ancient civilizations had a common interest in the heavens and their systems of measuring the long count of sky-cycles - ancient calendars when explored in depth are highly accurate and the mean chance expectation of their accuracy being mere coincidence is slim - our ancestors knew things that we have lost and forgotten - here we try to find out - celestial calendars describe a system of interlocking wheels and cog wheels - events were written in the stars - any good mystery writer knows that foreshadowing events to come is a key part of the script - which is the verb or the invisible word in action

the word of god is vigourous in its role as the wheel of the heavens - our wise ancestors interpreted its cycles and forecasts - ancient calendars from widely separated parts of the world had one thing in common - each was designed to predict the end of the world as we know it - at this time according to the calendars there would be a specific date of separation of the human race into two groups - those who would participate in the time of the coming forth by day from the land of the dead

tremendous intellectual and physical effort by people who were clearly in advance of 20th century astronomy and mathematics went into calculating solar-astrological calendars and building their foreshadowings in stone - this brilliant methodology of preservation left 20th century man with a time capsule telling him of the arrival at a common date given for this universal event - the changeover would be a cataclysmic event calculated to happen on may 5th 2000 - there are many books written to explain the technical data

our calendar had the same day in the short count wheel - but our long count wheel ran seven years ahead of the mayan-egyptian making the end of the present cycle to fall on may 5th 1993 - this according to what the e t showed us is the date when the old world would crumble very rapidly - while at the same time the first ships of star fleet were due back in port again

getting under the hood of the mothership the universal superconducter - finding out just how she runs and what makes the celestial proton/anti-proton system work was the task undertaken by our team of chief mechanics and mathematicians at one of the first e t/ufo land bases

matching predictions of the foreshadowing meant sorting out a lot of different sizes of cog-wheels - one of the most interesting expeditions in this investigation was to the 13 figure zodiac of glastonbury close to where king arthur threw excalibar back into the lake - these wheels are magnetic pathways - as the pilgrim invokes the spirit of these places one breathes in their secrets - so to speak - magical people seem to live in and around these sacred sites who have deep knowledge of the cultural roots of the area - able to feel the broken connections of broken magnetic pathways - like fixing a giant combination lock to release the magnetic keys to mu - the motherland - so that we could exit into a higher dimension

journeys to many sacred sites in england france germany italy greece turkey egypt and israel were most fruitful - there are the wheels that show the rise and fall of empires - we see how our lady turns her face in a circular direction to receive and transmit cosmic input - to open and to close a nations books

then there is another wheel - the wheel of karma which like the snake biting its own electromagnetic tail when its life-cycle is complete - allows each person to step off the wheel as their cosmic changeover and humble biomutant transmutation is absolute - we were given to understand that the completion of the wheels of dharma do not all happen to all people at the same time - it was shown as being similar to the way apples on the sunny side of the tree of life are the first to ripen - however - once one (+1) wheel slides back into the frozen (-1) grid - its like a pilot ship coming into a harbour - it beeps a landing signal to all the other wheels or ships in the cosmic fleet - we are home again

the astronomical aspect of the christian calendar is played down except for its value as a background to the divine myth - it is generally accepted that the dates given are inaccurate except as they pertain to pagan astronomy - according to western scriptures - the announcement of the arrival of a world saviour was by a star (ashtar) which appeared in the east to guide the wise men to the site where this child lay - the script writer makes it clear that all these celestial events had been foreshadowed in the tribal history of the hebrew nation

as the foreshadowing for the end times was signs in the sky it came as no surprise when - after the multiple ufo abductions of 1973 one of the first suggestions of the elohim was to discardthe gregorian calendar and make a new calendar - an artistic calendar which described the changing pulse of the universal heartbeat with the various months and seasons - this calendar works

the cycles of the cosmic calendar reflect the heartbeat or hebedo pulse of the universe - the holy trinity of god-singular is composed of the elohim the elementals and man - by using the changeover calendar we learned to co- ordinate these three aspects of divine mind - the result of this co-ordination is magical - it prepared us for the upcoming 13th cycle of the mayan long count

the celestial calendar allowed us to chop the guy wires that have held mankind chained to the gravitation drag of a sinking ship - we repaired the broken magnetic pathways by daily use of the mirror for almost a decade - learning that the circular staircase to the stars works on an automatic circuit - once you learn to press the right button - during the process your mind becomes one with the author of the cosmic play - suddenly your mind can combine the principles of astrology and how the starry skies are linked to the seasons of earth - the cycles of the elementals with a crystal clarity that defies verbal explanation

this process brings a feeling of extra ordinary longevity - you feel you have no ending and no beginning - i am - it opens the doorway to eternal life and youth while still in the flesh - it tells the story of ra-atoum and the origins of the children of is-ra-el predicted as coming forth from egypt at the time of exodus II - i am eternal conciousness - i always was - i will always be

extra terrestrials and intra terrestrials work in harmony for the common goal - its like fusing two live wires together for heavy duty lighting - we helped them do this - we were the workhorse of divine mind fashioning a major cog in the great wheel of transmutation - working under the icon - a fool for the master is above wisdom

while we were linked into the sphere-ship e t implanted the principles of the calendar in the mind - this led us back through the time-cycles to egypt then to israel - many other noble cosmic emissaries walk the earth today

the elohimic rider and its human mount synthesise talents to perform superhuman feats - in one sense the adolescent human horse is broken on the great wheel but the splendour of the finished product is a most remarkable phenomena - the discipline involved is no where better demonstrated than in the tale of how we received the magnetic pathway to our tribal goal in our crystal calendar - in this way many spirited wild horses were corralled and taught how to spread their wings and fly

in becoming one with the earth mother every molecule trembles in acknowledgement of her mind - in some ways it is excruciatingly painful as you feel the pain inflicted on other sentient beings as if it is yourself - compassion is to feel the mothers heartbeat and understand the purity of the holy ways of the indigenous people and their concept of relationship to our mother earth

while the industrialized world took its hi-tec star trek - it seems clear that the mayan hopi aztec and other tribes of aboriginal people stayed on the inside track looking out at us - we are on the outside looking in - our brothers have been waiting for the civilized world to return from a long journey into high-tec development and return with their prize to put on the altar of the great mother for the mutual benefit of all

for the foreshadowing word states that in this way man would learn to escape from the wrath of the elements - the sun shall not smite thee by day nor the moon by night - which is heaven compared to our pre-industrialized state of left-brain evolution - the long cycle turn in the wheel of fortune has come at last

earth is a ship of relations and relationships - death consummates all human relationships - it is the place where past present and future blends into the now - the curse is ended when we live each now in a mind fabric which embraces all the future-past - the quarkfields of camelot though eternal can now be recaptured in time and space - we can visit them at any time we please - time tunnels and the electromagnetic quarkfields show that earths heroic akashic record is held eternally secure within the supra conscious mind of the mothership

upon re entering the eternal kingdom the akashic record is gleaming and glowing with pleasure - the rooms are clean and shining - at first like a ghost walking through empty halls which had a hollow echo - very soon now this great palace will be filled with sparkling people living the neu life

the cosmic calendar indicates that the windows of galactic synchronization are fully activated - knights and citizens cosmic warriors from every class and culture will fill the empty halls of this valhalla - beckoning us back to visit the place where we left our shadow - our fragment of the holy ghost

we were the first fruits of the cosmic harvest - fools for the master - drawn by the proximity of the light force - just one drop of divine love the magic catalyst - the play freezes in conjunction with the cosmic calendar

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