illusory notions

if you enjoy - the thought - there are many people all over the world the majority of them are rational and realize that the television and commercial media they are subjected to without verification is just that - they are respect-able - dont speak out of turn nor see that speaking to anyone about whether or not they have opinions on being subjected has relevance - there would obviously be no reference or coverage of this in the media - as individuals - none of the rational group are pre-occupied enough to have outward signs of confusion which renders a type of invisibility furthering the illusion that none of them xist - fun stuff - a type of bio-organic cloaking achieved through a thought perspective and discipline towards accepting - also this subjective thing is such a mere fraction of the rational xistance that it would be irresponsible to squander time on illusory notions when one can be providing creative solution while xperiencing the infinity of possibility with a cache of eternal components to make the sojourn possible .... if you enjoy - then relax .... we're going to go out on a limb here and affirm that this is a real condition even further - if you dont enjoy - the thought - it really doesnt matter - if your reading and have an opinion - you've started - if you dont believe its coming or here and you get there its one thing - if your sure its not here and your probably not getting there and you get there its another thing - and if you are positive its not here and you will never get there and you dont - its nothing - an open palette is the nothing which is neither here or there so you would be rite bak where you started forming an opinion about being nowhere or getting somewhere ... the apparent choice of many that seem to believe they are all .... confusion + invisibility = divisibility a primary attribute of matter .... when one is ALL IN ALL

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