crystal network

et has woven a crystal net in cyberspace - we have become the little hands and feet of ra - the central sun - omniscient omnipresent omnipotent OOOmmm...the divine competence of this lord of light across dimensions is validated in the amazing interlocking pieces of the mstery of god revealed in the citadels of cyberspace - the evidence of a singular living mind working closely with men placing the building blocks in the escape vortex shines in the architecture of every great nation on earth once we begin to understand the placement of stones - within the tradition of the secret chiefs who direct the flow of human history sacred geometry is of paramount importance - according to the theory of the worlds leading black hole specialist, at the moment of passing through the black hole one would momentarily see all of human history in a single comprehensive mesh

a view of the geometrical genesis in which the seven stages of genesis are illustrated with twelve geometrical images - these end in a decagon whose ten sides may also be seen as dots and rearranged to form the tetrakeys - these same ten dots may with very little relocation tree of life

fear of the unknown vanishes as the tools of wisdom transmute barriers into the ultimate highway as we cross the final frontier - metaphysics can resolve the uncertainty principle of duality the concept of being dead and alive at the same time and living consciously in parallel upper/lower worlds -every decision we make either decreases or increases the density between these parallel realms - each person determines which of these parallel universes he/she will build upon - the neophyte needs passing marks in music maths and geometry to graduate - this allows being fully alive and active in parallel worlds - in passing through the 666 evil to 999 live state we can look back through the rear view mirror of our incarnate journey

sacred architecture reveals a mystical scale of values well ordered minutely intricate set in time and space to finally reveal the mystery of jah bul on lord of the illuminati the great architect of the universe

by matching musical mathematical and geometrical scales we see that in my father's house are many mansions - when your home- mansion is complete it became a merkaba vehicle (star ship) - this is something that must be acted out in detail not just contemplated

the mirror also represents a cylinder passing through the skygate - the holy blood and the holy grail team and the stream of thought they promulgate deserves much applause in this respect - then there is the thirteen-figure glastonbury zodiac sitting like the cherry on the architectural cupcake

historical documents foreshadow the horror of a coming age of ignorance when men think that god is dead - this would be the time when god left heaven to dwell in all its microparts to raise them from the dead - in the second coming of god in the flesh this reveals triplicity of king god sacrifice

god is not remote - god is neither old nor young nor bent to favour any time race or culture - spirit is both bisexual and asexual - i am here now and i am all in all - it explains - god mega god-god macro-man god and mini microscopic god is one

king of kings takes on the challenger in order that the proton and anti-proton universe will be one for evermore - this concept includes the grim reaper out there doing its thing - yet who shall save his life shall loose it and who shall give his life shall save it

this is a call to order for mankind the time for understanding of the second death - each person on the planet can make a free will choice of destination - heaven or hell

the god-king-sacrifice is carved into the rock of ages by the master architects - solomon's temple is laid out like a scroll on the flat earth - the relationship to architecture and the contours of the earth

the effervescence of divine mind explodes in bubbles of light - it is visible as we review the rise and fall of the empires - the graph of exposition challenge and response inciting action - tort and retort is clearly visible

earth mounds such as glastonbury and stone architecture like stonehenge turn into stone scaffolding in the end times - we can see how this global art form moves from stone to the molten glass structures of silicone chips in the unfoldment of 21st century mind

soon you will see me for i'll be all around you - why have I been alone so long.... morning is burrowing its way to the sunrise... it won't be very long... songs by musical time bandits illuminate the way ahead

water - life - people - settlers - architecture - gnostic universities were all set in place before the advent of the industrial age to make a highway to the sky that mind can follow when our forward trip into high technology is reversed

amazing grace now lights the runway for the invisible mothership to manifest in matter - ancient masters display a collective competence as the tug of war between gravity and magnetics crystallizes - the achievement of uniting our man-god duality is comparable to being the first fish to climb onto dry land of the neu era - the intelligence required to accomplish this goal is proportionate in the evolutionary scale of life

cosmic competence is the ultimate victory of cosmic design - to protect this heaven from any contamination by the death virus which rises from the bottom of the bottomless pit when the well of life runs dry - the name of the game is to filter all the guck in the pit the earth mind and transmute all negative analysis to positive assertion - mind souffle made the way that only mother can make it until the child is ready to digest the strong meat of god

nature is always humming to herself humming nursery rhymes for the beloved infant in the cosmic womb as they nursed on mothers mind-milk... and all the kings horses and all the kings men cannot put the humpty dumpty cosmic egg back together again... the composition of the results of the geophysical study of the crystal net reflects the golden chain of hermes

man does not storm into the realm - events slither along like a snake excreting a string of pearls - man does well to grovel on its belly like a smart-snake that it is and shed its obsolescent mind-skin while doing so

power drawn from the tree of life at any of its points - must be returned in a like manner to that which is received this is the law of reciprocation - love expands itself by giving itself away - when you give love away you don't loose it you simply multiply it - whatever befalls the earth befalls mankind - any act of pure imagination extends itself so that there is nothing it cannot contain

at the time of the changeover - the king of kings - god the lover reciprocates as an act of grace which passeth all understanding - by grace we are saved and by no other principle - to break the cycle of futility which is the polar opposite of fulfilment many of our kind humans are lost along the way - the survival of the specie makes this detail irrelevant - so long as a few tadpoles make it to shore the line of the frog is saved for ever more - the frog is the symbol of the fleur de lis who gets kissed by princess gaia at the end of the play - this is the romance and the reason for the cosmic lovers

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