom they serve is not of this world - now, in 1993 as the cosmic egg opens these worlds visible and invisible converge

extra terrestrials is another name for the angelic host - the part the e.t.'s play to announce the arrival of the harmonic convergence is one of the most fascinating acts in the grand finale of the whole earth play - governments and media have gone to great lengths to conceal the e.t - ufo facts - while allocating billions to investigate by left-brain methods

the e.t. are the unified forces - their role of enlightening humankind takes on many forms - phallic mind games such as the symbolic castration of obsolete male heroic virtues of war and sex which are part of the human herd instinct prick human consciousness for mind-stretching sport as extensive e.t. cattle mutilations reflect - governments remain silent but get the message that a higher phallic potency exists - but these mutilations have a positive goal e.t. communicates in actions not words - their sporting game is primarily psychotronic

that the light force vs. the rival satanical animal man is our direct route to global regeneration is very clearly seen - the quickest regenerative power lies in celibacy with the first attention going to development of spiritual principle - this spotlights the handling of the inner crusade between your own internal christos and its rival anti-challenger - it reveals the amazing secrets of planetary regeneration through an understanding of the relationship between the twin forces of spirituality and sexuality which drink at the same life-stream

modern man is robbed of spiritual ecstasy by the loveless chemistry oriented fruit of modern left-brain sex education - the effect of a loveless world is devastating - never have the blind led the blind into such an horrendous situation - this is a clear repeat of the cycle of sodom and gomorrah

this reflection takes us through and brings us out the other side of the macabre aspect of the human story of the function of such characters as dracula and vampires - understanding of this reflection is vital to our escape from the horror stories of modern cults and harems that flit of across our documentary movie screen

sexual energy is the symbolic snake that has brought man this far up the path of evolution - schools teach kids about this function without ever explaining its deadly powers of disintegrating the social fabric of a nation - children are primed from infancy to be fed into the industrial machine and into the house of bondage - when the tree of life has reached the full intended height of its majesty and has been cropped and culled by the master gameplayer it sends out living branches - here is what you can do to become part of that great tree and its regenerative fruition cycle

the old social fabric is fatigued its energy is spent - we have eaten of the golden apple of the gods now go to the end of the thought - here is where we take out all the hidden boxes examine the labels on the boxes and the content - the jewels of positive thought are useful to eternal life - the negative backing is garbage - pandoras box is open - the media have sniffed the scent of victory - all the hidden bases of man's woes start flying out - the good stuff all fits into its proper place within the mrror - it is like a cosmic filing cabinet able to see you across infinity - the substance and the path to global regeneration

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