sustenance xchange protocol
the disclosure on one of the largest unconscious prejudices is surfacing - solution and normal behavior are dreaded notions

due to so many forms of psychological bondage - out and out slavery via electronic tele-hypnosis - solution goes hand in hand with facing problems - since it is self reflective it has a vanity barrier second to none - scenario = you mean i was con-fused - says who - couple this to the reality that slavery in the US is by far the most developed and xists in so many forms it literally goes unnoticed due to media non-sense - distract ions like politics that generate it or remote and traditional historic forms of it broadcasted over the psychotronic apparatus channels of all types of telco or human devices - all self programmed by consumptive pattern - no xclusion - this is the evidence = proper consumptive integration opens the view screen to this process and verification that all are involved = simple as everyone eats and is 100% effected by diet - eating live self sustaining cycles or dead xhaustive depleting cycles - simple view just think for a second about how both occur

food = all forms - mind body spirit - all run on sustenance xchange protocols - what if the amount of energy put into making $$$$$ went into sustainable food balance which in many ways is all that is important

point is these virtually maintained tele-hypnotic slave modes produce starvation and poverty within all illusory geographic boundaries - in the US it is wide spread and comes in many variations - many dont eat - many eat but are starving due to what they eat - many are spiritually impoverished due to lack of education - more starvation - being side tracked from the alternatives by alluring bondage that pays at the cost of education - education time is limited to learning how to fulfill requirements for selection into the $$$pit - getting payment for temporal self satisfaction is a huge form of slavery - people line up to be selected and will fill any requirement in the form of lifestyle to perpetuate it - in its highest form they will separate themselves and sell their families to the system because they want/have so much more than the next they feel others to be slaves to a lifestyle they are no longer victim to - ego at its height - not seeing theirs is just a further even more xclusive elitist containment field that produces that much more division and resent - this is spiritual mal nutrition in its highest form having resigned completely to material control and bondage = nothing is possible without $

all in all there is no more cover-up and the wonderful neuz is solution is the most abundant resource in the universe - disembarrassing oneself from the vanity is the hurdle and primary solution to the universal wellspring of solution - it requires no money - it is available to all - there are no middle men involved

until we sober up from the inherent slavery - could we assist in other forms of traditional remote versions which may clear up if the inner core manifestation works out on a personal level - again distribution is fairly easy and also inherent to the system

education is readily available over the free net - within lies the gaia key to eating/consuming which opens the door to the most active bio patterning all are involved in - syncing these patterns opens the circuits to the unified field of knowledge - obviously all solution is a mere file in the actual akasha database - overcoming the prejudice is the access code - monstrous iD projections many times fill the void that prejudice creates - slave time and energy provide resource to a threatening outer reflection which accelerates the simple message that solution is the activity one should be involved in - theirs first - if you are what you eat - is your food source self sustained - the start point in the sense it is inescapable - nature knows what its doin - gave it all quite some time ago - how bout you

resources are available - distribution is possible - vanity must go

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