fibers and photons

321.05 Time is only now. Time and size are always special-case, asymmetric episodes of now whose systemic aberrations are referenced to the cosmic hierarchy of primitive and symmetrical geometries through which they pulsate actively and passively but at which they never stop. The rest of Scenario Universe is shapeless: untuned-in. (See Sec. 982.62 for cosmic hierarchy and compare text at Sec. 1033.103. )

322.01 Universe can only be thought of competently in terms of a great, unending, but finite scenario whose as yet unfilled film strip is constantly selfregenerative. All experiences are terminated, ergo finite. An aggregate of finites is finite. Our Universe is finite but nonsimultaneously conceptual: a moving-picture scenario of nonsimultaneous and only partially overlapping events. One single picture - one frame - does not tell the story. The single-frame picture of a caterpillar does not foretell or imply the transformation of that creature, first, into the chrysalis stage and, much later, into the butterfly phase of its life. Nor does one picture of a butterfly tell the viewer that the butterfly can fly.

322.02 In scenarios, you have to have a pretty long sequence run in order to gain any clue at all as to what is going on. You cannot learn what it is all about from a single picture. You cannot understand life without much experience.

323.00 In the endless but finite and never exactly repeating (Heisenberged) "film- strip" scenario of evolutionary Universe, after the film strip has been projected, it goes through a dissolved phase and re-forms again to receive the ever-latest self- intertransforming patterning just before being again projected. The rate of change and the numbers of special-case self-retransformings of physical evolution tend ever to accelerate, differentiate, and multiply; while the rate of change and the numbers of self-remodifyings of generalized law conceptionings of metaphysical evolution tend ever to decelerate, simplify, consolidate, and ultimately unify.

324.00 Finite structures are mostly nonconceptual in any momentary sense, though certain local structures in Universe are momentarily conceptual; for instance, the continually transforming, momentarily residual aggregate of men's experiences packaged together in the words Planet Earth.

325.00 The speeds of all the known different phases of measured radiation are apparently identical despite vast differences in wavelength and frequency. Einstein's adoption of electromagnetic radiation expansion - omnidirectionally in vacuo - as normal speed suggests a top speed of omnidirectional entropic disorder increase accommodation at which radiant speed reaches highest velocity. This highest velocity is reached when the last of the eternally regenerative Universe cyclic frequencies of multibillions of years have been accommodated, all of which complex of nonsimultaneous transforming, multivarietied frequency synchronizations is complementarily balanced to equate as zero by the sum totality of locally converging, orderly, and synchronously concentrating energy phases of scenario Universe s eternally pulsative, and only sum-totally synchronous, disintegrative, divergent, omnidirectionally exporting, and only sum-totally synchronous, integrative, convergent, and discretely directional individual importings.

325.10 Analogy of Rope-making and Film-strips

325.11 As seen by an individual human observer or as recorded by any humanly devised instruments, Scenario Universe is progressively reaggregated within the recorded, remembered, recalled, and progressively reconsidered information inventory of ever more macro-comprehensive-outward and micro-exquisite-inward ranges of the compositely growing individual's experiencing of life-in-time.

325.12 Scenario Universe is to any and all human observers very much like a rope- making experience - a rope that grows ever greater in total complexity but not in total diameter, and is comprised of ever more exquisitely diametered and ever stronger separate and differently lengthed fibers, a rope of which each of the myriad of progressive information events are in themselves terminal.

325.13 Each fiber enters into the scenario of rope-making by being twisted with others into a small thread of successively introduced and only partially overlapping fibers. This composited thread in turn is twisted with other threads into more complex strands. The strands are twisted with strands - always consistently clockwise or counterclockwise (never both) - until the totally twisted complex is brought together with a similarly twisted but turned-around and now oppositely directioned rope of equal complexity, whereat, when side by side, their respective tendencies to untwist interwhip them together to block one another's untwisting and produce an overall stabilized rope.

325.14 Employing the concept of individual fibers in this rope-making analogy and substituting for the word fibers the word photons, we can comprehend Einstein s curved-space assumption of the manner in which the omniremotely, entropically dispersed, individual energy increments, radiationally disassociated from former star sources at maximum remoteness from other entities, now progressively enter the gravitational neighborhood of radiationally disassociated energy increments - emanated from many sources - and become thereafter progressively reassociated with one another in forming new celestial aggregates, thereafter - as substantive matter - converging to a terminal complexity and density, thereafter once more to become radiantly dispersed.

325.15 The balancing of the gravitational and radiational exchanges is again analogous to the patterns of rope-making. We simply splice together the ends of the stabilized overall ropes to produce a plurality of looped-back, cosmic rope-making in a Scenario Universe of nonsimultaneous, local, episode twistings and untwistings. While some loops are unraveling, their strayed-away strands got caught elsewhere in new intertwinings.

325.16 The whole analogy of the rope-making and unmaking can be retransformed into the cinema concept, and the words fibers or photons being replaced by the word atoms. We can conceive now of all the separate atoms in the chemical compounds comprising the photo-negative celluloid ribbon of long-ago-exposed, financially exploited, stored-and-forgotten footage, the significance of whose once novel special case information has long since been incorporated in popularly accepted generalized viewpoints. The old film-strip has been chemically dissolved and its atoms disassociatively dispersed, migrated, and subsequently reassociated in a new inventory of on-the-shelf, unexposed, film-strip footage upon which may be recorded the ever-changing but progressively increasing inventory of comprehensive human experiences of tomorrow's today. In this analogy there is a plurality of fresh individual film-strips being nonsimultaneously and only overlappingly-in-time exposed for each individual observer in the Universe, as each is overlappingly intertwined into more complex information strands.

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